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Fruit Ninja®(155M)

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Noman Naeem 2020-07-28

Playing this game since 2019 and now it\'s been a year and the game is changed! Well developed and many new features! To those who complains about lagging and all those stuffs, tbh, that is the problem with your machine. PUBG does not interact with the mobile FPS all at once, it takes time to slow the machine, do not match that game with this one, it is totally out of category! Don\'t blame developers for because it is lagging on your device, lol. I\'m not a speaker from developers!
Jane Edoze 2020-07-26

I initially liked the game but after I updated it, it has been hanging like seresere. If i slice a star fruit it hangs. If I complete a mission it hangs. If the pomegranate comes up it hangs. It\'s really frustrating. I also lost my progress in the event section after updating the game and the game takes time to load. Please do something about it.
Jak Xu 2020-06-21

Consistant crashing, when i use the ghost busters promo blade the game gives you and u use it, its constantly buggy, doesnt execute the trap upon making 1st x with blade, if you collect more than 12 fruit in the box and cut it for a big critical the game crashes. Im running the ASUS ROG phone 2 so in no way is my phone not able to run the game.
Rishikesh Kelkar 2019-05-19

Fantabulous!!👍👍This game is very good....The experience to play this game was very nice. My cousions and sisters too loved the game. Very less Number of ads this game contains which is really very good. Playing this game is also very easy. So 6yrs old child can also play this game very easily.... Many Many Thanks to this game and maker who had made this kind of Good , Awsome , Fantabulous Game.... Thank u so much 😊😊
Just_someguy 73 2020-09-17

I dont know if this happens to anybody else but every single time I get in achievement, the entire game locks out my finger recognition. This is most annoying whenever I play classic mode where; I get the achievement, the game doesn\'t recognize my finger, all of the fruit falls off the screen, and forces me to fail. One of the most evil things to do in a mobile game, worst than ads.
ᴘɪɴᴇᴀᴘᴘʟᴇ ᴊᴜɪᴄᴇ 2020-10-01

Its a good game but I\'ve been having a bad time with this game recently. It worked offline for a couple weeks until I loved it so much that I started to play it when I had internet because it was so fun, until now. I tried playing offline on my way home one day, when it closed on me. (Kicked me out) I didn\'t think much of it so I played I played at home with internet, and it worked. The next day my internet wasn\'t working so I went to this game. It kicked me out. Now it only works with internet
Maddie 2020-06-04

Its honestly soooooo fun! There aren\'t to many ads, There are different speeds, It\'s a really fun game, for all ages. You have to swipe on your phone to cut the fruit, and you cant miss any. Everytime you miss one you get a strike, 3 strikes, you lose, and if you hit just one bomb, you lose. I\'m 11 and I love playing it, my brothers only 4 and loves playing it, and my dad is 38 and loves playing it. You should really get this game! 🍇🍈🍉🍊🍋🍌🍍🥭🍎🍏🍐🍑🍒🍓🥝🍅🥥
Asiya Habeeb 2019-11-29

Fruit ninja is the best game ever. There\'s a lot of different types of blades to cut the fruits. You can also press the 2 player botton on the side of the screen down below everything. I LOVE THIS GAME SOO MUCH MORE THAN ALL THE OTHER GAME! !!!!!!!& I HOPE you enjoy this beautiful game so much like i do. And if you are tired of playing in the park, you should come on down to your iPad and play fruit ninja! ! we Try again Try again
Imran Noorani 2019-04-10

Great game with too many forced adds. Additionally, the app utilizes a touch screen blocker so you are forced to watch adds and this is glitchy at best. It really messes with the phone. Game also just loses it\'s charm after about 1 month.
ItsVibinBloxyYT 2020-05-26

This is my most favorite game on Play Store, ninja\'s fruits, & much more its all my favorite its also very good quality unless you have alot of lag spikes of course but its kinda adventurous plus there are different style dojos its fun it also tells you if you want to be a nerd at knowing all fruit facts for example...: Did you know peaches used to be known as persian apples? but yea the game is awesome!