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Description of Focusmeter: Productivity Timer

Focusmeter helps you to track your focus & rest for better productivity and health. It's a great companion timer for studying, reading or working.

Focus is important for productivity, but rest is equally important too. Taking breaks between periods of focus improves productivity. With Focusmeter, customize your own routines to maximize productivity and have enough rest.


1️⃣ Setup your routine: customize the length of your Focus and Rest timers.

2️⃣ Start your first Focus timer. 👨‍💻

3️⃣ After your timer is completed, it's time for a break. ☕

4️⃣ Start the next Focus timer and stay productive! 👨‍💻


⏲ CUSTOMIZE your own timers. Pomodoro or 52/17, easily customize what works for you!

✨ INSIGHTS from your past activities in a month, week or day. See how your routine has been working for you.

🔔 CHOOSE your own Focus and Rest alerts when the timer is completed or about to be completed.

🏷️ TAG Focus and Rest sessions and keep track of distractions.

📈 STATISTICS to get insights for individual tags over time.

📝 EDIT your timeline/activities. Never forget to track your time.

➕ ADD sessions/timers anytime.

⏱️ TRACK time in minutes, hours or sessions.

🌠 TRANSITION automatically between focusing or rest. Or manual if you prefer.

🌕 CLEAN and SIMPLE interface.

🔄 LANDSCAPE and FULLSCREEN mode supported.

🌙 DARK/NIGHT theme.

👏 REPEATED completed alerts, in case you missed the completed alert.

🏃 Runs in the background. This app does not need to be constantly open to work.

🔕 Activate DO NOT DISTURB during timers.

📏 LONG sessions of up to 3/4/5 hours supported.

🎨 TAG colors supported.

📥 Export your data anytime in CSV or JSON format.

📁 AUTOMATIC backup if your Google account is connected. Please visit https://support.google.com/android/answer/2819582?hl=en for more information.

Watch for new features coming soon!

Please find our FAQ here: https://zeitic.co/apps/focusmeter/support.html

* Focusmeter runs in the background, please visit https://dontkillmyapp.com/ to check if your phone/device supports background services.

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lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:1.2.2 Publish Date:2022-03-03 Developer:zeitic.co

User Reviews


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Malvika Rk 2020-06-11

I really love the app and this concept of creating customized focus sessions! I am facing this problem where the sound doesn\'t come even though my phone volumes are up. Hope it gets fixed soon. Also , I have a few suggestions : 1- Adding custom color to the bars would be great. 2- A todo list that you can choose for tags. 3- Maybe an optional alarm would also be great because sometimes we lose track of time and the break automatically goes on to the next focus session. Thanks!
Javin Ohara 2020-05-20

Wow. I can\'t believe this only has 10k downloads. This is honestly by far the best pomodoro app I\'ve ever used. In terms of the timer, this and the other top apps are pretty much the same -- although I do like the aesthetic of this one more. But the thing about this apps that tops every other one is the calendar and the daily view. App developers, if you are reading this, I genuinely want to thank you so much for not littering this with tons of ads and making this wonderful free app 4 everyone
Giusi Matozza 2021-01-13

Very good app, but I would like to have the possibility non only to export data but also import. Now I reinstalled my app and can\'t manage to reopen data saved on google drive. Such a shame. And also, when I answer to a call, the time should stop immidiately, not manually
Annabel Tan 2020-12-22

it\'s perfect! does what it says. one suggestion is, when looking at the daily view, it would be nice to be able to swipe left and right between days, instead of having to go back to the calendar and select another day.
Madeeha 2020-05-30

(Suggestion included) Been using it for a week and I like it so far. Its really easy and straight to the point. It does what it says, and also keeps the data saved in a calendar, thisbfeature really helped me realise how much I was actually studying and how I can manage my time accordingly. I do hv a suggestion, I wish we could add activities of our own as well. Like as sci student I have chem, bio and phy so I wish I could add \'study bio\' and have a colour appear on my calendar.
Dark Knight 2020-11-18

Hi, just want to report a bug, if you start a timer and get through any amount of it, then pause and cancel the timer before it was completed, the total amount of time is added to the \"Hours Today\" completion despite not completing all of the timer. Not a huge bug but just wanted to report it. Amazing app though!
Manasi Badgujar 2020-09-22

Liked the app. But I think there\'s some problem because it buzzes(completes the schedule) whenever I check the timer. It is weird. I am not sure what\'s wrong; maybe alarm stops earlier but doesn\'t buzz and then it buzzes after I see it. Well, I am confuse but something is surely different or wrong. Please look into those buzzing settings; make sure it buzz on time.
Vlada Solyanikova 2020-07-14

Nice design, can modify time periods, no ads. Big \"but\" : it doesn\'t give a notification on time when the screen is locked and it runs in the background. Only when you unblock and enter the app, it gives the notification. Extremely annoying since the idea of the app is to track the time and that\'s the only think it can\'t do!
Milan Panchal 2021-03-09

I like this app so much that i can\'t live without it, but i am really missing two main features which i hope dev will surely give in next update (1) Block apps while timer is on with App Whitelist features so that we can use our study apps at that moment (2) Widget is handy when you are studying. It is one type of shortcut which helps us to save time Not least, White noise with our custom audio file will definitely help us to stay focused while studying. Thanks in advance ❤️
Jamie J. 2020-08-24

This is the best work timer out there. No ads, flexible timer options, a beautiful and fast interface and options to add tags to my timers. A chart tracks your time spent for certain tags, so you can monitor your output for the week. Easy and simple enough to do its job, with just enough tracking and customization to help you with your goals.