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Description of FM Radio - all India radio

Radio India is a free radio app with more than 500 Indian radio stations. With a modern, beautiful and easy to use interface, Radio IN gives you the best experience when it comes to listening to online radio.

With Radio India you can listen to the best FM radio stations and follow your favorite shows and podcasts for free. You can choose amongst sports, news, music, comedy and more.


● listen to radio in background while using other apps

● you can listen to FM radio even if you are abroad

● find out which song is currently playing on the radio (depending on the station)

● the interface is really easy to use, with just one click you can add a radio station or podcast to your favorites list

● use the search tool to easily find what you're looking for

● set an alarm to wake up with the FM radio station you love

● set a sleep timer to turn the app off

● you can choose between light or dark mode interfaces

● don't need to connect the headphones, listen through the smartphone's loudspeakers

● compatible with Chromecast and Bluetooth devices

● share with friends via Social Media, SMS or Email

🇮🇳 All India radio stations:

Radio Mirchi

Pehla Nasha

Red FM

Radio City

92.7 Big FM

All India Radio

FM Gold

Purani Jeans

Vividh Bharti

Radio Mango

Meethi Mirchi

Hungama Radio

Hello FM

BBC Radio

Tamil FM Radio

Hindi FM Radio

Malayalam Radio

Punjabi Radio

Telugu Radio

Desi Radio

Kannada Radio

Bangla Radio

and many more online radio stations.

FM radio live, free radio!


For a quick and more effective communication, if you experience any problems or if you can't find the station you are looking for, send us an email to appmind.technologies@gmail.com and we will try to add that radio station as soon as possible, so that you don't miss out your favorite music and shows.

If you like the app, we would appreciate a 5 stars review. Thank you!

Note: An internet connection, 3G/4G or WiFi network is required to tune in radio stations. There may be some FM radio stations that do not work because their stream is temporarily offline.

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lable: Music & Audio - Apps Current Version:2.4.2 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:AppMind-Radio FM, Radio Online

User Reviews


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Paalvannan Appavu 2020-04-29

Nice app, I can listen to songs without headset anywhere anytime. Great. Keep up the good work. I have a suggestion, Everytime I search for a channel all the icons gets back again from top. I have to scroll again from top. It would be better if you can it if possible. Thanks.
Vikaas Rajput Official 2020-08-08

It\'s a good app. But there are some issues which needs to be resolved: 1. When i change the station or play or pause the same then it vibrates for sometime that irritates me and also might be harmful for the phone. 2. It doesn\'t have some of the popular stations such as Red fm & gyanvani. 3. It is automatically stops for sometime restart again after 5 to 10 seconds. 4. The app doesn\'t have the station skipping feature. I thought that is one of the most important feature for such app.
Praneet Jain 2020-05-30

Doesn\'t work... Or shud I say I couldn\'t get to know how to operate. No options are visible... Just a circle with a radio and a flag and text \'Radio India\' below the circle. Either ways, don\'t think thts a good sign for any app, right? Just to add, I am trying to use this on OnePlus 7 pro. Someone plz help... what have I missed?
Prashant Verma 2020-07-07

1. Not able to send feedback from app about any issues/bug or anything else. 2. Most of the Radio Channels are not playing i.e. Radio One 94.3. 3. There is no proper error message/notification to identify the reason behind FM Channel not playing. 4. Radio City Hindi playes ENGLISH songs only. May be wrong channel linked on that channel in mobile app. 5. Red FM 93.5 channel is missing in the list. 6. Song Quality seems MONO, not STEREO, even if you have very high internet speed wifi or 5G.
raj rana 2020-12-20

great, but could have been better with next and prev. button added, So, please add next nad previous plya buttons to the player, its a basic thing., else is gud
Shomit Sarkar 2020-09-05

Need button controls. I am a biker and i use my phone to listen to music a lot over my bluetooth helmet kit. So changing stations over volume button controlnis2 very important for us bikers. The app can easily incorporate change of favorite stations over long press of volume button while keeping short press for volume control. Please please please bring this function to this awesome app. I am not a car driver who has his phone screen always in front. Phone is always in pocket. I am a paid user.
ashish sharma 2020-12-03

One of the excellent Radio Apps. 1. No unnecessary advt. 2. Easy to search radio channels. 3. No signal issue as it works on internet. 4. Excellent voice. 5. Popularises radio in this smartphone era. 6. Most of the radio channels available.

Great app. Simple method just download the app n enjoy your favourite stations like news, music, gurbani, live stations etc with different different languages. I really enjoying this one. Very clear thing there is No extra ads.thanks to whole team to make this app.
SaJ 2021-02-11

Advertisement covers the screen and the cross mark to remove it from the screen is so small that, when you try to touch it, you accidentally click the add and that is a cheap trick. Showing many advertisements is ok, but forcing to click is not acceptable. I have done my job to inform you, now you can find out which add does this. I have been using this app since long, but now removing for this genuine reason. Thanks for good memories. Peace ✌️
Ravi Choudhari 2020-12-30

A very good app to listen to FM radio with just good internet connectivity, no problem faced as in usual FM radio signals. Few problems faced are frequent appearance of unnecessary advertisements and lack of local regional FM radio channels in the menu.