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Description of Flirt City

***NOTE: Flirt City requires Facebook login!

In Flirt City you can easily become a TV STAR, flirt around and win people’s hearts with your looks, extraordinary intellect and sense of style!

Bright clothes and trendy hairstyles, fashionable accessories and stunning looks – you can have it all to create your own unique image.


- Customize your look with over 1000 items of CLOTHES and accessories!

- Change the way you look with over 100 unique HAIRSTYLES and make-ups!

- Participate in TV SHOWS, flirt away and meet the love of your life!

- COMPETE with other players and prove everyone that you're the best!

- Play together with your Facebook FRIENDS!

- Win awesome AWARDS in the Wheel of Fortune!

- DECORATE your house with new furniture!

- CREATE your own bonuses at the kitchen!

Join us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/FlirtCityGame

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More Information Of Flirt City

lable: Role Playing - Games Current Version:2.6.25 Publish Date:2021-07-20 Developer:Candy Grill

User Reviews


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TrishAshely 2017-04-11

Good game concept. However, i am rather upset by how it keeps crashing because of server errors. I detest ir most when it happens right after i use an energy boost / just as i enter a game show. I removed another star. Please check that the game mechanics are correct. I kept scoring lesser points than contestors with lesser stats and it gets very frustrating. Am i missing out on something?
Danni B 2017-07-05

The video ads never work!! I can\'t complete a goal right now because the videos always have an error. Please fix this! 😦 Could make special items a little cheaper too, but otherwise it\'s an addicting game with great graphics and a lot to do!
Michelle Geschiere 2019-09-17

Id give the game a higher waiting except for the following major problems! Do not link to your facebook account right away or it won\'t load the game. Even afterwards I still can not link my facebook account to the game to work on the quests. The app just freezes when I go to link accounts the facebook box does not pop up. PLEASE FIX!
Kaleigh Saltsman 2020-02-01

Fun game but gets boring when it wont connect to facebook... Also kinda annoying that the other rooms in the house only ever say \"coming soon\" its a lie. Its been saying that forever...they are never coming which makes me not want to play anymore...one of the main reasons i even wanted to play was for the design portion of the game but its been at a stand still for over 2 months...pretty much done with the game now.
Countess Demetria 2020-02-06

I can\'t get it to load. It just keeps loading and loading but the game never starts. I can see the front page with the loading bar. Under it things scroll across saying things you will be able to do. It just never loads for me. I even uninstalled something. I would give it 0 stars since I had no experience playing it.
Hazel Morfon 2017-05-09

Great game! I was so hooked at first, but then I kept on reloading at the middle part of the game due to server error. It was so annoying, I should have rated it 5 cause it\'s really an addictive game.
A Google user 2019-03-26

This game Is really fun. But it requires Wifi Which I don\'t have at home So it\'s a struggle to open the game, especially when you really want to play.
jennifer jones 2017-09-30

Started off alright. Wheel of Fortune is addictive and won good stuff at first. Then after a few days now I land on same stuff that isn\'t so great. I do not recommend buying spins for this reason. All you do is loose money and don\'t get much in return.
Jennifer Auer 2020-06-14

Why can\'t I log in to Facebook! I see other people have the same issue please fix it! I need to be able to save my game if I get a new phone! I also need the 10 gold coins you give to attach the account! I can\'t afford to buy any right now! Also I wish you didn\'t have to rely on your Facebook friends to have friends in the game! You should make it so anyone that plays the game can be your friend! I seen in other reviews people agree so please change it! Other than that I love the game!
poopieswuirlpee gamer 2019-12-08

It\'s so fun and it\'s also all ages! It\'s an absolutely amazing game I can barely say a word to describe how awsome it is I\'m like giving it 5 stars if I could I\'d give it 1000