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Description of Flutter: Starlight

Collect flowers and raise moths in the peaceful nature game, under the light of the moon. Moths are just as beautiful as any butterfly!

From the makers of the relaxing garden butterfly simulator, Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary!


Love nature games, plant games and gardening? Collect flowers while you discover and raise over 200 cute moths! Care for each moth in your relaxing garden as you enjoy calming nature sounds. All the moths are different sizes, colors, and have unique wing patterns, all based on real world species!


Butterfly games are beautiful, and the night time mode in Starlight takes the relaxing gameplay and makes it feel like a zen game. If you’re looking for stress relief, or something to calm your anxiety, this chill simulator full of calming sounds may help you sleep like a baby. We have many emails from players saying Starlight helps with stress relief - we hope it helps you, too!


Raise and fly your moths between flowers in your beautiful garden by moon light! Each moth has a unique caterpillar and behaviours, just like in butterfly games. If you like garden simulators, relaxing games and calming nature sounds, we think you’ll love this!


Grow and collect real, colorful flowers and mushrooms to decorate your environment in this plant game. It’s your very own flower garden in the middle of the rainforest. Every flower in this pocket terrarium is a real-life plant species and is beautifully drawn to match the real flower!

*** By award winning studio Runaway Play. Try our new title Old Friends Dog Game today! ***


The “splashcam” feature in another of Runaway’s calming games requires read/write external storage permissions, in order to save in game screenshots taken by players to their devices. Starlight is built with the same underlying platform technology base, therefore Flutter:Starlight also requires these permissions although they are not currently being used in this garden game.

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More Information Of Flutter: Starlight

lable: Casual - Games Current Version:2.081 Publish Date:2021-08-15 Developer:Runaway

User Reviews


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Matt Dzwonkowski 2019-06-23

This game is absolutely adorable! I love the variety, and the little facts about each moth. I would suggest that past events should return during each new event, so that if you missed an event, you can get those moths without spending flutter bucks to get a visiting moth to lay an egg. Overall, it\'s a nice, calm game to play.
Dale Hagen 2019-12-24

I\'m a disabled vet and recent widow...this game and butterfly sanctuary are fun and easy ways to distract me. Nice graphics and different tasks as you level keep me interested. Parts can be boring when the only thing you can do a certain times is to collect from the moths, but those times don\'t occur all the time.
Isla Chambers 2019-05-17

I love the app, but it seems like every time I exit it, there\'s a 50/50 chance that it will reset my progress back by a few hours. I want to love it, but this bug makes the game nigh unplayable. Please fix and will readjust this to five stars!
Evey Emery 2020-08-10

Best game ever! Great game for passing time, or when you simply just bored. You get to collect beautiful moths, that are also just adorable! Once you level up enough you do missions, and your able to unlock a lot of other fun features! The only thing I have to say other than that is that I wish there were more things you can do with the moths. ♡
Carol Johnson 2019-04-07

Poor instructions & Tutorial. I couldnt figure out how to play the game. Tutorial did tell what an item was such as the incubator, but it never told how to get the eggs or where to get them from. Seeing how I have no idea how to get the butterfly eggs to grow butterflies, I cannot proceed with the game, the only thing to do is delete it.
Pebbz 1981 2019-10-08

I am not playing this until the expansion is allowed. My forest is at max and i am unable to make it bigger so i have more butterflies in storage than in my forest. It is not fun breeding new species to have them in storage.i only log on to collect my freebies.
:p 2019-11-08

I\'ve wasted so many glowbucks by accidentally rushing, multiple times. Why is it a 3 step confirmation process just to store moths when you only have to click once to spend the currency that takes the longest to gather? I dont want to know how many ads\' worth of gbs I\'ve lost over time. I know some people will spend $ to replace gbs they spend by accident. Some people spend $ to get gbs in the first place, which is the worst part. If this isnt fixed next update, I\'m deleting the app.
Fish Woman Gaming 2021-01-28

This game is so relaxing. I play it almost every day when i\'m angry or I just want to play it. The breeds are so beautiful, I almost want one of my own! I love how you can attract eggs by pooting flowers around this area in the bottom. I love the decorations too! I don\'t know ANYTHING wrong with this game. Keep up the good work, and I love the valentines day update!
Alyssa Mooney 2021-02-24

Finally a relaxing and cute game about moths!! I\'m having a really good time and the app doesn\'t even ask me to rate it, I had to relook up this game to write this review, I love this game so much, there is always something to do so you can relax for as long as you want! I love this game so much and everyone else needs to play this at least once.if I could I would stream this on my computer for a nice chatting day with my live stream viewers if I could! Sincerely, SmolAlexKitty
Nicola Isgro 2020-08-07

I do love this game! It\'s sweet,relaxing,the graphics are gorgeous,nothing gets blown up,you can pop in and out or stay and build up some coins. What I don\'t love,is that it takes quite awhile to build up coins which are needed to clear room in the forest. The amount needed to clear space goes up each time. No space,no moths. Also, the glowbucks which are also necessary cost actual money. They run out fast,and it\'s not much fun without them. So this is a game that requires money to be spent.