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Description of Floor Plan Creator

Create detailed and precise floor plans. See them in 3D. Add furniture to design interior of your home. Have your floor plan with you while shopping to check if there is enough room for a new furniture.


* Projects can have multiple floors with rooms of any shape (straight walls only).

* Automatic calculation of room, walls and level area; perimeter; counts of symbols.

* S-Pen and mouse support.

* 3D tour mode.

* Symbol library: doors, windows, furniture, electrical, fire survey.

* User defined dimension lines to show and modify distances and sizes.

* Cloud synchronization to automatically backup and share plans between devices (paid, 3 days free trial).

* Edit cloud uploaded plans on https://floorplancreator.net on a computer or any mobile device.

* Export as image, PDF, DXF, SVG, print to scale (paid).

* Supports metric and imperial units.

* Supports Bosch (GLM 50c, 100c; 120c, PLR 30c, 40c, 50c), Hersch LEM 50, Hilti PD-I, Leica Disto, Mileseey, Stabila (LD 520, LD 250 BT), Suaoki and CEM iLDM-150 bluetooth laser meters: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xvuGwnt-8u4

Please vote for the features you need most: https://goo.gl/forms/LktpTrVNuAhazWuO2

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More Information Of Floor Plan Creator

lable: Art & design - Apps Current Version:3.5.4 Publish Date:2021-09-08 Developer:Marcin Lewandowski

User Reviews


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Stephen Tharaldsen 2019-04-23

Was able to print and save with watermarks but now you have spend at least $3.99 for that able. This new update sucks!!! Plus you have ads too!! Having ads in the app makes you money! Most have the basic stuff in the free apps like printing and saving. Now you have to pay for the basics. I would not recommend this app until it goes back to the previous update. Not worth it for the person that only needs it for a single project.
A Google user 2020-08-31

The additional items have made layouts and stuff a lot easier to make. I\'m still only using this unprofessionally, but it\'s only gotten better at letting me describe and keep a running idea of buildings and rooms for stories I work on. I\'m not sure if this app was only meant for interiors, but I could see some use if exterior items were added. Like sprinklers, slides, swings, etc. Also allowing the option to disable object snapping. Definitley recommend the app and the premium.
Cathi K., Tampa, FL 2019-04-24

I\'ve always enjoyed designing floor plans for houses, though I\'m not a professional. with this app, I can enjoy my favorite past-time without having to buy a bunch of graph paper. I can design, add or subtract features as I think of them, and even add some furniture to ensure that I\'m getting dimensions correct. There are also elements like wall switches, A/C ducts, water heaters, and more. What an awesome app!
Jamie C. 2019-07-25

This app is awesome! I just needed to use a simple floor planner to make a quick sketch and I ended up paying for the basic plan because it\'s so intuitive, clean, and easy to use. The free version comes with making unlimited rooms and floors, and it can even show 3D views of the floor plan (more features than other apps already) I ended up buying so I can save/export photos from the app. It\'s also fun to use and the developer is still actively updating/responding, keep it up! Highly reccomend.
Terry Murphy 2020-08-23

Solid app. It would be 5 stars if it had just a bit more functionality. The last update was a very good step adding outdoor features. Adding in driveways would be nice. This app would be perfect with the ability to do exterior elevations and sloping ceilings and walls. As is, it\'s very good. The 3D function is really sharp and sharing work is easy too! Also, the developer is very responsive!
Heather Goforth 2020-12-07

Fantastic App This is by far the best I\'ve found. There was no difficult learning curve needed to use, VERY user friendly. Love the realistic dimensions. Color options are good as well. As more furniture and design options are added, this app will just keep getting better. Would like to see outdoor options in the future as well (patio, porch, deck, etc.)
J Hass 2020-06-27

Absolutely amazing! This app is simple to use and eazy to navigate. I love the 3D mode. It would be nice if they added things such as basketball hoops, cars, bikes, pianos, etc. But that\'s just a personal preference. They have most general furniture as well as kitchen and bathroom appliances. Super great app!! Edit: just a shout out to the developer!!
Mishka T 2020-01-07

Frustrating waste of time. Every time I clicked on my furniture to adjust it, it would move the wall. If you wanted to zoom in, it moved the wall. Options were limited, but it\'s just a basic floor plan so it\'s fine. What isn\'t fine is you have to pay to be able to save anything you make, defeats the purpose of a free app. It\'s deceptive. I wasted three hours making a floor plan for role play only to find out you can\'t actually save your projects when you finish.
Rebecca 2020-01-24

Absolutely amazing app. It\'s the only \"free\" home design app I\'ve found so far where you don\'t have to buy important or even vital features. You are able to use all of the furniture, make as many projects as you want, edit each item to your perfection, and overall create anything you can imagine without excessive ads, or hardly any at all. It\'s not the home design app we deserve, but it\'s the home design app we need.
Disturb Design [JD] 2020-08-03

I\'ve been using this software for many years now & I have to say it\'s been one of the best design platforms I have found for phone/tablet devices. Simple operation, simple functions, I love the 3D image function. I find this software is so useful that I always have it open at work. I\'m enjoying the most recent update of the software. To the developers, excellent work.. I recommend this app to anyone & everyone.