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Description of FIXD - Vehicle Health Monitor

FIXD helps you better understand your vehicle by translating check engine lights and tracking scheduled service. We've all been there - You're driving along and your check engine light comes on, but what does this light really mean? Avoid ambiguous lights and confusing technical definitions and let FIXD translate your check engine light into simple and understandable terms.

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lable: Auto & Vehicles - Apps Current Version:7.29.4 Publish Date:2021-12-02 Developer:FIXD

User Reviews


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Richard Salsbury 2020-11-23

When I signed up for the app it asked for my credit card number up front. It charged my card 59.99 for premium service. I found out that premium is not necessary for my situation. Contact with fixd by email is easy but Thomas could not reimburse the money because I could not find the \"subscription order number\". That number is nowhere to be found, either in my discover card receipt or former emails or from playstore. It is a remarkable scam. Do not use this app. UPDATE! U cannot cancel!
Steven Hartlep 2020-07-06

Originally, one year ago, the app worked great. Now, however, it seems to want to force the user to subscribe to the Premium version, even though they claim to also provide a FREE version. There is NO way to circumvent the Premium subscription process. I don\'t need all the bells and whistles. I just want to know what code my truck throws, so I can take care of it. I already paid for the sensor! Don\'t make me pay for the app, too.
Fred Latessa 2020-04-24

It is B.S. that you buy the gadget for $20 and then you have to pay $70 a year to get premium upgrade to see what it should cost you. Miss leading if you ask me. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY there are other products out there that don\'t cost as much and give you the same results.
Matt Shealy 2020-07-04

I bought this sensor/scanner 2 years ago and it worked wonderfully. Since then, the company has changed business models and now offers a PREMIUM service for $80/yr that used to be free. For those non-savvy people that only need your scanner to be sure they are not being ripped off by a mechanic this service is now extremely overpriced. For mechanics it may still be a great deal, but don\'t change your whole business model out from underneath people\'s feet.I am a software developer myself.Shameful
CodyW 2020-03-13

Used to be great! When the app/tool first came out, all the features were unlocked to you. They didnt gray anything out saying that if you want to see the fix for this code, you have to pay us $$$. I mean wow! Where is the customer loyalty? Sure, the tool pulls the code and I can take that into google/YouTube and find a fix, but to all of a sudden decide after paying for this item you want us to give you more money when everything was available to begin with. WOW! Typical cash grab company.
Isaac Noël 2020-05-11

DO NOT BUY. DO NOT DOWNLOAD. DO NOT OPT IN. There is no way to alter settings for auto payment, there is no functional contact (the in-app support chat simply does not work, I\'ve tried 5 separate times message unsent every single one). The auto charge is more than the device. This is a bad business with intentionally unfair and exploitive practices. AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE
JJsPlace PerformanceHorses 2020-08-05

Thought this would be a great way for my parents to be kept abreast if their cars needed anything important done to it. i purchased 3 of them and it was the biggest waste of money I ever spent. even with the premium service the app and plugin does not detect basic faults in a car system. I decided to do a test and went out and purchased another system reader. The $29.00 item I bought with no subscription required to get all the benefits far outperformed the FIXD monitor. It picked up faults on various vehicles that the FIXD monitor did not even detect. It was easy to move from one vehicle to the next where using the FIXD monitor on multi vehicles is near impossible. I am a senior female who has been involved in the car business for over 50 years and this has got to be the singularly worst product I have ever purchased relating to automobiles. The fact that there is no refunds or returns after purchase says it all. Any company that won\'t cancel subscriptions with a refund, allow returns on their product basically says run far and fast because even they don\'t believe in their own product or they would back it up with a refund policy that was consumer friendly. I don\'t like to bash products but on a scale of 1-100 this is probably a 7 at best. The idea is great from a marketing standpoint (FOR FIXD) because they want to lock people in where buying a OBD2 scanner from other sources gives you what you need when you need it for only the cost of the purchase price and it isn\'t locked in to be used on only one vehicle or require a subscription to get all the readings. Do your homework, don\'t believe the hype. what I thought would be an easy solution to helping out my parents stay abreast of car issues is nothing more than a scam. 40 years ago this type of technology took up a lot of square footage in a service garage. The technology today available in a plug in device is amazing, but do your homework. Buy a product that doesn\'t require you to buy subscriptions and actually can monitor all systems in the car, not just major systems that idiot lights (The red lights that come on because you haven\'t taken care of your car) on the dashboard can tell you for free. \"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure\" is so true when it comes to a car. Keep up with your basic maintenance and services. They do not have to be done at a manufacturers garage to keep your warranty in tack, just a licensed garage, preferably certified in working on your make of car. If you didn\'t have a parent, sibling or friend that taught you the basics from changing a tire, your oil, checking fluids, etc take a course at an online or local high school adult ed class. The knowledge will be worth your weight in gold and save you time, money and keep you safe from the unexpected. Buy an OBD2 monitor with no strings attached, even go in on the expense with friends or neighbors if you decide to get a more expensive option. The main purpose for these monitors for a lay person not skilled in auto repair is to keep your service shop honest and save you some money which this device and application doesn\'t.
George Illaszewicz 2020-10-28

Takes significant effort to pair with the device. If/when it does pair, you are then asked to pay for a subscription. Then if you can get around that and scan, you\'re asked again. And then before you get to see your results, you\'re asked again. No. I will not be subscribing. They\'re so insistent about this, I\'m genuinely regretting my purchase.
Melissa Carpenter 2020-05-14

This USED to be a decent app. Then GREED took over. Now it doesn\'t really do much except direct you to the subscription options to be a \"member.\" No thank you! If I wanted to pay a mechanic or pay more than the repair, then I would just do that. But it did help out a lot for my other car. Gave me all the necessary codes I needed to fix.
Thomas zadar 2020-02-05

Paid $59.99 for the scan tool/code reader and you have to pay a monthly premium to get the full features out of it. What a rip off! If I could return it I would. We paid a lot for the unit, don\'t charge us on top of it to get the full features. Also we should not be asked for our vehicle VIN number before the app can be used. No need for you to have this information.