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Description of Free Music-Listen to mp3 songs

Free music is a music player, built for freely streaming and enjoying millions of music videos and songs.

Free Music Discover section shows you the new trending music with different categories daily. Discover, stream and organize your favorite music right now!


🎵Unlimited streaming and music - Play Hip-Hop, Electronic, Latin, Reggae, Pop, Afropop and any other styles as you want. 

🎵Listen to Free Online Music, automatically personalized according to your preference. 

🎵Create infinite playlists and organize your music

🎵Enjoy the gorgeous and modern design

🎵Be the first one to get new trending music with different categories


🎵Enjoy millions of free up-to-date songs from Music. 

🎵Floating video player, you can place anywhere on the screen and help you uninterruptly listen to the music while using other applications or doing everything else

🎵Use it with headphones and speakers! 

🎵Music will be displayed and able to be controlled on the screen.

🎵Change the playback mode, single loop/random play/loop play and so on can be changed at will.


Free Music is a legal and compliant 3rd-party API client that lets you play music & videos.

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More Information Of Free Music-Listen to mp3 songs

lable: Music & Audio - Apps Current Version:2.3.8 Publish Date:2022-06-23 Developer:yeemusic player inc.

User Reviews


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Marceline 2020-11-23

Honestly this is one of the best, you can download music offline, the selection is as if you\'re searching on youtube ANYTHING comes up and it downloads in seconds (minutes if it\'s hours long). Ads don\'t play when you listen to music, just when you open the app and you can skip immediately. However it likes to freeze and is overall a bit buggy so it can be annoying to use. But other than that it\'s absolutely amazing, it\'s everything I\'ve been looking for. I recommend it!
Flossy Loved 2020-10-29

Okay, I rarely ever do reviews, but I had to for this app!! It\'s amazing - so easy to use, it\'s really simple and clear, it also draws over other apps. Because of this I\'m finding myself using it rather than Spotify!! So far, I haven\'t dealt with any ads, whether that\'s on the app or between songs - I\'ve gotten none. Also, the options to repeat songs, or shuffle a playlist really made this app everything for me!!
LeMeowjesty 2021-02-15

Great music app, however (I don\'t know the name of the button) when you put your music into fullscreen, the button on the right hand side of the fast-forward button, it\'s supposed to whenever you open your phone, you will see your music. However when I tried it, my phone lock screen stays the same, and when I open my phone it sends me to the music screen and immediately turns my phone off. It was a big problem since I was locked out of my phone and couldn\'t turn it on. Not reducing stars though
Natalie Williams 2020-09-24

This app is amazing! Nothing has gone wrong for me, I can listen to all the Fnaf Songs I want! I really recommend this to people who want FREE music! You can listen to ANY song like, EVER. Its just perfect for me! I did read the other reviews, Nothing they\'ve wrote has happened to me though. I just hope more people install this and experience the pure joy of it! So yeah, 5 stars for me!
Zagatho Dorime 2020-11-10

I honestly love this app. Its way better than Spotify because you can skip whenever you want and there\'s no limit, you can play music offline, and you don\'t have to pay for anything. You never get ads while playing music either. The second I started using this app I knew I would never use another one. I\'ve had this app for more than 2 years and it\'s never dissatisfied me. This app needs more love and recognition.
Michael Borden 2020-12-20

Downloading this music app and giving it a chance was a great choice for me. It genuinely made me stoked when I was able to find all the Final Fantasy soundtracks from the entire franchise. I absolutely have no issues when browsing, downloading, and/or listening to music at anytime. The one and only annoyance is not being able to rename the title(s) of songs that are incorrectly named or spelled wrong. Thank you developers for creating a easy to use music app for everyone to enjoy 😃😁.
Lady Justine Padilla 2020-12-01

This app is very helpful for me as a Student and a YouTuber. I can easily download music 🎶 😌. What I like about this App that it is so convenient to use. No hassle at all and you can listen to your download music at offline mode. 😁😁. AND ALSO!! I love all the people who made this. If i could just gave you all guys 10000000 stars 🌟 I would really love to do that. Well.. I hope this review helps you all.
Daisy Vilday 2020-10-23

This app is amazing I can rock out to any song of my choice and you can make playlists. You can make a song replay, play once, or even shuffle (it plays all the songs in your play list randomly). You can even watch or listen to YouTube videos on the app. My favourite feature about the app is you have a play list for favourites so if you add a song to favourites then delete it on another play list by accident its never lost. If you want to see what I mean download it NOW. It\'s the best music app!
Nisi Grace 2021-01-17

I love this app!! I have long looked for an app where I can listen to music offline for free, and finding this app was a miracle because it does just that! You save songs to your library, then download what you want to be able to listen to offline. When you download a song, it saves it on your phone as an mp3 file, but it barely takes up any space! Seamless listening experience! And I didn\'t even have to create an account, I just installed and started listening! So thrilled that I found this!!
Madelyn Van Renswoude-Davies 2020-12-31

Great app! Love every Second, I have all of the songs I want and can get more at any time! Completely free. Some song qualities are a bit meh. But it\'s great none the less. Althought for all the people like me, when it asks you to update the app you have to redo all of the playlists that you made, (I think it\'s \'local\'). All you lazy folk be warned!!!