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Description of Flashlight LED - Universe

Unique LED Flashlight with the widget and beautiful design.

Stroboscope for blinking flash with different frequency. Widgets with green and red colors.

You can use the bright LED light or soft screen light of display when your family is asleep

Why do we need camera permission?

Unfortunately, LED is part of camera and for switching light we need this permission

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lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:39.5.7 Publish Date:2022-06-21 Developer:LexaUA

User Reviews


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delirium ? 2020-10-31

This flashlight app never opens as fast as I\'d like, switches to strobe when jostled, and times out. On the plus side it\'s bright & it\'s free. Nonetheless, 3 stars is only due to some sort of loyalty & the fact I find it hard to locate the free flashlight apps that DON\'T have these potentially dangerous flaws. As a single woman I rely on my flare gun in case I\'m accosted, not this app.
Jamie P. Ensign 2020-12-13

Very bright white light with high and low beams and flashing strobe light. Doesn\'t drain much battery and the light is really bright for a phone flashlight. It is from an installed app and not the one that comes with the phone but it was free, so extremely useful app I use all the time now and appreciste it very much. Not sure why but same lights also can be switched to red high and low lights and red strobe which is kind of cool. Thanks!!
Matthew Platypus 2020-10-30

pros -It turns on instantly, fast to load. -It has 3 modes: screen light, flashlight and both at the same time mide. -It hasn\'t affected any hardware or software. -It has a timer. cons - Ads, as 98% of free apps, but a PROs in the cons, is that hey are at the end of the screen, so they won\'t bother ya. Really easy and good flashlight app.
Lavigne Collection 2021-03-08

Great little app. Very handy.. Keep it on the front page.. No need to bother with the phone\'s slide down three step procedure. Open the phone and its right there to click on. Very quick and reliable!! Thanks!!
Kara R 2021-02-06

Excellent flashlight!! It never lets me down. The flashing feature is great for nighttime walks to stay safe. Thanks to the developer!! Why can\'t app devs create an app or a line or so of code that tells them when someone has already given a review? It\'s annoying to constantly be asked. NOT a reflection on this dev. I don\'t get them as often as other apps w/this one. Still the BEST flashlight on Google Play!!
Tolar Powell 2021-03-01

Great little app. Simple, small, no obtrusive ads (yet). Personally, I prefer to switch the light on AFTER opening the app. This app switches the light on when opening. Perhaps a personalized setting could be added?
Debbie Foreman 2020-10-31

Using this to help me put the cabinet together. Working quite well, however my old flash light was brighter on my old phone. But I\'m perfectly happy with this. It is so nice to have a flashlight with you 24/7. As everyone carries her phone with them all the time. Can\'t tell you how many times I\'ve needed a flashlight and there it is in my pocket.
Johnson Stone 2020-11-23

I love this app and have used it a couple years now. Really nice! Simple, unobtrusive, and clean, useful features. Bravo!
Joshua Ladd 2020-12-02

Super bright, quick easy access widget to place on any screen, i have a widget on every screen so I never have to fumble through the phone. If or when you need light quickly, this is the one.
Anthony C McHenry 2021-02-11

Powerful flashlight. Beats iphone\'s by far! Plus, you get adjustable blinking light colors that can be extremely helpful under distressing situations. I just love it!