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Description of Food Crush

♥ Unlimited sweet food puzzle!

♥ The sound effect is the best!

♥ Play Match 3 Puzzle in a sweet-filled world


▣ Food Crush - A sweet matching puzzle game! ▣

Enjoy a sweet game of matching candy, jelly, and ice cream!

▣ 1200 exciting levels and stages filled with sweet candy.▣

Explore various world themes and play over 300 challenging levels.

▣ Food Truck Collection ▣

Collect your own food truck!

Gather the best food trucks and use your powerful abilities to play the game more favorably.

Boast your friends when you have a great food truck!

■■■■■How to play Food Crush■■■■■

☞ Match 3 of the same colored candies to earn points.

☞ If you match 4 candies, they become a special candy!

☞ Use the power of special candies for special advantages.

☞ Clear stage missions with a given number of moves.

▣ Achieve a 3 Star Rating! ▣

Use your best move to clear challenges and obtain 3 stars!

▣ A variety of missions and obstacles provide exciting new challenges. ▣

More than 300 different missions await to challenge you.

▣ A strong, addictive game! ▣

An addictive Match 3 Puzzle game you can pick up and play any time!

▣ A fun puzzle game! ▣

A simple puzzle game of matching 3 identical sweets of the same color. Free fun with a high level of strategy!

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More Information Of Food Crush

lable: Puzzle - Games Current Version:1.6.0 Publish Date:2022-06-16 Developer:V2R

User Reviews


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Christine Brandt 2018-09-26

Love this one!! Been finding these types of games to add to my collection with fun, addicting gameplay and no stupid lives to wait around for... This is how it should be so awesome job devs, you\'re like a breath of fresh air!!! 😉👍
Star Chaser 2019-09-14

I rate it 3 stars because of all the ads. There are several I dont like, but the one I dislike the most is the religious ad. That has no right being there and it pops up nearly every time. You should at least give us a choice of ads since we\'re bombarded with them.
A Google user 2019-02-27

I like your game but cant upgrade my food truck keeps telling me to. but only gives u 1 and 2 pitchers to use .please fix problem with your app.ty.dhl. itsfebuary26 2019 u still haven\'t fixed upgrade on food truck past number 2 why not very frusting..
ryan smith 2018-11-16

it\'s so fun but at the same time it\'s challengeing and so addtivetive i can\'t stop playing. you have plenty chances to get a lot of gold and powerups so. so so fun.
Nadine Oliver 2019-07-10

love this game so much that, after trying so many other match 3 games, I came back home to my favorite game of all!
Ian McDiarmid 2018-10-10

Love the game no major grief to login to Facebook or in your face ads. But the little link to ads at the top of the screen are blocking the stars awarded. Would be better at the bottom of screen. Can\'t get my head around updating the food truck..
Maya Rankin 2019-06-12

The game crashes and when I reopen the app, I\'m sent back a few levels, levels I already beat. This has happened 3 times but this time I was sent back so far that I\'m back to a difficult level I had beat after several attempts. why play if my progress keeps getting lost. No longer fun...Uninstall
Denise Alfonsi 2020-03-11

Takes too long to connect with the game. Tap on \"play\" & I have to keep hitting the play button over & over!!
A Google user 2019-08-07

EDITED- Thx so much for the reimbursement. I really love this game, I\'m hooked!!! I purchased coins yesterday, and as soon as it went through the app crashed & I didn\'t get my coins. Sent a message to the developer
Gracie Grace 2020-12-07

When are you going to add more trucks? I cant even play missions anymore!! Ive already beat level 1400!!