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Description of Flipboard - Latest News, Top Stories & Lifestyle

Discover quality content for all your interests - personalized articles and videos about news, food, photography, entertainment, tech, lifestyle, sports and much more. We'll deliver the latest headlines, events, and entertainment stories to save you time, keep you informed and inspired, and make sure you're always up-to-date with what's happening.

Watch video from hundreds of publishers, TV stations and independent producers for free. Visit the Explore tab to select from curated video channels for news, politics, travel, lifestyle, celebrity, sports and more.

Trust our unique combination of professional editors and smart algorithms to customize and deliver must-read stories and undiscovered gems. Get the full perspective on the latest news - and share what you find. Our editors blend expert voices and curated sources, and even recommended stories they know you'll like, so you can sit back and flip through what matters most to you.

You can even customize your personalized newsstand: pick your interests and personalize each topic feed. Are you interested in world news, events or tech developments? Want to read articles from national newspapers, discover sports podcasts, and skim the latest news? Looking to seize the zeitgeist from trending lifestyle stories? Flipboard has you covered.

Plus, you can create your own personal magazines: find articles you want to read later or you want to share, and use the "+" to flip them into your magazines.


• Discover the latest news from The New York Times, National Geographic, Vanity Fair, and thousands more top newspapers and magazines, local, national or from around the world

• Create and customize your personalized topics: bundle together sources, people and even hashtags to get access to truly personalized news

• Customize your home feed: collate up to 9 of your favorite personalized topics together for quick access to the features you love

• Read The Daily Edition: keep up with the latest headlines and trending events in our daily roundup of important stories and personalized news articles

• Curate your perspective: collect stories around specific themes and add them to your own personal magazines


- News & Politics: discover the latest headlines in national and world news, with newspapers and publications like The New York Times, CNN, Politico, Axios

- Tech & Science: read the latest tech news with TechCrunch, trending science stories with Wired, and more

- Business & Entrepreneurship: get personalized news relevant to your interests from The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Forbes

- Sports: national pastimes or world news, never miss key sporting events with ESPN, CBS Sports

- Entertainment: get world news, even for celebrities and entertainment with People, Rolling Stone, Variety

- Lifestyle & Wellness: explore emerging lifestyle trends with Brit + Co., Self, Women's Health

- Food & Cooking: get some serious food inspiration from Bon Appetit, Food & Wine, Serious Eats

- Travel: feed your wanderlust with National Geographic, Travel + Leisure, Lonely Planet

- Home & Gardening: dream up your ideal home ELLE DECOR, House Beautiful

- Style: avant-garde or corporate with an edge... get sartorial inspiration from Vogue, Refinery29, W Magazine, GQ


For product updates and the latest headlines from our blog, including tips on how to use Flipboard and interviews with actors, writers, musicians, and more. Follow us on:




For videos on how to use Flipboard, visit https://about.flipboard.com/tutorials/

Need help using the Flipboard app? Browse our help articles by opening Settings then Help & Feedback. Or, click the contact button at flip.it/help

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User Reviews


What's new with you? Please tell everyone.

Steve Bustraan 2020-05-30

Changed my rating from 5 to 2 stars. Used to be great. Now it has too many issues that make it frustrating to use. Stories won\'t open, app freezes, app will suddenly reload randomly while in the middle of reading a story, the widget won\'t update and sometimes unable to open flipboard from the widget. Phone is less than a year old and the app worked fine for the first few months so it isn\'t the phone. Have uninstalled and reinstalled a number of times. Looking for a new app.
Amit Kumar 2020-11-21

Edit: content seems to be more better curated now. || Within the last few week or so, the content has become really diluted. I have to scroll 3 pages to find one article from a source that I\'ve subscribed to. I don\'t like all the algorithmic \"people with similar interests are reading this\" posts. I used to love it for what it did. But now it\'s just another news reader. And it\'s not even news I want to read.
Clayton Markel 2020-08-18

Don\'t waste your time. When I first installed it I really appreciated the curated, relevant, real, content. Lately when I open it all I seem to see are \"storyboards\" full of irrelevant, repetitive clickbait. I don\'t like or appreciate the storyboards. They add yet another layer between me and content, and they have been less and less relevant as time goes by. Worst of all, there is no way to turn them off, decline them, or prefer not to see them. It makes me sad. Content is no longer real.
Brian Robillard 2020-06-30

Can\'t flip! I often get to ad screens that I cannot flip past. The app is just frozen at that point, the \"wait\" spinner never stops. I can flip backwards, but I cannot go past whatever ad is blocking me. Maybe put a clock on the ads, if they don\'t load in time allow us to move on to the next story. I am now in the market for a different news reader.
Amphibious Archer 2020-06-25

Flipboard has become mostly unusable. Articles will not load unless you constantly refresh the app. If you inquire about help in app, they will just tell you to uninstall, reinstall. This does not fix it. It crashes all the time, freezes up. I\'m a long time frequent user. I\'ve enjoyed the app over the years, but after my experience this last year or so with lack of usability and lack of help, I\'m on the hunt for something else. If anyone has any suggestions for a simiar app, I\'m all ears.
Todd Smith 2021-02-19

Firefox is no longer listed in the view on the web options. Too many articles are behind paywalls. Would prefer that paywall articles be filtered out. Substantial number of articles are bombarded with intrusive ads. Once you\'ve saved a large number of articles, there\'s no search function to easily locate the one you want.
Matt Cox 2020-10-01

I used to enjoy this app as a great way to read multiple news sources about topics I found interesting. However, the app continues to push their political ideology by mislabeling stories so they continue to show even after you\'ve muted all political categories. It does not matter that you have completely removed politics from your feed, you will continue to receive what they want you to see.
Aniruddha Gupte 2020-12-31

It is acting more like a shill for pay-to-read services. Also the interface sucks specifically page loading. The page keeps jumping around and you can\'t read till all the pictures have loaded. Gone from bad to worse. Most articles are now video and the videos don\'t play. No way to edit settings unless you sign up and give a lot of information.
Ted Castle 2020-07-14

I want to give 5 stars but very few mistakes affect the overall use of the app. 1. When I\'m typing a comment on a story, which I do quite often and it\'s an important feature for me, if I turn my phone horizontal, the whole comment is deleted. 2. When typing comment, there\'s no option for paragraph break so a long comment looks like a run-on sentence. The first is the most important one, I\'ve lost a lot of comments simply by my phone changing orientation. Am I doing something wrong?
Brandon Bowers 2021-02-17

Too buggy! Has too many news group that one has to pay money after reading a few articles. We can\'t block these services on the browser, and app crashes trying to find the article. This app is a big gimick.