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Description of FlowerChecker, plant identify

This app provides plant identification service. You simply take a picture of an unknown plant (or moss, lichen and even fungi) and get it identified by international team of experts.

The identification process is not computer-based, it requires human involvement. Therefore each identification is paid using Google's in-app purchase. One plant identification costs 1 USD / 0.7 EUR. The reason is the identification process is not computer-based, it requires human involvement. Anyway, if we can't identify your plant, you don't spend anything.

The installation includes one identification for free as a trial.

Our team will respond as soon as possible, but the identification usually takes minutes or hours. In average, we manage to solve more than 95% plant requests.

The app is add-free.

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lable: Education - Apps Current Version:2.6.2 Publish Date:2022-05-17 Developer:Thran

User Reviews


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Michelle Meyer 2020-01-27

Not one of the other three flower identifying apps could identify the species blooming in my house plant. Using this FlowerChecker app, I was able to contact a botanist directly and within the hour I had my answer, Lace Flower! Do not waste your time with the other apps, the FlowerChecker made it easy to ask the experts!
Renee Hobbs 2016-04-10

Most specific answer! This app answered very specifically a hard to identify shrub/tree. Another free app didn\'t come close with 10 suggestions. A Facebook friend query got me back \"Rosaceae\", but this app gave me \" Hawthorn\", which was much more specific!
Chelsea Baro 2016-04-15

Amazing! I\'ve recently become interested in growing and searching for wild herbs and things for not only cooking bit medicinal use as well. I have a ton of resources to help me identify plants and their uses, butsome plants still aren\'t easy to find in books. This all has helped me so much! I don\'t even mind paying for the tokens.
Casey Dodson 2020-02-13

Awesome that this app enables users to have access to actual experts in the field of botany who review submissions and carefully identify submissions of users\' unknown plants. Some plant ID apps get it right, some don\'t get close. This one gets it perfectly correct because it doesn\'t use an algorithm to make an identification. Instead, it uses good, old- fashioned human intelligence and expertise. What a fantastic service to enjoy in the convenience of an app!
Lisa Brown 2015-07-18

Very useful! I\'m in the process of reclaiming a yard largely ignored by the previous homeowner, and part of it is at the edge of the woods. I know the easy plants like poison ivy and wild grape, but it\'s great to have an ID from actual botanists for the ones I don\'t know, so I won\'t pull something good or leave a nasty weed. I see a few people complaining about $1 for an ID, but that\'s less than a cup of bad gas station coffee, and saves a lot of googling that may or may not get a result.
Joanna Frazier 2016-02-26

Great results What a great app, correctly identifying plants. The down falls ate that it doesn\'t give the common name of the plant and you have to pay for it, other than that very convenient.
Jessica Sampman 2020-01-18

Identified a plant within a few minutes. Might not always be that fast but when I looked up the plant on Google it was exactly the same image! Great app
Larry Padgett 2020-01-16

Simple, fast, and solid information on plants! If you want to know what it is, this is the app to get.
Michael Freeman 2016-03-29

Wrong plant The response gave me the wrong plant. The plant they responded with is a succulent, while the pictures I took obviously weren\'t. The flowers on both plants were similar in color, but on my plant (a weed in my yard) they were very small and in the picture they were much larger. Obviously a different plant. I\'m not going to spend money on another try if this is the kind of accuracy I can expect.
Nunya Biznus 2016-02-28

Awesome! Used this to identify a shrub I want to plant at my home. An actual person answers your inquiry, the first one is free. Very professional!