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Description of From Zero to Hero: Cityman

Life Simulation.

Begin your career as an unemployed guy without home or money.

Find the first ways to earn money, get a job, study, work your way up the corporate ladder, trade in the stock market and win money at the casino, buys cars, houses and planes, do whatever it takes, but become a president before your character dies of old age.

Life Simulation:

− Begin your life as a poor guy without any money, job or home;

− Find money for food;

− Buy yourself clothes and your first room in dormitory;

− Get enrolled at university and progress to earn more;

− Trade in the stock market;

− Climb up the corporate ladder;

− Find yourself a girlfriend and make a virtual family;

− Don’t forget to go to the hospital, treat your character and take him to resorts;

− Go bowling, play pool, attend the concerts to increase happiness;

− Start your own business and earn your first million;

− Become a president if you manage to go through all the challenges and not die of old age.

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More Information Of From Zero to Hero: Cityman

lable: Simulation - Games Current Version:1.8.0 Publish Date:2022-05-22 Developer:Heatherglade Publishing

User Reviews


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thermite inside 2020-11-12

The reviews are fake, they offer 2000 coins for 5 star reviews, theirs no nudity and it avertises things you cant actually do in the game, it isn\'t fun, the cost of things makes no logical real life sense and its simple to lose everything you gained which takes forever to gain. It constantly steals your money then forces you to watch ads to get the coins it stole back, you of course need the coins for everything. Waste of unfun time
Kyler Letendre 2020-10-19

Super boring game way too easy and on top of that there\'s a super easy way to cheat the game. Go to stocks and put in a buy or sell (doesn\'t matter) press \'max\' and then paste in a number that is atleast 8 digits (in total the amount of digits you will have will be atleast 10 depending at which point you are in the game) then \'close transaction\' whether you gained or lost money in the trade you will still have gained money because you made the game think you had xxxxxxxxxx amount of money.
JL ART & DESIGN SHOP 2020-10-21

Faaaab! For me, it was an amazing challenge. I managed to get to President in the end and finished the game with 2.7mil in the bank, with only 2 tries, I tried 1 before and deleted avatar. Some think it was too easy some too hard. I think credit to the developers. It had to have a few surprises otherwise it would have been less challenging. Would I play it again? Well once you\'ve conquered it\'s hard to play it again. But perhaps only to find a quicker way to play next time. Thanks guys.
Filipe R 2020-12-26

Great idea and generally great game but there are some huge flaws. The game forces you to buy unecessary things in order to progress in your career which will inherently make your net income negative, this goes on and on and you feel like you\'re forced to spend real money to play the game. Here\'s the thing developers I will spend money on your game if I\'m not being forced to do it, of I enjoy the game I will do it, but if I know I\'m being coerced into doing it all you are getting is a unninstall
Delta Grey 2020-10-26

Would be be better...if. The character whines about education and you lose happiness rapidly. The game forces you to live WELL beyond your budget in order to advance. You have to do side jobs and watch an idiotic amount of ads to move forward without spending real money. It\'s just a cash grab that is poorly structured. You shouldn\'t need a wife, 2 kids, a stupidly expensive home, a fancy vehicle, expensive food, and luxury clothes to be in marketing.
Kathryn Collins 2021-02-13

It\'s pretty much non-stop ads and it moves super quick you don\'t even really get to enjoy playing. It makes it challenging because you have to watch ads to do everything or if the constantly make choices but the choices you\'re constantly making are the ones they are telling you to make.and then you\'ll get the pop-up choices and one will have a video. And the videos are anywhere from 20 to 30 seconds long.overall it\'s not enjoyable because you don\'t really get to play the game.
Surya Adi Santoso 2020-09-23

Confusing game play 1. It is like nurturing a baby, not a grown up man. Asking for mistress while money is not enough? Ridiculous 2. Every month is always minus. Hoping for better paid check from side job. Or gambling. Or playing stock exchange. 3. When you win a Roulette, the money you bet is also given back to the player. This game does not do that. Strange!!
Jesse Starke 2020-11-19

Very much respect to makers But no way to make money at all unless you gamble. Everything is forced upon you and not in a way that you are actually choosing what you want but they are literally forcing you. I get that\'s part of the challenge but literally the ad for the game is what I thought the game would be like where if you live out of your means you end up broke. Here no matter what you will either end up broke or trying to play this forever.
megan byfield 2020-12-21

Worst game I\'ve ever played, there\'s no real advancement in the game because you never make enough to cover expenses even with side work and constantly watching videos. Developer did this on purpose so you watch as many videos as possible and purchase in game stuff with real money. Don\'t waste your time or money with this game.
Dale Cowan 2020-12-17

This game has potential to be good but instead, the only way to win the game is to watch ads constantly or purchase in-game money which they can get stuffed. Sick of companies making games where you have to pay for everything. Bring back no ads and no having to purchase stuff to play. Wouldn\'t recommend.