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Description of Flow Fit - Word Puzzle

★ From the makers of Flow Free, the hit puzzle game with over 300 million downloads ★

Flow Fit is a little bit crossword, a little bit jigsaw puzzle, and a ton of fun!

Fresh, original gameplay

Fit blocks, make words! Fancy yourself a music master? A pop-culture pro? Or an animal ace? Choose from tons of themed puzzles on your favorite topics and exercise your brain with new challenges.

Over 1000 puzzles from professional crossword designers

Flow Fit has more than 1000 themed word puzzles designed by New York Times published puzzle designers. With tons of different categories, board designs, and a variety of difficulty levels, Flow Fit provides hours of fun whether you’re a logic puzzle novice or a crossword genius!

Fun puzzle trivia and facts

Did you know that Katy Perry has a cat named Kitty Purry? Now you do! Beat puzzles to get fun themed trivia that will make you sound like an even bigger brainiac.

Movies, Music, and More! New puzzles every day

There’s never a dull day with Flow Fit! Check in every day to solve daily themed puzzles: Music Monday, Tasty Tuesday, Worldwide Wednesday, Thinker Thursday, Film Friday, Superstar Saturday, and Sunday Funday! Play something fresh every day!


Flow Fit – Features


★ Fresh, exciting gameplay & unique puzzles to solve

★ Over 1000 puzzles of varying difficulty

★ New, themed puzzles every day

★ Variety of game board shapes, sizes & color themes

★ Huge range of categories – animals, celebrities, movies, travel & more

★ Fun fact trivia to go with each puzzle

★ Puzzles created by NY Times published crossword designers

★ Sync your progress to the cloud

★ Earn achievements & daily puzzle winning streaks

★ Beautiful calming music and atmosphere

★ Smooth touch & multi-touch controls

Put your puzzle skills to the test!

What are you waiting for? Download Flow Fit today!

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More Information Of Flow Fit - Word Puzzle

lable: Word - Games Current Version:1.2.1 Publish Date:2022-05-21 Developer:Big Duck Games LLC

User Reviews


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Lily a. 2019-04-28

flow free games are pretty good, this one is really good but the reason for the 2 stars is because you can only play a few packs before you have to pay for all the rest, you pay for a few then you pay again and again. I would forget this one because of the greedy developers I am very disappointed because the other flow free games are ...well free
Derek Vanderveen 2019-04-02

A good twist on the \"flow\" franchise. Best game by Big Duck Games in my opinion.
A Google user 2019-03-17

this game is very addictive and very fun you even learn more words in the game as well so I give it a five star this is one of my favorite app I\'ve ever played in my life!😉😁
Alice Simons 2019-06-03

The games are easy fun because if the pieces are put in places quickly, without looking at the letters, the next few seconds are then spent rearranging the boxes to make sensible words and phrases. Quite an unusual passtime, what with the themes, the quotes, and comments about each set!
Dee Carini 2019-04-28

WOW WHAT A TWIST! IT IS A SPECIAL TREAT and A GOOD FLOW FIT!! Love Love Love it very much Better than Bonza word games. This is the best fit !! BEST OF THE DUCK GAMES. Im so in love with it I am going to tell everybody about this... I still play Flow Free connects and béen playing it for long time!! Im not rating you 5 stars. I rate it more than 5 stars!! 2 THUMBS UP!! 👍👍
Barb Edgecombe 2019-03-19

This is anexcellent game. Seems easy at first but becomes challenging as you go through. !! Love it !
Melissa X 2019-05-19

The gameplay is fun but I had 2 problems that made it 3-stars. 1⃣ - I get you have to start with easy puzzles and work up, and that\'s fine, but I never found any that were as hard as I wanted. Maybe if the hardest ones (the 4 letter ones) were larger puzzles it would help? 2⃣ - I\'m fine with in-app purchases but I felt these were just too expensive. If the packs (of 90 - 150) were $0.99 (not $1.99 - $2.99) I think you\'d get more buyers. I know I\'d likely have finished the game if that were true.
Rebecca Strange 2019-04-26

Absolutely amazing!!! It\'s about time a word game came out that has a fun and totally original idea!! Very tired of word connect stuff! This is the breath of fresh air that was needed!!! Thank you so much developers!! Keep adding more free packs and keep up the great work!!! I can\'t begin to tell you how much I love this game!! Thank you for bringing us a fun and challenging, and original, word game. It was desperately needed!!!
Piper Khan 2020-12-13

Love it.
Lora Quiroga 2019-05-24

After years of searching, I had pretty much given up on finding an intelligent word game. One that doesn\'t involve tracing lines between letters to spell simple words has remained elusive... until now. I discovered Flow Fit! What a refreshing change with unique gameplay that requires some logic and reasoning. It starts out easy but you can skip levels to more challenging ones or to one of the many themes or categories to choose from. Plus Flow Fit is nearly ad-free! It\'s a worders heaven!