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Description of Forgotten Hill Tales

FM Studio is proud to introduce the Forgotten Hill Tales! A spin-off series of stories set in the grotesque world of Forgotten Hill: will you survive?

- Little Cabin in the Woods -

A little boy, his Grandfather, a painful past and the desire to run away.

A violent tragic event of the past forced you to live for years locked up in the little cabin in the woods, but the day has come when you will get out of there, whatever the cost.

- Portrait of an Obsession -

A journey to a faraway country, the discovery of a strange painting and the desire to own it. Is this just the encounter with an intense work of art or is it the beginning of an obsession?

- GrandMa's Delicious Cakes -

A nice old woman who makes delicious cakes, an exterminator with a sweet tooth, some rodents to capture. What could ever go wrong?

- Rise of Pico -

This will not be an ordinary day for the Hofmeier butler: the master has assigned you a very delicate task. But you will surely accomplish without any problem.

- The Left Behind -

Many children have been kidnapped. During a turbulent day, they were all set free. All but one. Today it is time for him to try to escape the horrors of the Museum.

In the usual creepy and grotesque Forgotten Hill style, get ready for new obscure adventures, all of them featuring:

- Challenging puzzles and riddles

- Strange new characters that expands the world of Forgotten Hill

- Twisted plot that unveil new strange events happened in Forgotten Hill

- Our innovative hint system: if you are stuck watch a video to get help

- All text translated into 8 languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Chineses and Russian

Check out www.forgotten-hill.com to find out new secrets about Forgotten Hill.

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More Information Of Forgotten Hill Tales

lable: Adventure - Games Current Version:2.2.3 Publish Date:2022-06-15 Developer:FM-Studio

User Reviews


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leann mccallum 2020-05-06

Ace as always. Great addition to the storyline. All the usual 5* creepiness included. Ads dont really get in the way and you can fast forward past any long ones after a couple of seconds (amazing for a free game). Had no issues/ glitches......guilty of using the walkthrough a couple of times when it came to the ghost changing rooms. Thumb up!😂
Jessica Hill 2019-06-07

I like all of your games. I usually rate five stars, but only four this time because all your previous games were much longer with more detailed storyline. I still look forward to more of your games in the future and I thank you for giving us these games totally free!
Rachel B. 2020-07-27

Yawn. The controls are too sensitive to got left or right, and it stinks that you can\'t click on anything if you have an item selected. The storyline was ho hum, and rather predictable. Finished the game in an hour. Glad it\'s free.
Rhonda Brown 2020-11-26

I really liked the games. It took me awhile to figure out some of the puzzles so the challenge was definitely there. I found the controls to be a bit off, but could have been my phone as I have edge enabled, so won\'t hold that against the developers. I didn\'t find the ads to be too putting off, especially since I played all 3 for free. I believe in paying for no ads if necessary. I am a huge fan of the Rusty Lake games, and these remind me of them. Downloading Forgotten Hill \"Fall\" now.
Laura Harvey 2020-11-10

Game won\'t open on my Pixel 4. Tried reinstalling, rebooted phone, just starts to display studio logo then quits. Update: tried again per your request. Same problem. Update number 3! Downloaded it and it worked!
Jackie 2020-07-13

I was disappointed to find that I couldn\'t turn off the phone vibrate feature in this one like I could with previous titles :( *edit: ah, thanks! That helped! :) I just finished the second story, which was extremely creepy. Very well done!
rosa morales 2019-06-25

Another entertaining game from the Forgotten Hill series.
Guy 2021-01-26

Really enjoyed this game! It takes some getting used to, but once you understand the (twisted) logic it\'s great fun, and quite challenging. I had to use the hints for one of the puzzles as it was really obscure, but most of them just require a bit of lateral thinking or simple maths. My only criticism is that some of the scenes are very dark, and the required object very small making it difficult to see even if you were on the right track.
Lyn Aquino 2020-05-02

I think it\'s too short compared to the other games in the Forgotten Hill series, and it feels lacking in story or context. Game lags when you go to the main hall. Edit: I loved the new tale. Thank you devs for considering the comments of the players!
Nazanin Jamshidi 2020-07-07

Like other Forgotten Hills game, this one is as awesome and creepy as always! Very nice puzzles. Also it has two parts that you can play separately.