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Free Adblocker - Bloket Browser (Fast internet)



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Description of Free Adblocker - Bloket Browser (Fast internet)

Why are you still paying for ad blocking apps?

Compare directly with Adguaxx, Puffxx, etc.

Bloket browser is free, but it offers the most complete ad blocking performance.

Believe it and receive it!

👍 Bloket is a fast, easy, and reliable ad blocking internet web browser.

🎉 You can use all of the features for FREE!

🚀 # Bloket only blocks ads in pages you visit by using Bloket browser; does not block ads from other apps such as YouTube apps.

🚀 Say goodbye to annoying ads

- Intrusive ads interrupting your videos?

- Pop-up ads getting in your way when reading news articles?

- Forced redirect ads that take you to somewhere you don't want to go? Now they're all gone.

🚀 Why Bloket?

- No more stress on bad ads...helps you maintain your inner peace.

- Webpage loads up to 4X faster...helpful for your mental well-being.

- Data usage is saved up to 75%...that means, more YouTube hours!

- More battery life, naturally.

- Freedom to access all internet websites without limit.

🚀 Useful features

- YouTube player: Use the YouTube video player to move 10 seconds, change the sound/brightness/play speed, etc. conveniently.

- Secret mode: Open 'Secret mode' in Tabs to start.

- Dark mode: Your eyes will thank you.

- Lifetime updates: Our ad blocking experts invigorously update filters to get all those bad ads down.

- One hand UI: Our goal is to make our UIs accessible with only one thumb.

- Import bookmarks: Getting bookmarks from your PC browser is as easy as 1-2-3.

The name has been changed from blokee to bloket.

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lable: Communication - Apps Current Version:2.7.0 Publish Date:2021-09-01 Developer:Blokee

User Reviews


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Max Peña 2020-08-04

Ads had become so prevalent and intrusive I no longer liked surfing the internet or reading the news anymore. My phone screen would be bombarded with ads of ask sorts: huge banner ads at the bottom, ads sliding in from the sides, pop-up ads - you name it. And the worst thing was that my content kept getting reformatted to accommodate the ads making it really frustrating to pick up where I was interrupted. So far this app is a HUGE improvement. Yey!
IVAN KRAWEC 2020-09-29

If you sick of having to press the \"skip ad in 6 seconds\" button every time an ad appears in Utube then this is the blocker for you. Works great. I watch you Utube videos all the way through without having a single ad appear. And it works well for that. Just don\'t try to write a comment on a Utube video while using it. It crashes half of the time. And even when it doesn\'t crash if you are commenting on a Utube video you can\'t edit your comments. Nit to good for blocking ads on Google.
R L 2020-11-14

I\'ve used a lot of these browsers. This is the best for blocking all the BEE ESS! There are NONE that are perfect but this is really good. For example, a website that I comment on often, all the other blockers won\'t let me on. I discovered with this one that if I set it to FULL blocking, it\'ll let me log on to comment without the overlay coming up.
Baiba Birzniece 2020-10-16

I use it for youtube, it\'s quick, smooth and compleetely free (which kinda surprised me, there are no \"full versions\" or the like), def recommend for those tired of 2 yt ads before most videos
Eric Sin 2020-08-11

I was looking for a browser with ad blocking that can properly show sites with the custom font size that I want. I tried so many. This is the only one that works! And it is blazingly fast. Hands down the best Android browser!
shadowEX _YT 2021-02-18

Got this for blocking ads when watching YouTube... And 5 stars as far as that goes. Although I REALLY wish it supported Cast. I like the most used-icons in the browser. Definitely user friendly. This app needs more recognition... Try it, and tell your friends!
Ghosts Xbox1 2020-08-27

Everything is perfect i love this app and i just got it ky only problem is that it doesn\'t show a cast button to let me cast YouTube and other videos to my Chromecast if they put that in i would have zero issue and tell other people to use it every chance i got if anyone knows how to get a cast button on this app please message me i would greatly appreciate it
Yuva Kumar 2021-01-29

Dark mode is bad and unbale to block pop-ups, good at blocking ads but fails to block pop-ups! Add extention support if possible and everything is awesome!
Jack Johnson 2020-10-09

I pretty much only watch youtube on here but I haven\'t got one pop up ad while watching a video. some ads do leak through on the homepage but it isn\'t that big of a deal.
Kapil Jorwal 2020-08-07

The UI is simple and elegant the browser is fast + it offers a free vpn which is pretty fast the only issue I faced was with the pop up blocker and the ad blocker the pop up blocker need improvement whenever I paused a video a pop up appears on new window which very annoying the adblocker needs some strong filters it didn\'t block any types of ads and there a issue with management whenever I switch b/w normal and secret mode all the webpages gets reloaded which is very frustrating.