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Description of Flirtini - Chat, Flirt, Meet

Welcome to Flirtini, a personality-oriented dating app! Immerse yourself in a world of fascinating people and chat and meet them in real life!

The app is your chance to not only profile yourself, but also meet new people from around the world and even a life partner. The way to find love on Flirtini is simple:

👀 1. FIND a match

😘 2. FIX a date

🥰 3. FALL in love

Just follow the FIND-FIX-FALL rule and see where it leads you!

In the meantime, we've got something for you:


- Expiring matches. Now you won't have time to drag your feet! Caution: you have only 48 hours to strike up a convo with your match. If you are late, you will lose them forever!

- Catchy stories. Share moments with the whole world! Add stories and draw potential matches to your profile. Spoiler: they really want to get to know you better!


- Swipe system. Swipe up to say YES, or swipe down to say NO. Showing whether you find someone attractive or not is simple, right?

- Visitors. Stay informed of who paid you a visit and when. Don't be shy to visit them back - some of your visitors may be your perfect match!

- Likes. Like and see people who liked you. Some likes would certainly be mutual, so why not cut to the chase and start flirting in a chat?

- Thrilling chats. Pick who you like most and chat with them endlessly! But note that you have only 48 hours to start a chat with your match!


- Likebook Booster. Promote your Profile in matchmaking and gain more Visitors, Likes, Matches.

- Story Booster. Promote your Stories to increase popularity and gain more Views and Reactions.

- Undo Rewind. Cancel your Skips when you changed your mind and when it’s a potential match.


- Live support. Our customer care team is always at your service! Don't worry about the time of day - feel free to call or text our customer support 24/7.

- Strict security. We verify every member before letting them use the app. Come date for pleasure without worrying about fakes and scammers.

- FREE to use. Enjoy the core features of the app absolutely for free, and pay for premium ones only.

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lable: Dating - Apps Current Version:2.3 Publish Date:2021-10-11 Developer:Xymara LTD

User Reviews


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Lauren Wilson 2020-12-30

Shows the wrong location no matter how much I change it in the settings. I am scared for my personal info being sold because I noticed in the settings it shows a sign in information to make sure that your personal info will be not sold but that should be an automatic setup. It is a bit slow for people talking. Waste of time setting up my profile when it came to the etchiticty selection just to find out that I see guys that dont fit the selection.
Itzel Macias 2021-01-18

The app is not well organized. Needs to go back to the drawing board, because lets say you find a match or you just don\'t want the account you cant Delete the account. Which makes no sense. So please revise this thank you.
yuh boi alfred 2021-02-19

Literally bots everywhere... I put ten dollars into it thinking it was real. So if there\'s a way I\'d like a refund
pony man 2021-02-22

You only get 30 minutes to talk to someone you match with, or pay $10 a week to keep talking. Also I have been matching with constant bots and people in different states with a 40 mile perimeter.
Komatsu Umi 2021-01-25

Internal Server Error. I just signed up the first time. Wanting to go back to the app and its not reoccurring. I login as just says internal Server error. Like really? Already? Thats some bs
Blaze Graff 2020-12-25

Although right now there are very few people on it, I do enjoy this app. I like that you actually do have to pay to use the whole thing, unlike other apps where you can get it for free, but they constantly bug you for money. Yall know what I\'m talking about lol. The app looks really nice too. I thought it was going to be a crappy scam app since it had only 1k downloads, but it was professionally designed. I\'ll give it 5 stars when it gains more people and a distance filter is added.
jagoefsif haloehjig 2021-03-01

easy to find matches and date based on my current location
Jay Lastname 2020-12-23

Rarely does anyone respond and boring to use.
Lore 2021-03-10

This app is straight bots they message you but when you respond they stop responding and I think they want you to be so eager for a response when the chat expires you want to pay to continue to wait for a response thats never going to happen and they blocked the one person that actually did respond to me lol crazy
Joseph Moody 2021-03-12

It\'s a joke. You will get a lot of matches, mainly from automatic generated chats. You only get to talk for 30 min after a match and after that you can either pay $20 for 3 days or $60 for a year. The match chats are just a scam to lure you in