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Description of Frost Bank

Everything we do is aimed at giving our customers a better banking experience every time they interact with us. And our app is no exception.

Open an Account with the App

Banking better is easier than ever—simply download the app.

It only takes a few minutes to open and fund a checking account.

Send Money to Anyone

Send money to anyone with just their mobile number or email. Just select them from your contact list. No need to ask for their account information.

Deposit Checks

Quick and Secure

Log in with an easy-to-use four digit PIN that is unique to your device or simply use your fingerprint on phones running OS 6.0 and above.

Personal Help 24/7

Talk directly to a Frost banker with the touch of a button.

Other Features Include:

- Place a temporary freeze on your debit card

- Send money to anyone, anywhere in the U.S. and make bill payments on the go

- Create memos for each transaction

- Locate 1,700+ Frost ATMs and 150+ financial centers

- View and zoom, save and print cleared check images

- See running balances, plus view and search transactions

- View upcoming payment and transfer activity

- Customer photos of Texas

Member FDIC

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More Information Of Frost Bank

lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:5.24 Publish Date:2022-06-08 Developer:Frost

User Reviews


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Lexington Perez 2017-08-31

Very easy to use, great interface, let\'s you do most of things you can do on the website. Can\'t live without it.
Toni Harkins 2017-09-05

This app was great until the last update. Now it doesn\'t work.
Ekow Acquaah 2017-08-23

Pros: 1. The app is very simple, I like that a lot. It looks like the UX team put in a lot of effort to make the app user-friendly across the wide age range of Frost\'s customer base. Nice job. 2. The key features, Mobile deposit, checking balances, fingerprint unlock, and locking a card all work the way they are supposed to. I\'m always surprised to see how often apps fail at the basic functions they are supposed to perform. The app is missing key features that most other financial apps have. Cons: 1. For instance, the Frost app doesn\'t have push notification capability. It would make much more sense for them to have this function when customers, such as myself, travel in and out of the state for work. I would like to be able to save instant notifications sent to my device instead of my email. 2. The app, likely though the WebOS, Is using a screen scrape method that doesn\'t report accurate balances from Non-Frost banking accounts. I should mention that my bank reports balances slightly different than other banks, but I find that the app doesn\'t do a great job with that feature. It often times out and requests that you login again, self-defeating when my other bank\'s app is faster and more responsive than this app. Frost should take a look at apps like Level Money and Simple to figure out how to build-in budget functions into their app. Financial planning through one\'s bank app is probably the best tool available for people on go.
Ivan 2020-12-15

Almost never shows an accurate account balance which could lead to some serious problems for people. I\'ve noticed charges suddenly disappear from the transaction list from one day to the next and in my opinion this is their attempt at making you accidentally overdraft so they can collect the fee, a service I always decline because it\'s outright thievery and yet was recently activated for my account WITHOUT MY CONSENT. Ignore the corporate copy and paste response. I\'ll be switching banks soon.
vaugn galka 2017-08-10

The update I downloaded won\'t let me open the app. It just sits on a blue screen or doesn\'t even get that far. Have had this app forever and I really like it please fix it
Roberta Baker 2019-07-16

This app is excellent, so easy to use. I love that you can contact them through the app to get help. It\'s so easy to transfer money from one account to another. The only thing is that you have to have wifi to connect to it. I totally understand though, I mean its security, you money, you want it to be safe right? I love this app and I love the people at Frost Bank, awesome people, so understanding and willing to help you!!
Danielle Gomez 2017-08-08

Problem was delivered to the developer. Problem fixed as quickly as could be done. Thank you!!!!
ryan kelly 2017-08-06

The app use to work well until yesterday it won\'t open at all it stuck on the blue screen with frost on it and won\'t load up restarting phone or reinstalling app won\'t fix it.
Netsanet Hopkins 2019-11-14

The icon for the app doesn\'t work. When I tap on it, it just freezes. I have to go into my app store and open it from there. Once it\'s open, the esthetics is very blah...This seems like a downgrade from the previous app. Who designed this? It seems very low budget? Was Beta testing done before it was launched? I just wouldn\'t expect such a poorly designed app from Frost.
Christopher M 2020-11-23

Great banking app. I use it daily. I noticed a few ratings giving 1 star or whatever for having to rescan checks repeatedly or that it doesn\'t work, but it\'s always scanned just fine for me and 98% or so on first try... so it\'s either their phone has issues or they need to use the camera flash or clean their camera lens. Or maybe even go into the lobby of their nearest Frost Bank, because technology just isn\'t their bag.