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Description of Foldplay: Folder Music Player

Foldplay is a music player that treats your folders as first-class citizens. Just browse to a folder and select a music file to play – no collection scanning needed.

All the essential features are there:

• Shuffle, repeat and seek

• Album artwork and music info display (entirely optional)

• Headset controls, widgets and notifications

• Integration with equaliser applications

In addition, you can:

• Easily create and manage playlists by tapping and holding songs and folders

• Bookmark your favourite folders and access them easily in the sidebar

• Switch between light, dark and pure black themes, and customise the colours to your liking

• Set a sleep timer

With Foldplay's simple but responsive interface, you'll have a great experience on small phones and big tablets alike.

Want to help translate the app to your native language? Please go to https://translate-pnh.herokuapp.com/foldplay/.

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lable: Music & Audio - Apps Current Version:209 Publish Date:2022-02-23 Developer:HydrogenPhosphate

User Reviews


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Kim 2020-11-21

This app is good for displaying and playing music files on your android device. There are no ads or annoying pop-ups. Also, no editing feature. This app is as simple and clean as it gets. LG V20 Android 7
family use 2020-11-09

it is a great folder player. I have one feature request, could you add a shortcut for collections other than folder (queue, playlist, album, artist etc), let user go to the folder where a song is located when selecting any song in these colections? once app is killed by system during sleep, it always go back to default folder. it\'s not convenient for user to go back to the folder of a song which is currently playing, so that user can easily switch to next folder.
Josef H. 2019-09-05

It\'s a shame that this app seems to completely ignore the system settings regarding the text size and it doesn\'t allow you to make it bigger. Everything, including the control buttons and text is extremely small on my tablet.
Lutherian Steamship 2020-06-04

It\'s nice to have an app that uses my folder structure as the play list. The interface is kinda cryptic and the controls are small even when setting it for large icons. No instructions. Also, early 2020 it started shuffling the folder after every song, so the next and back buttons come up with different songs, if I forward past a song I want, I can\'t get it back. This is annoying in the car when I only have next and back buttons on the console. I also often get the same song within minutes.
Seb 2020-05-09

Coule be THE app but one thing I find very annoying : when playing something in a folder, if I tap the back button, it brings me back to the default folder instead of the upper folder of the current song. One bug I see sometimes: for some files, the album art embedded in the mp3 is not displayed when it\'s displayed by other app
Pete Van Auken 2020-04-02

After trying 3 or 4 different music players and being frustrated with all of them, I searched for \"folder based music player\" and found this gem. Finally, a music player that doesn\'t suck!! No stupid libraries that don\'t know how to behave. You can go straight to any song you want if you know what folder it\'s in (and I sure as hell do) and you can see the full file name. My file names are long - I have several versions of some things. This app is a huge relief. I\'d give it 20 stars if I could!!
Adam Smith 2020-11-13

A return to traditional functionality that is sorely needed. I am often without signal for long periods. It took entirely too long to find a podcast app that still catered to MP3 playback....we don\'t all live in the clouds!!! Good job on this app
Jason Jason 2020-02-20

It is perfect, but I think it doesn\'t need to put a \"Delete\" button on it because people may click the \"Delete\" button by mistake easily. Be reminded that it is only a music player but not a file manager. Or if you insist to remain the \"Delete\" button, it is better to have a confirmation popup.
CML AIO 2020-12-09

I don\'t know what is causing this problem but my audio keeps getting paused. It means I can\'t listen to my meditations, or listen to an audio course, because it randomly pauses and I have to grab my phone and play the file back, but it sometimes doesn\'t remember the positiin. I love the app, and I\'ve tried many other apps for folder play, and this one is truly the best. Using realmi pro 5, realme UI 1.0
David Quinton 2020-04-27

Superb App. Very easy to get used. Makes for finding albums so much quicker if you have a lot of artists. I found this after trying a few differing Apps, they just didn\'t come up to par. The track once queued up shows all the usual bells and whistles. This one has neat little button that gives you several differing options like: arrange playlist, song info, share. Would certainly recommend to anyone who has a large music collection with lots of artists and albums.