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Description of Free42

Free42 is a re-implementation of the HP-42S calculator and the HP-82240 printer.

It is a complete rewrite, not using any HP code, and it does not require an HP-42S ROM image.

Free42 is an Open Source project. The executables and source code are released under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2.

All third-party code used in Free42 is either in the public domain, or licensed under terms compatible with GPLv2, or used with the authors' permission.

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More Information Of Free42

lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:3.0.11 Publish Date:2022-06-12 Developer:Thomas Okken

User Reviews


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Colin Hill 2018-11-02

Had it before but won\'t load it because of all the permissions required.
A Google user 2019-03-30

This is staggeringly amazing. I cannot say enough how amazing it is that this doesn\'t have ads. That would completely destroy the aesthetic and the developer seems to get that. Hopefully there is a way we can donate to support development!
Andrew P. 2019-09-23

This morning I needed to access my Contacts and the phone suggested either \"Free42\" or \"Contacts\". Why on Earth would a calculator need access to my contacts? Sorry, Thomas Okken, this is unacceptable. As of now, Free42 is GONE from my phone. If you correct this programming blunder I MIGHT consider installing it again sometime in the future.
A Google user 2019-02-13

Love the app. Once you change the skin, it\'s AMAZING! Nova Dark is absolutely perfect!
Johnfortich Vista 2017-07-26

A father\'s gift. I had a calculator like this. My father gave it to me when he worked for 25yrs in Middle East. I was a fool to have lost it when a thief stole my bag back in college. Never gotten over it. Still looking for the very same type of calculator even now, if i could afford it. The app is brilliant. Warms my heart just using it. You don\'t know how much this made me happy somehow. Thank you.
Jason Gabler 2019-11-08

That this app exists makes me very, very glad. I am so thankful to Thomas for developing and especially for sharing this with the world, for free! Before phone apps, I used this on my Linux and MacOS desktops for years. Now that I have it on my phone, I recently sold my collectable HP42S for about $400 (!) and used some of the proceeds to make a donation to Thomas through his website. Worth every penny. A perfect emulation of the original device.
Stephen Pappas 2016-05-20

Best Calculator App! Free42 is by far my favorite calculator app. The HP42S has an ideal balance between ease of use and advanced capability, and this emulator is brilliant. Also, kudos to the author for continual improvements and responsive maintenance.
craig harmer 2019-08-19

Incredible RPN calculator! If you like HP calculators, this is flat out amazing! It has the same layout as the original HP-42s. It even runs the same programs -- but much faster than the original! There\'s a \"haptic feedback\" option which feels something like the actual HP key clicks. There are other layouts if you like a horizontal layout. The settings screen is accessible if you touch the calculator display.
Dave L 2018-08-04

I love the touch, and feel of this calculator! It is as intuitive as any HP I\'ve owned (35, 45, 41, 48, 11, 15, and the big clunker with card reader and printer [92?] ) What puzzles me is why the app needs to know my LAT LONG and elevation, memory card contents, camera contents, contact list, and inseam? For those reasons, DELETE DELETE DELETE!
John Cuzzourt 2019-09-22

Absolutely wonderful work. I prefer one of my real HP calculators, but sometimes all I have with me is my phone. I\'ve used several RPN calculator apps, and this is one of my two favorites. For a phone app, giant graphing calculators are unwieldy. On a phone screen, the keypad of the 42S is very manageable. A joy to use.