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Description of FolderSync Pro

FolderSync enables simple sync to cloud based storage to and from local folders on the device SD cards. It support a wide range of different cloud providers and file protocols, and support for more platforms are added continuously. Root file access supported on rooted devices.

Effortlessly sync your files. Backup your music, pictures and other important files from the phone to your cloud storage or the other way around. It has never been easier. Automation support using Tasker and similar programs enables fine grained control of your syncs.

FolderSync contains a full file manager, that enables you to manage your files locally and in the cloud. Copy, move and delete your files in your cloud/remote accounts. Support for creation/deletion of buckets in Amazon S3. Upload and download files from the phone. It's all supported.

Supported cloud providers

- Amazon S3 Simple Storage Service

- Box

- CloudMe

- Dropbox

- Google Drive

- HiDrive

- Livedrive Premium

- luckycloud


- MyDrive.ch

- MyKolab

- NetDocuments

- OneDrive

- OneDrive for Business

- OwnCloud

- pCloud

- Storegate

- SugarSync


- Yandex Disk

Supported protocols


- FTPS (SSL/TLS implicit)

- FTPES (SSL/TLS explicit)

- SFTP (SSH File Transfer)

- Samba1/CIFS/Windows Share

- SMB2


Pro/Free version

The free version contains ads. You can upgrade in-app to pro version. The pro version has no limitations. In all other regards the pro and lite versions are identical.

Change log








Optional permission that can be granted if Foldersync should detect SSID name on Android 9 or newer.


Needed to determine current network state


Needed to access info about the current WiFi state (SSID etc.)


These two are needed to be allowed to turn WiFi on and off


Needed to autodiscover WebDAV, SMB, FTP and SFTP servers using Bonjour/UPNP protocol


Needed to access the internet connection to send and retrieve files


Needed to read and write files from and to SD card


Needed to automatically start after reboot of device, so scheduled syncs will still run


Needed to keep the device running during a sync, so it doesn't enter sleep mode

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More Information Of FolderSync Pro

lable: Communication - Apps Current Version:3.1.10 Publish Date:2022-01-07 Developer:Tacit Dynamics

User Reviews


What's new with you? Please tell everyone.

Julian Boldt 2020-05-14

After (more?) than a year the devs are back. The app works now!
M. A J 2021-03-04

1) Android 8.1 broke SSID detection if GPS is not enabled, please fix. 2) Please add smb v2 or 3 support. New rising SMBSync2 app offers it. SMB1 is deprecated and security wise compromised. Then, 5 stars will be back. For now, on my NAS and Android 8.1, app is deprecated :-(
Petr Černocký 2017-10-24

Extremely unreliable. Sometimes sync jobs start, sometimes they don\'t for no apparent reason. Turning off Nougat battery optimization makes no difference.
Bob Roach 2017-08-03

Just what I was looking for! I have a lot of camera, drawing, audio recording/editing apps on my phone and it is a major pain to keep consolidating the media and exported files collectively and manually! This app keeps my system lean, clean and organized. Very extensive options. For anyone with an android mobile equipped with an external SD card, this app is a must! Great job. One suggestion? I have a couple apps that save output files to new, uniquely names subfolders under one main folder. It would be awesome if there was an option to \'collect\' and redirect files contained in subfolders to a single target folder without creating copies of the subs.
Francis Hughes 2020-03-29

BEWARE - Abandoned software. Do not waste your money. Used to be great but no longer works. Syncing with Mega.nz just freezes and does nothing, with no error message. Been about two years since updated so obviously a zombie app now. Real shame and annoying as I paid for it so hoped for better. Two stars as Google Drive sync still appears to work.
Jon Crawford 2018-05-17

Edit: 2.9.16 fixes the performance issue. Previous updates 2.9.14/15 have made a 2 minute SMB sync now take 20. Copying files to Android looks like it\'s in slow motion, with the physical copy to the mobile/tablet taking 5 to 10 seconds rather than less than 1. Not the first time this has happened, and it looks like others are also having this problem. Rolling back to the last known speedy release 2.9.12.
Gerard Thornley 2020-09-27

Been using this for some years, though was stuck at v2.9.16 until fairly recently - the GUI update is nice. One feature that would be really helpful is a means to do a \"dry-run\" - i.e. generate a report on what would been changed without doing it; that could help check that a pairing is configured correctly without risking the consequences of a mistake.
Jack Santos 2020-07-16

I\'ve tried many sync manager apps and FolderSync is the best. Lots of functionality, customization and comparable with a very large selection of cloud services and standard sources (e.g. LAN, FTP, etc.). I\'m currently using the paid version. Bravo to the programmers.
Evan Al-Chokhachy 2018-06-19

06/18/18 - Update: Latest version has resolved the issue described below for me. 05/08/18 - Used to be a robust and reliable app. No more!! This latest version introduced a new API to OneDrive which is a complete disaster. Reauthentication as recommended does not work. Errors abound during synchronization including \"code = BadRequest, message = Maximum request length exceeded\". Fully 40% of files never sync. DeInstalling/Reinstalling FolderSync does not resolve the problems. Please fix ASAP.
M Khan 2018-12-09

This is a good program but if you plan on using SMB it will not work. Windows 10 no longer supports SMB1 (a 30 years old protocol) and wants everyone to switch to SMB2 (more secure). This program only supports SMB1. There is absolutely no info on their website or anywhere else if they ever plan on supporting SMB2.