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FreeCell Solitaire: Card Games

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Description of FreeCell Solitaire: Card Games

Play the BEST FreeCell Solitaire game on your Android device, made by MobilityWare -- the #1 Solitaire and card game developer!

FreeCell has a fresh new look on Google Play, featuring brand new goals for you to reach! We’ve also updated scoring, including a new Personal Best feature! Complete daily goals for XP! Level up and collect over 300 exclusive titles!

FreeCell Solitaire adds a new element of strategy & puzzles to the classic solitaire card game formula. Plan and strategize each move as you use the four free cell spots as placeholders to solve the puzzle of moving cards! Stack all 52 cards from a standard deck to win! Just like Klondike style games, you must move your cards by suit and ascending order. Precision and strategy are key in completing the FreeCell puzzle!


Play the fun and relaxing classic FreeCell Solitaire you know and love

- Progress through challenging solitaire card puzzles with daily goals and challenges!

- The game will highlight what cards can be moved in the stack of 52!

- Choose between dragging and dropping cards or tapping on matches to make your moves!

- The step by step tutorials will help you level up your FreeCell game!

- Use the auto complete to finish puzzles and games you’ve conquered!

- Need help? Use the unlimited hints and undo to find a path through the challenging card puzzle!

The classic game you love, modernized for 2019!

- Over 300 titles to earn and collect!

- Track your high scores across several games

- Push for a new personal best with each card puzzle you solve

- improve your play with deep statistics from each game

Play FreeCell how you want to

- Over one million different games and card puzzles to solve!

- Choose either portrait or landscape to play

- Never lose a game with save states, even when the app closes!

- Games stay fresh with random deals every time you play!

Train your brain with classic daily puzzles and challenges

– For beginners and pros alike, FreeCell Solitaire offers addicting brain teasing puzzles to solve and conquer!

- Instructions are included in the app. Use them to build the basis of your FreeCell Solitaire strategy!

- Brain training with fun FreeCell Solitaire! Track your stats in the app and share them with others on Facebook!

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lable: Card - Games Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:MobilityWare

User Reviews


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Mark Tilly 2020-11-07

5 stars for the last few years BUT: today I can\'t get past the mobilityware start up screen!!! No matter what I try, game will not load. Looks like I\'m going to have to uninstall and lose all progress to date. Not sure I will reinstall as very annoying. UPDATE: Did reinstall as I enjoy the game but...\'last updated 5/11/2020\', now I can\'t get into game, again, so will have to uninstall, again!!! Great game but not bothering to install again because completely fed up with constant issues.
Susan Sharp 2021-02-02

I enjoy this game when I find the time. I hadn\'t known the FreeCell solitaire card game until I downloaded here and started to play. Having tried to find the card that would be most helpful was hard at the beginning but there are options available to help if needed. Hint button and other options available. I have used the start again option also useful as I have improved and am quicker. There are several choices to make, At the moment I particularly like the calendar game.
Barbara Holtgreven 2021-02-27

I have been playing free cell solitaire for a few years now. When my husband passed away, my son got a cell phone for me and I found a few challenging games on it that keeps my brain active along with challenging variety puzzle books and other activities. I love free cell, spider solitaire and pyramid solitaire, but they have to be by MobilityWare as they are the best for clarity, easier to read and more enjoyable to play. I have tried other company\'s games but I always come back to you.
Malcolm Abram 2021-02-09

I play this game almost everyday. For me it is the most challenging of solitaires, even more so, as there is a low element of chance. The layout in this App is very well presented. Yes there are ads, but an income is merited. However the ads are metered and sensitive to the player, and not time consuming unlike other apps which drives one to uninstall through frustration.
Richard Keller 2021-01-04

I like Freecell because I can see all the card faces. This type of solitaire leaves nothing to chance and is entirely a healthy exercise of the mind in order to win. There is one thing that really bothers me however, that is that the \"undo\" is too easy to hit accidentally which sometimes causes the game to be recorded as a loss. I have played many thousands of \"random\" games and in fact have never lost a game but my statistics indicate losses because of this problem.
Samuel Neris Macey 2021-01-12

Controls and game play are excellent. So far, ads between games have been consistent. 5 seconds and you can skip. There is one of these ads between every game though. I would like to see achievements/ level up rewards. Right now you get a new title every few levels. You get a crown every daily challenge, and crowns build up into trophies. Not much else, sadly. Very close to 5 stars. Clean and simple version of the game.
Sunny Caldieri 2020-11-19

I love playing FreeCell. It is my favorite stress reliever, especially when the cards all swoop together in the end. It\'s an abstract strategy game whereby you need to be aware of where the cards are placed, how many FreeCells are available, and how you can move the cards whilst strategically using the FreeCell spaces, to win.
Cora Hymes 2021-03-07

I love playing freecell. Its very challenging, I especially like the Daily game, I don\'t miss a day, and I won\'t give up on solving it, I have some challenges I admit, but that is what I like, makes me think. You need to fix this. Can\'t get it to open. I love this particular free cell because it has a daily game.Enjoy playing this particular free cell, it\'s very challenging and love the Daily game mode on there, love the idea of beating it.
Lucy Farrell 2021-01-09

I have always enjoyed playing FreeCell and this version has enough challenge for me. My only issue is with the placement of the close x on some ads. My tablet case has holders in the corners. Some ads have the X too close to the corners and I have to at least partially remove the tablet to reach the x. This is a nuisance. It is too expensive to remove the ads as I play several Mobilityware games.
Dave S. 2020-12-26

i realize that your app is ad supported and i have been playing for quite some time, anyway now when I close out ads it still takes me to the play store to install them and have to close that as well to continue playing. Also I changed phones and was unable to keep my progress from my old device, I tried the steps from the help section but the steps were not an option so I ended up starting over.