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Description of Forex Strength Meter

Improve your Forex trading with this full featured Currency Strength Meter.

Features a fast, accurate currency strength data feed, bar charting, line charting, currency strength alerts, multiple time-frames plus much more.

5-Day Free Trial

This is a premium App, but we’re currently offering a 5-day free trial.

The free trial gives you access to a full version of the App. There are no ads, or other limitations. You can cancel the trial at any time from your Google Play account. There'll be no charge if you cancel before the trial ends.

What is Currency Strength?

Currency strength is a popular indicator used by Forex traders to make sense of price moves in the Forex market. It takes advantage of the price correlation between various Forex pairs. Currency strength is measured for 8 currencies (USD, JPY, EUR, GBP, AUD, NZD, CHF & CAD) and is reported on a scale of 0 (weakest) to 10 (strongest).

Currency strength data provides the trader with important insights into the forces at play causing a move on a particular Forex pair. For example, if GBP/USD suddenly trends upwards following an economic news announcement (e.g. US Non-Farm Payroll), the currency strength values would immediately indicate whether the move was due to generalized GBP strength or USD weakness.


Quality streaming data feed: fast updates, low latency, accurate currency strength data.

6 currency strength time-frames.

Bar Charting: multiple time-frames, history look-back feature, real-time max/min highlighting.

Line Charting: multiple time-frames, pinch & zoom, pan gestures. Customisable.

Alerts: trigger on an absolute value or cross for any currency or time-frame.

Extensive Settings e.g alerts sounds, colors, time-zone etc.

Built-in Help / User Guide.

Priority Support: contact us directly from within the App.

Full portrait and landscape mode support.

Optimized for split-screen viewing.

Works great on a wide range of screen sizes i.e from 3.5” up to 10” tablet.


1. Does this App Require a Google Play Subscription?

Yes. We have multiple subscription options with different durations. Each subscription has a 5-day Free Trial Period. The idea is to give you time to decide whether the App will help you with your trading. You can easily cancel your subscription at any time directly from your Google Play account.

2. How do I cancel my subscription?

Very easy. Login to you Google Play account you’ll see the subscription listed. Just click cancel. Cancelling a subscription prevents all future payments, but you can still use the App for the remainder of the trial or subscription period.

3. How do I start a Free Trial?

When you run the App for the first time you’ll be asked whether you want to start a free trial. Just follow the prompts.

4. If I cancel my subscription can I re-subscribe latter on?

Yes. When you start the App again you’ll be asked if you want to re-subscribe. Just follow the prompts and the App will automatically reactivate.

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:1.8 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:QM4 Designs

User Reviews


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Julio Hiram Hernandez 2019-02-26

It is an excellent app! I use it mainly for scalping along with another tool. The only thing I miss sometimes is historical data. But really an important tool.
Kgaugelo Daniel 2019-02-04

Now that i did pay for a 6 month subscription i have a strong feeling that il soon subscribe for a life time.its a good app.il tell my friends about it..im making good profits with it.thank you😃😃😃
Luis B 2019-03-25

This has to be one of the most valuable tools if you\'re serious about trading. It isn\'t a signal tool or a guessing game here. this is a tool that you can use along your strategy in order to identify if you\'re going in the right direction (short, long) in your trading. This tool is also available for iOS and Windows, so you can run them on all platforms. All different platforms have to be paid separately. Highly recommended but don\'t be fooled thinking it is a signal service.
Sonya Brown 2020-02-08

Nice. I like to trade on the daily charts. This app give directional market movement on all time frames... Thanks...I like it..
phillip iskandar 2019-08-29

Very useful in determine the strongest n weakest currency...always gives profitable results...the best app for newbies in 4ex
Floyd Anderson 2019-08-06

This is pretty good, I find the accuracy is a bit off at times. I use str meter on MT4, I thought this would give me good results on the road away from mt4. I find the 4 hour tf matches my fx currency str meter on mt4 most times. setting up alerts is great, let\'s you know when a reversal may happen or pull back which is also great. would be nice if another option was to place a manual alert on how far a gap 2 pairs are apart (number)
Oscar S 2020-07-12

Good app with lots of potential but only of limited value because there is no 4 hour or 1 day time period. Such a shame so for this reason I will not be using. Also only a three day trial period is simply not long enough for people to fairly evaluate it. Thank you for replying. As I said a very promising and potentially useful app. But I consider a 3 day trial to be simply inadequate to fairly evaluate if it is worth spending money on what is quite an expensive app.
sam a 2019-09-17

Non functional app. Anything that has a ridiculous subscription price always gets a 1 star
Udemgba Samuel Onuoha 2020-06-30

Very useful in choosing currency pairs, trend monitoring and exit points....however you should redesign the alert to enable repetition until snoozed or terminated by user..it currently beeps once and most likely not noticed if one is very busy....
Alex Alexander 2020-12-18

I bought the app but I found out that doesn\'t have 5 minutes and 30 minutes frame, please add them and you will get 5 stars from me, keep the good work. Thank you