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Description of Frontline Health Portal

The Frontline Health Portal app allows parents to connect to their school childrens’ school-held health records and receive messages direct from their school nursing team.

This app is only available for school’s that are a Frontline customer and have opted into this mobile service. If you are not sure of this, please check with your school.

To self-register within the app you will need to have already been set up as a contact on your child's school health record. You'll need to sign up using the exact email address used, and you'll need to know your child's date of birth and student ID number. Contact your school if you are uncertain of these details.

Please forward any queries or concerns direct to your school only. Frontline is a software developer with no direct access to your children's health records, treatment plans, or the school administration.

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lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:1.5.5 Publish Date:2021-07-30 Developer:Healthmaster

User Reviews


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Jessica Doty 2021-01-28

I can\'t even log in because I get an error message every time I try to type in my school\'s name. The auto-fill function is broken. Tried emailing the developer and the email bounced back.
Yvette Smith 2021-03-01

Error Message - School District Must be Specified. I\'ve been using this app for months without issue. Now everytime I attempt to login, I get an error message. The main problem is, it\'s not allowing me to clear the error message. I figured out the issue. When using the biometrics to sign in, the app is replacing the school district name with my email address. So my email address shows on both the school district field and the email/username field. Unfortunately, there\'s no way around it.
Alex Spiliotopoulos 2020-10-31

To the developer: you have managed to confuse autocomplete for the School District and the Login ID fields. That\'s why the accounts are not recognized. FIX IT! The developer\'s email for feedback bounced back as invalid, lol
Grant Rocheleau 2020-09-01

Kinda cringe bro ngl
Stirling Brooks 2020-09-09

Didn\'t cure my coronavirus, smh my head
Amy Chance 2021-02-28

I tried signing in and there was an error every time I attempted to type the first 3 letters of our school district. The error occurred at the second letter.
Brendon Van Allen 2020-09-16

I get the WHY of this app. But ffs make the app remember me so I don\'t have to log in every single time.
Jessica Kendrick 2020-10-28

Recent update broke the sign-in process, saying I\'m not a recognized user when I\'ve been using this everyday for a month.
Echo 2020-09-18

This is not a gamer moment
Amanda Huben 2021-01-25

Drop downs on the log in screen come up blank, even after uninstalling/reinstalling, making this app impossible to use.