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Four-stroke Otto engine educational VR 3D



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Description of Four-stroke Otto engine educational VR 3D

Four-stroke Otto engine

This animation demonstrates the type of engine most commonly used in cars.

Explore technology with our interactive 3D animations! Be actively involved in learning about technology by following the latest results of 3D animation.

Our 3D scenes have been designed for students between 8 and 18 years of age but can be interesting for everyone.

Available languages: English, American English, Deutsch, Français, Español, Русский, العربية, 日本語, 中文, 한국어, Italiano, Português, Svenska, Türkçe, Nederlands, Norsk, Polski, Magyar

With the mozaik3D App, available in the Google Play store, you can access more than 1200 similar 3D scenes.

Mozaik Interactive 3D

Our fully interactive scenes can be rotated, enlarged or viewed from pre-set angles. With the predefined views, you can easily navigate through the complex scenes. Some of the 3D scenes contain a Walk mode, enabling you to explore the scene yourself. Most of our 3D scenes include narrations and built-in animations. They also contain captions, entertaining animated quizzes and other visual elements. The 3D scenes are available in several languages, which also offers an opportunity to learn and practice foreign languages.

Usage and navigation

Rotate the scene by dragging your finger.

Zoom the scene in or out by pinching with your fingers.

Pan the view by dragging with three fingers.

Tap the buttons at the bottom to switch between predefined views.

You can change the language and set other functions in the context menu.

The context menu can be accessed by touching the bottom corners.

Activate VR mode by pressing the VR goggles icon in the bottom right corner.

In VR mode, tilt your head to right or left display the navigation panel.

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More Information Of Four-stroke Otto engine educational VR 3D

lable: Education - Apps Current Version:1.94 Publish Date:2021-08-14 Developer:Mozaik Education

User Reviews


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Joey len 2019-11-29

Nicely created and get to notified very clear regarding the every engine or body parts of a car..and most interesting part is we can easily fix all the problem issues..if there will be more options description in details then we can easily fix the minor problem issues instead going to garages then it suppose to be very nice..so all I can say is this 3d option is awesome..so thumps up ..and looking further with more description..thank u guys...
Tommy A 2017-09-22

Oh my word. This has to be just about the most useless app I\'ve ever seen. How it possibly has a current rating of 4.7 totally escapes me. If you already know how an internal combustion engine works, you\'re not going to learn anything from this. And if you are looking for a nice 3D animation of a running engine you are going to be seriously disappointed. Don\'t bother.
Victor Munene 2020-10-23

The 3D is awesome!!! This way of learning is the best because it\'s Fun. I would definitely recommend it to students or anyone who has an interest. Best 3D app!!!!!!
ERNEST GYAN 2020-05-04

Thanks for this great work.... it has really helped my understanding of how an engine function I recommend it for all learners and car owners to have a first hand information of their machine for a better care maintenance...... good work
Sarfraz Sheikh 2018-08-08

It is a best I have seen ever easy to understand and exactly like real car and engine plzzz make more apps for 6 cylinder and all car parts like radiator gear box and etc
Oliver Condron 2019-07-18

Excellent educational app. Clear simple illustrations in slow motion. Simple to use and navigate. Just used for 10 minutes, so hopefully it will continue to please 🙂
ILHAM KURNIA 2018-10-12

Butuh lebih detail
Abdullah Aliyu 2019-10-04

Good in terms of engineering and educational use. It opens mind to knowing vehicle operations and dynamics. I recommend this, after all, they might try for sport RR V-tech cars and other parts such as turbo and super chargers, spoiler, windbreaker and rear diffuser operations in vehicle technology.
Jacob UMS 2020-06-18

Most of the people in the one starys review are usally right about this app.If you allready know how an engine operates then you really wont learn anything.There are no sensors other than the ones that IT NEEDS TO FUNCTION.It gives you extremlly simple and obvious awnsers.Without going in depth about the object or really haveing cutaways.It mainlly focuses on the engine witch is the whole point of this app but agian it needs to go further in depth with the topic.
BILAL AMIR 2020-09-15

Itz just aweSome....!! TnQ MozaBook authorities. However, I recommended to add total concept of Engine, Like How many types of engine, How many tools, etc etc. need in automobile engineering....!! At last, The app izz really provide a vast experience about automobile... TnQ💙