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Description of FootRock 2

From the creators of the Kuboom, comes the most psychedelic action first-person arcade game.

There are no rules and laws! We have abolished time, gravity and space. Challenge the ordinary reality in our crazy game!


* Throw ball in your opponents

* Teleport anywhere

* Shoot hordes of zombies

* Explode everything

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More Information Of FootRock 2

lable: Action - Games Current Version:8.3 Publish Date:2022-05-26 Developer:NOBODYSHOT LTD

User Reviews


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Dr. Ali 2017-12-19

This game is really weird and really fun though. You have to run through an obstacle riddled football field while throwing footballs at the objects standing in your way. 12/10 recommended
Alex M. 2018-12-02

Online mode gets stuck on the loading screen forever
Social_Misfit 2019-12-28

I think this is a very good game, I love that it\'s first person, the animation and levels are good and challenging, the slow-mo...omg that\'s wut got me the most it was so cool! This is pretty much the game I\'ve been looking for. Plz make other games like this.
Q Rose 2017-08-12

The game is very very VERY nice and the last level how to win it i can\'t win it and i made a record i ended the game in 1 hour 😂😂😂
A Google user 2019-01-19

it was good bu can you add some endless mode im bored of the levels pls developers grant my wish
Threadripperr 2018-01-19

This game is amazing I must say. It\'s offline with tons of levels to play from. Decent character customizations (lacking in the shirt section though). Online is fun with friends! I really do enjoy it. Also if I\'m not mistaken, it\'s playable with a Beboncool controller?
NovaDovah 2017-08-16

It\'s the best runner around in play store,it would be great if player can switch camera to 3rd person and customization option,and also if ambient occlusion is added this would probably hit 5.0 / 5.0 on play store.
E.D.D 2019-09-08

This is such a fun and interesting game (i am a rugby player) and the voice that calls you a rookie and a girl is the cherry on the cake
E 2017-11-12

Hello Dear creators this is one of the best games I\'ve ever played i download games everyday and rate the I\'m happy i got to play this game but the only problem is that there is adds but still a great game 10/10 recomedattion
Leon Lucas 2019-08-28

I downloaded this game but it won\'t start. It crashes after the music starts. Please help and I will raise it to 5 for now have 1...