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Description of FloSports: Watch Live Sports

With the FloSports app, you can stream live events, original films, and exclusive coverage from 25+ sports in the FloSports Network. Watch your favorite sports live and on-demand on all of your devices. Finally, your sport has a home.

Stream Live Sports

Watch thousands of live events from 25+ sports including wrestling, track & field, jiu-jitsu, dirt track racing, marching, cycling, cheerleading, bowling, softball, college football, college basketball, college baseball, college hockey, MMA, gymnastics, rodeo, rugby, swimming, volleyball, and MORE

Watch Original Films and Exclusive Coverage

Stream the best original films and docuseries across the FloSports Network including Terry, Bad Cut, NAU: Running with the Boys, Simone Biles: Golden Girl, Ben Askren: The Funk, My Name is Jordan, SPEED CITY: A Season With The Houston Cougars, Eddie Bravo: Building An Empire, Daisy Fresh: An American Jiu-Jitsu Story, The Lion Killer: Donny Shankle, This Is Lauren Chamberlain, Going for Gold, Encore: “Hey Bloo”, Become Legendary: Sage Kimzey, Simonsen: Leave it Behind, and MORE

Experience your favorite studio shows and podcasts like FloWrestling Radio Live, The King Ryan Show, Who’s Number One, Here’s the Deal, Thunder Relieved, Ian & Friends, The Bader Show, The Chez Show and MORE

Learn from Olympians and pro athletes with our extensive training and technique video library

Go behind-the-scenes with in-depth features and interviews from your favorite athletes and teams

Experience Your Sports On Any Device

The FloSports app is compatible with all your devices including Android phones and tablets

Cast your favorite sports from your mobile phone to your LG, Samsung, Vizio smart TVs; Chromecast devices; Fire TV; and Roku

Why FloSports

Subscribers can watch thousands of live events from organizations including the Big Ten Network (BTN), Colonial Athletic Association (CAA), PBA, USBC, FUBO, USASF, NCA, UCA, IBJJF, UAEJJF, ADCC, Wodapalooza, Gymnastics Canada, WCHA, Atlantic Hockey, MEAC Conference, SIAC Conference, PacWest Conference, Gulf South Conference, DCI, BOA, WGI, USAC, Tony Stewart Racing, CPRA, PBR, Mary Nutter, Triple Crown Sports, The Spring Games, NFHS, AAU, USA Wrestling, World of Wrestling, and MORE

As a FloSports subscriber, you can stream every sport in the FloSports Network: FloBaseball, FloBikes, FloBowling, FloCheer, FloCombat, FloDance, FloElite, FloFC, FloFlootball, FloGrappling, FloGymnastics, FloHockey, FloHoops, FloLive, FloMarching, FloRacing, FloRodeo, FloRugby, FloSoftball, FloSwimming, FloTrack, FloVoice, FloVolleyball, FloWrestling, and Varsity TV

Privacy Policy - http://www.flosports.tv/privacy/

Terms of Use - http://www.flosports.tv/terms-and-conditions/

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User Reviews


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Obakeng Tsatsi 2020-07-09

They are really deceiving people with their subscription. You sign up for a monthly subscription and end up with a yearly subscription, which can only be cancelled after a year. Even though they say you can cancel at anytime. Lies all over. But overall love the content but feel duped with that yearly subscription whereas I only wanted to subscribe on a monthly basis.
Victoria Anne Warner 2020-10-21

Misled into a year long subscription when it was advertised as is if it were monthly. No response to my customer support email or my tweet. I want a refund. I have not watched a single second of content. Fix your advertising, at this point many people have pointed it out and I wish I did research first. It is your fault, we are in a global recession, you have a responsibility not to bilk people out of money. Fix it. Edit: it\'s been a week now & no response from you at all. Edit 2: 11 days now!
Samurai Dan 2020-12-18

My girlfriend was misled by the advertising (she thought it was monthly like almost EVERY APP in the world) and ended up getting charged $150 right away instead of $15-19 (whatever it is) a month. This has happened to other people as well, as you see it in the reviews below. She\'s trying to cancel and get her money back. We also called her bank to file a claim so she doesn\'t get her money stolen. Why mislead your potential customers? People pay monthly for EVERYTHING these days. Dishonest...
Joseph Justice 2020-07-23

$160????? I feel like I was lied to. I signed up thinking that I would be paying monthly and could cancel at any time. But apparently they just go ahead and take the entire years worth of monies right off the bat. I like the content and under different circumstances this would be much higher than 1 star. They don\'t even have enough respect to give you a confirmation screen before giving it to you raw. There is one button to press and doesn\'t tell you that you are about to take it in the rear.

I\'m upset beyond all means!! First I thought I was paying a monthly fee! Come to find out it\'s for the damn year!! Next when I open the app on my phone it won\'t let you login! It only tells you to \"get started\" again. This app is hard to navigate at time.. even from my desktop! This app is from the 4th dimension of hell!
Russell Bourne 2020-06-18

I dont have a major problem with it, although the no search function and speed are not great. However, I counted hundreds of complaints about the yearly billing when monthly was requested. Its inconceivable that so many people misread something. Also, every compkaint was met with the same reply. Maybe, just maybe, something is amiss and needs fixing on their end rather than the same hollow apology each time.
Michael Clyde 2021-01-30

They only have an annual subscription and it is slightly deceptive. They make it look like a monthly fee, but you are immediately charged an annual membership rate of $150. I attempted to cancel seconds after accepting, but was still charged the $150, with no apparent way to undo this. Lame.
Jason Baardsnes 2020-11-21

I have enjoyed watching this strange road bike season on the app. Once you figure out the layout it works Ok. The Tour de France had buffering issues which I am sure was due to demand. Now however, I wanted to see what cross races are upcoming but the app now shuts down after a few seconds. Is this due to a Nov 3 update??
Major Roadrash 2020-08-30

Beware, app is deliberately designed to mislead. Site claims you can subscribe monthly and cancel anytime but the subscription process immediately bills a full year at $150 and cancellation is only effective after your next renewal date (i.e. after the full year) so no refund if you cancel early. None of that is disclosed during the subscription process. And streaming quality is very poor. No hi-def (720p max), lots of freezing and buffering. Overall a disappointing service. Not recommended.
Michael Morris 2021-02-27

Buyer beware! They advertise the service as $12.50 per month and you can cancel anytime, but they charge for the ENTIRE YEAR when you sign up. Yes, you can cancel, but the cancellation doesn\'t take effect until a year later and you get NO REFUND. Huge list of complaints about this on the Better Business Bureau website... I wish I would have known that. Deceptive.