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Description of Free Conference Call

The FreeConferenceCall.com app makes it simple to host HD audio conference calls with video conferencing and screen sharing.

This award-winning audio + video conferencing tool lets you host an unlimited number of meetings with up to 1,000 participants per meeting. You also get screen sharing, international dial-in numbers for 75+ countries, and meeting recording, all for free. All we ask is that if you like the tool you pay us what you think is fair. These contributions help us provide totally free, world-class audio and video conferencing solutions to charities, volunteers, and students all around the world.

Features include:

· Free application download

· Free account activation

· Free HD audio conference calls w/up to 1,000 participants

· Free HD video conferencing and screen sharing w/up to 1,000 participants

· Free International conferencing with dedicated dial-in numbers in 75 countries...and growing!

· Conference features: web controls, including mute and record, lock, view participants, Q&A and more

· One-touch conference commands to manage calls

· Dial-in by VoIP

· Unlimited account and conference access

· Reservationless calling with availability 24/7

· Save and store existing accounts

· Send meeting invitations

If you have any questions, please contact the FreeConferenceCall.com Customer Care team at (844) 844-1322 or email services@freeconferencecall.com. To learn more about the company, visit www.freeconferencecall.com.

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User Reviews


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Daniel Wise 2020-03-31

Generally good but challenges getting audio connected. It take several steps for a participant to get their audio connected, and even then many people seem to have problems either hearing or speaking or getting their video going. It seems to be key to click on the used computer audio option, but it\'s not obvious that that is so. I think this program evolved from the phone conferencing, and it hasn\'t quite caught up to being a video conferencing app. Would be really nice to have a gallery view.
Ouida Lodge 2020-08-20

This service has held up excellently throughout the seven years I have been using it in different groups on several lines. The pandemic has brought success rather than challenges! The sound is clear. Calls are no longer stopped, it seems. The features offered are great. The only thing I would like to be improved is choral production. Voices do lag behind. Nonetheless, I\'ve been blessed, so, it\'s a five from me.
Julie Smith 2020-06-26

I don\'t like that you can only see four pictures and yourself at one time. It would be nice to have a whole gallery view of everyone. Sometimes the main person speaking is not the main picture I see. I don\'t like that either I wish there was a way you could pin someone to the screen. Most of the time it works really well in the video is not glitchy.
Amit Naik 2020-10-04

I use your app for delivering lectures. In this context I would like to make a suggestion. Please add a control feature for the presenter/host to disable chat by participants among themselves (chat with host only / locking feature). This will of enormous benefit during lectures to ensure the pupils do not discuss things among themselves.
Hadia Dar 2020-09-27

best app ever I have used for virtual conference... especially the breakout rooms... help me a lot... Always prefer it on others due to its free and unlimited conferences. Wall can be customized as your own webpage. just waiting for one more feature... please provide Canadian dial in number too. Always suggesting attendees to join via wifi or internet otherwise your phone service will charge you USA call.
jedi immanuel 2020-10-23

A THOUSAND STARS from me! Awesome... And to think it\'s free and without ads! This is the app to install for free audio and video calls. It has lots of useful features like chat, record, save calendar events (reminder), and much more. And you could *hook up with a thousand people*. Yes you heard that right... 1,000 for free (expandable to 5,000)! Go no further dear, this is the app you\'ve been looking for!
Beatrice collins-adisa 2020-08-17

This is one of the best things that has happened to communication this end time. Being Using it for prayers and its excellent. But once we are more than a thousand on the line it drops people randomly. Notwithstanding, I cannot rate less. I have zoom but the difference is clear. 👍I have Introduced it to many churches and organisations.
Marlene Hertz 2020-03-30

It\'s a nice app but when there are more than 4 or 5 people in the meeting, you are unable to see video images of everyone in attendance. If I scroll to the right I can see a list of attendees but not their images unless they are speaking. I have also used Zoom and on that app I\'m able to see images of everyone in attendance.
Sophia Mancero 2020-07-30

This last update says that it was for bug fixes, but I\'ve had more issues after this update than prior to the update. When I leave the app while on a call it no longer shows up as an active app running in the background and then it seems to time out and I have to go search for the app again and call back into the meeting. And usually it\'s the Wifi/Data that has the most issues. Please fix this. Thanks
Ghana Updates 2020-10-29

Woow , unbelievable ,this is one of the best free phone number app I ever use without any problem. Free phone number without purchase. I wish i could give you billions of stars. Thank you very much for such a great app.