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Description of FLIO – Your travel assistant

FLIO is the App that accompanies you through the entire trip, from the departure airport until you arrive at your destination. An App that allows you to improve and complete your travel experience. Anywhere, anytime, FLIO will be your travel assistant. Thanks to the service integrated with AirHelp you can check the eligibility for the refund of your delayed or cancelled flight.

With FLIO you will be able to:

- Manage your boarding passes for all your flights in one App;

- Get free access to the useful information on the airports of departure, destination and your connecting flights.

- Receive real-time alerts on the status of your flight, waiting time for your check-in and your boarding.

- Get luggage protection and travel without worries and stress.

Find out all the services available in App and make your trip a unique experience.

Flight Tracking

With the Flight Tracking service you will be able to:

- Receive real-time alerts on the status of your flight;

- Control your arriving flight and check for any possible delay;

- Check waiting times at the security checks;

- Do the web check-in and get your flight’s boarding pass;

- Follow your check-in and boarding by receiving real-time updates on any possible gate changes;

If your flight is delayed or cancelled, you will immediately receive a notification via email on the eligibility for a refund request. Thanks to our collaboration with AirHelp you will be able to access the compensation request directly from the app.

Airports information

Thanks to our Airports Information service you can get free information on your departure and destination airports and discover many exclusive services you can use. Use the airport maps in order to find immediately the service you need. You can also choose between Uber or Lyft and book them directly from the App.

A service that offers you free information on the services present in every airport:

- The list of shops;

- A Duty-Free where you can do your last purchases before your flight;

- The available restaurants and the main information on them;

- Find a parking area for your car;

- Any other service that you may need from the pharmacy to the currency exchange point;

- Book an airport Vip Lounge and wait for your flight in total relax.

Airline Info

The new FLIO service will allow you to get all the information you need on your favourite airlines. From American Airlines to EasyJet, Ryanair, Emirates, Singapore Airlines and many others.

You will be able to receive all the necessary information on:

- Direct contact information of your airline company for your every possible need;

- The link to change your booking;

- The direct link for the web check-in;

- The details about the luggage policy;

- The link to change your seat on board;

- The information on the documents necessary for your trip;

- The information on Group travel.

You will also find specific information in case of trips with children, unaccompanied minors travelling without their parents and assistance for pregnant women.

With Airline Companies service you will be able to receive all useful information for your journey with your favourite airline company.

Lost Luggage Concierge

FLIO keeps safe your luggage and provides you with a Customer Care service available 24/7 that will assist you in case of loss or delay in returning of your luggage. You will get your luggage back within 48 hours or you will receive a refund that will be added to the one that you will get from your airline.

Register your suitcase and pair it with your flight! FLIO will take care of your luggage.

Team FLIO wishes you a nice journey

We would like to improve our services and we will be glad to receive suggestions and feedback from you to our email address customercare@sostravel.com

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lable: Travel & Local - Apps Current Version:3.3.8 Publish Date:2022-05-11 Developer:Flio Ltd

User Reviews


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Ryan Peng 2018-03-01

Pretty good. Updates aren\'t as accurate as I\'d like them to be (still have to use Google sometimes), but that improves with time). In the cards section, the input for a frequent flyer number only allows numbers. Some airlines (like United) have letters in them, so this is a problem. It should be a quick fix.
Emil Cristian 2019-12-17

Very, very bad I used to love this app and it has faithfully accompanied me for the past 2 years or more in all my travels and some times solved urgent issues. The new version is absolutely terrible, it is ugly, it is irrelevant to me and it is full of bugs and errors. And the chat is useless: I got \"Hi, you have Ludmila on the line.\", I wrote my questions and then nothing happened. We are not in the least interested in sos travel. Give us back our app! I promise you, it is getting uninstalled.
Mayu Rajadurai 2019-12-22

Absolutely catastrophic update that turned an easy-to-use, fast, useful and beautiful app into an unintuitive, outdated and useless eyesore. Never, in all my years of using smartphones, has an \"update\" been so shockingly bad. The perpetrator(s) of this new design should be locked very far away and very deep underground
ONB90 2020-03-01

Sostravel has ruined something that was great, ever heard of the saying don\'t change something that is not broken, this is a perfect example. This is a company that saw an app doing what was right, when their own app did not. They bought it and took over thinking they would be top but now they\'ll sink, taking away many things and breaking a perfectly functioning app, thinking that the consumer would love this. I think you all need to go back to the drawing boards and rethink about your apps.
Sarah MB 2020-04-14

Update: app is still awful, I can\'t even export my data. Uninstalled and replaced. :( What happened to this beautiful app?! The flight info is now useless and much harder to access, the globe is gone (BRING IT BACK), almost all of my airline data is gone, the layout is cheap and clunky, and is just to sell third party services. It must have been sold onwards, I\'m so sad - no one wanted a concierge app, I wanted an app for my flight information!
Chris Nangle 2020-05-21

what did you guys do?! 2 years ago i was using this and (another app) religiously as i travelled. flio was stylish, full of airport information and flight updates. now it looks like a kid designed the ui, and you have sold out to third parties. even the logo looks clunky now. *edit* oh i see, it\'s basically a second instance of the sostravel app. all the interfaces are the same. just to be clear, you have driven the flio app into the ground by cloning your already failing app over the old flio.
Eugenio Marletti 2019-12-28

👎 NOT A REAL APP FROM v3.0.0+ 👎 It looks like the \"real\"/original Flio app—which was extremely useful, well designed, pretty, and that I used to absolutely LOVE—has been literally thrown away and entirely replaced by an ad-riddled, unstyled html page from the 90s, losing ALL the original functionality, and gaining...More ADs? I can only hope it will get reverted, or I just won\'t be able to use it anymore 😠😫😭
Franco Grosso 2020-03-19

My God please return to the previous version! The UI was smooth, clear and intuitive! The current version is just aweful. It looks like you went back 10 years, and extremely buggy, I cannot tap on any of the icons!!! I\'ll give it a couple of weeks to revert, otherwise I\'ll uninstall. Edit: waited a couple of weeks and no reversal. Uninstalled.
Steph RP 2019-12-26

Bring back old app! Like everyone else, I\'ve lost all previous flight data and hate the design of the new app. FAQ section clearly states they can restore flight history if you email them. I emailed them and they told me this function isn\'t available. But then they replied to say it actually is...So which is it? I have no need for the conserve or baggage tracker, so I\'m afraid I\'ve no further use for this app, and will be deleting.
Martin Simacek 2020-03-19

I really miss the old app, it was much simpler and a nicer UI. I definitely need the flight Widget back, and the World map back. Why delete things that were already implemented and great. Please change it soon. Update: flio widget is back but is is the wrong format so it is weirdly stuck in the middle of the screen, make it one row only please (4x1). Also please allow to add old flights, stupid to change it.