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Frequency Generator - Audio Tools & Ultrasound APK

Frequency Generator - Audio Tools & Ultrasound

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Description of Frequency Generator - Audio Tools & Ultrasound

Frequency Generator packs ten high-quality and user-friendly signal generation tools:

• Single frequency

• Multi frequencies

• Musical notes

• Binaural beats

• Frequency sweep generator

• Noise generator

• Bass/Subwoofers test

• Speaker cleaner

• DTMF tones

• Sound effects generator

Common use-cases

• Make your own audio experiments.

• Test your hearing: On average, humans hear frequencies between 20 Hz and 20000 Hz, but the hearing can deteriorate with age, especially for frequencies close to ultrasound.

• Find and attempt to mask your tinnitus frequency.

• Tune your musical instruments.

• Relax with binaural beats or white noise.

• Remove water from your phone speaker by generating sound waves in a specific frequency range.

• Play and export randomly generated sound effects. Export requires Android 6.0+.

• Discover how your audio setup handles frequency sweeps ranging from very low frequencies to near ultrasounds.

• ...or you can have fun by generating police sirens, cartoonish fall sound effects, etc.


• This app generates frequencies from 1 Hz (infrasound) to 22000 Hz (ultrasound), and supports decimal values (e.g. 7.83 Hz).

• Available waveforms for the generated signal are: sine, square, triangle and sawtooth.

• Visit the settings to customize the sound generator behaviour: define a timer, enable octave buttons, and more.

• Save your favorite signals as presets via the top-right menu.

• Several studies have found that ultrasounds are not an effective solution to repel mosquitoes. If you still want to use this app as a mosquito repellent, you should know that anti mosquito apps merely generate ultrasounds or near ultraounds (between 15000 Hz and 22000 Hz).

• Keep in mind that the generated tones can be very annoying and irritating for your surroundings. Always use this application responsibly. Also, keep the audio volume reasonably low to avoid damaging your hearing or your audio devices. If you rise the volume to better hear very low frequencies, don't forget to lower the volume afterwards before playing higher frequencies: the perceived volume of a tone depends on its frequency.

• When generating ultrasonic tones (20000 Hz +) speakers may produce additional parasitic sounds.

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:Hoel Boedec

User Reviews


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অশেষ ঘোষাল 2019-07-31

This app is not good but worst. It actually destroys the driver of speaker coil. I\'ll not recommend this app to other people and there should be warning before open the app. The mid range frequency will be destroyed of speaker.
Sam Constible 2020-05-23

This is not only fun, but a very useful and accessible app. If you like to experiment in scientific ways with electronics and audio, you need a frequency generator and this will give you a very good one at that. A very wide range of frequency is possible, limited only by the audio circuits and speaker in your device. Sine, square, triangle, and sawtooth waveforms are all possible, and can be tuned precisely to any musical note - making this app useful for musique concrete production techniques.
Jeremy Ireland 2020-10-07

It\'s cool, I downloaded it as a bug deterrent, but the science on that is sketchy, but it\'s a really cool tool, binaurals, game sound effects and the phone generation and note tool I\'ve used for choirs and tuning instruments, and testing headphones and speakers is brilliant fun. It\'s generally just great fun to mess about with and nice robust reliable buttons sliders and menus, makes me feel super sciency!
Travis Golden 2019-12-07

Great app! Smooth and accurate tone generation, and more capability in one app than basically every other tone generator. I was looking for a quick way to create tones to help myself focus, I downloaded this one because it had several other tools that are useful to me as a musician and audio engineer. I wasn\'t disappointed! Even with ads
Joshua Jordan 2020-11-21

Excellent sound quality and a great selection of functioms that are intuitive and well organized. Ive had no technical issues, everything seems to work fine. Nothing intrusive and the settings menu offers customized color scheme and some other stuff i forgot to write down. Definitely will be installing on three other devices. Big thanX to the developer. I wish all my apps worked as smoothe as this one.
Ryan Durkin 2020-07-21

I dont have a lot of experience with frequency generators. But i did like this app the best out of the three i tested. It has more options and can have three concurrent oscillators running frequencies. Option to save presets and binaurial + frequency sweep as an added topper. I am pleased. I give it the #1 top spot for frequency generators for free. Now go run and by the actual hardware units that can generate an analog signal while i live in Hoover Town.
Djordje Labat 2018-08-31

It allows you to enter the shape of the phase as well as the frequency you will listen to, but what is most important to me is that it has a pre-setting for each tone
Matthew Frantz 2021-03-13

EXACTLY what I\'ve been looking for--purchased! Really a \"frequencies\" generator because you can play up to three simultaneously. It also has sweeps, different waveforms to choose from, and even white, brown, and pink noise. Selecting frequencies and sweep time is easy because there\'s a slider, increment buttons, and direct input. The GUI overall is intuitive and smooth. But the best thing for me is the scrolling list of playable musical notes with their frequencies! Thank you!
Phil Wells 2020-07-11

From what i can tell, this creates clean test signals plus DTMFs ((HAMS! Use this with old V/U ham radio gear having no PL tone generator but take into account whether your mic will pass such low frequencies), white & pink noise, musical pitches, and sweep tones for response tests. I think it is worth the $3 to support the creator and lose the ads. If i discover any probs, like unclean waveforms, I will report back. If your phone has no headphone jack, try BT or speaker.
Greg Duthie 2020-10-12

Got this for messing around; but the fact that it allows you to play notes and also displays the frequency is pretty awesome. I went ahead and bought the app remove ads for 3 bux. The price is totally worth it considering all the audio tools they provide and all of the options you can play around with.