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Description of Flying Police Car Stunts Games

Welcome to the thrilling Police Car stunts simulator: Police Gun shooting flying car game, Enjoy impossible mega ramp adventure of racing car Police games & Flying limo car stunt simulation in which you will drive Police limo car racing simulator & Police Car stunts 3D simulator games. Enjoy this Ultimate Car racing mega ramp car Police games and become a professional stunt master of racing car in this police limo mega ramp car stunt Gun shooting games, So Get ready for real mega ramp Car stunts driving simulator, Turn on the police sirens and patrol the sky and streets of the city With the latest police shooting flying car simulator, enjoy both fast driving and realistic flying in the futuristic police vehicle, ever tried driving a car and got bored by the ordinary simulation games. Now your car has a flying gear which gives your driving car wings to fly and controls to take off appear right away. You have many police cars parked in your car garage alongside flying limo, select high speed turbo sports car from the garage and let's take an unlimited speed drive & perform crazy car stunts in this Police gangster chase mega ramp car games.

Experience Real Driving Simulator Game in which you will enjoy real flying car Police games or gangster chase Vegas city Police Shooting car driving simulator games or impossible car stunts adventures. Flying car fighting game is like battle ground shooting competitive missions so you need to upgrade your cars power & Police shooting weapons, there are two types of flying car missions in these flying car simulator games, prove that you are a pro car driver, in this flying police car stunts driving game. As it’s a police flying car game and not the flying limo that you can also drive your car on the road and perform mega ramp crazy car stunts, In this Police Shooting Vegas city mafia Crime Chase driving missions, where you have to complete speed limit missions and city stunts through your favorite Crazy cars with Crime Chase Gun shooting police game. There are a variety of challenging car driving simulator missions. Speed your racing car and fight against your rivals until you destroy your enemy car in this gangster chase crime shooting game.

Enjoy this Police Shooting Adventure flying car driving game will give you the amazing excitement of flying in the large city, e

so explore the city while driving through high sky buildings. Speed up your car with a boost effect to complete your missions within the time. It's time to test your driving skills, so drive the most realistic cars from the garage and win the title of best Police Crime Chase car driver in this spooky mega ramp car stunts. Customize and update your car to improve extreme car driving physics. Tighten your seat belt and be more careful because cars can fly now in this flying plus driving car simulator game. Simulation games were found little boring by game tap so now we have developed some fun factor where you can not only drive cars on the road but also take a flight like real airplane pilot in this Police Mafia Chase Flying Car racing simulator.

Flying Police Car Stunts Games Features :

-Realistic police flying car Controls and Physics.

-In Police Flying car simulator, you need to chase the criminals in Vegas crime war games.

-Addictive Sound Effect & Detailed Environment.

-Perform Impossible & crazy car mega ramp stunts in car driving simulator Police game.

-It Feels like you are driving a robot shooting car in Police flying car game.

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More Information Of Flying Police Car Stunts Games

lable: Racing - Games Current Version:4.3 Publish Date:2022-06-18 Developer:Dubai Entertainment

User Reviews


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MrFallior 2016-12-20

Good game but needs fixing I had to change my rating due to this game breaking bug. It is impossible for me to get past level 10 as I need to watch a video to get health back twice, and on either the first or second time, the game freezes to where the watch video button doesn\'t work and all you can do is click home or reset. I\'ve had to redo level 10 8 times now and every single time it does this.

Weak game. No others cars nothing for winning. Honestly you should take this game and move it to the children\'s category. Uninstalling! Good riddance
R Dijabuti 2017-01-22

Stupid ads pop up while your in the middle of the Derby....Hard to see what your doing in the game with an ad covering the whole screen
Bob Moyer 2016-12-20

Loonie Toons So far,so good. I really like it. Good graphics, fun to play. Engine sounds could be better.
Al Mac 2017-12-04

This game is another waste of time! Too many ads!!! C\'mon guys give us a break with the ads. AND it won\'t rotate with my phone. It flips one way and that\'s it. Horrible game folks; don\'t waste your time. Cool idea. Just a bad game.
Timothy Goss 2017-03-06

Omg impossible to play wayyyyyyyy to many adds even in the middle of gameplay .... Worst game ever !!!!!! As far as adds go but you can pay to remove adds but way would i do that i have no idea what the games like \"to many adds\" and we the people are sick of you doing this stupid crap \"uninstall\" the leeches and show them who owns who!!!!!!!
John Doty 2017-08-21

Wow, how about a few more ads that are way too long and irrelevant... The controls don\'t work very well...
Rithik Kumar Singh 2020-07-13

The games hangs whenever we crash our car into the another one . And it happens everytime.
Adam C 2020-03-04

Giant add while playing game that takes up half the screen unless you pay to remove ads. Uninstalled
pravin pandit 2020-04-05

Its nice game but its crash time it\'s not work