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Fudget: Budget and expense tracking app



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Description of Fudget: Budget and expense tracking app

Join over 1 million people who manage their personal finance & save money hassle-free with Fudget.

Fudget is the budget app you can actually use.

Download now for all your budget and expense tracking needs!


“Fudget takes the stress out of money management” — Engadget

“Fudget is good for tracking short-term budgets for the holidays, vacation or for tracking work expenses...” — Forbes



"Great app to use to keep track of your money. I use it every day."

- Christopher Fuentes


"I love it, its helped me keep my budgets in control. I use it every month and helping me plan every single bill and debt, allowing me to budget for moving and holidays. I should have my credit card paid off in 6 months. Which will allow me to pay other small debts off. Budgeting is addictive!"

- Averil Aplin


"So Simple. So useful. I've sorted my finances out after years of trying to ignore them!"

- Faye Jones


✔ Much simpler than other personal finance apps. You don't need a money management degree to use this budget and expense tracking app!

✔ Create simple lists of income & expenditure items - you can always see your balance at the bottom, along with your total expenses and income. Saving money has never been easier!

✔ Learn the interface in seconds - finally a budget and expense tracking app that's actually easy to use

✔ One-tap adding & editing - a single tap to add/edit an expenditure or income item. Much faster budgeting than other apps - save money on the go

✔ Tap star on an income or expense to repeat it on future budgets - this budget planner makes recurring expenses effortless!

✔ No time constraints - use it monthly, weekly or however you like to save money - Fudget gives you flexible budget and expense tracking

✔ Drag to reorder income and expenditure items. Keep your budgeting organised

✔ Optional date column

✔ Mark an expenditure / income item as "paid" - optionally view the balance of only Paid items

✔ Choice of currency symbols - for budgeting wherever you are

✔ Passcode lock & login. Keep your personal finance information secure

✔ Universal app - install this budget planner on phone or tablet. Planning your personal finance & saving money has never been so simple

PRO FEATURES (require purchase);

✔ Dropbox Save & Restore - easily sync/share your budgets with yourself across your devices or even with a loved one. Save your personal finance data securely to Dropbox and restore later to any device. Money management from wherever you are

✔ Themes - choose from 8 beautiful color schemes for personalised budget and expense tracking

✔ Calculator - quickly calculate values (addition, subtraction, multiplication & division) and insert into your budget planner

✔ Export CSV - export any budget to a .csv file and open in your spreadsheet software

✔ Remove ads - distraction-free money management


After over half a million downloads on iOS, Fudget is now available on Android to empower your money management - saving money without the hassle.

It has been featured by hugely popular websites (Engadget and Forbes) and received countless 5 star customer reviews.

The main thing customers tend to say is that this budget planner is far easier to use & save money with than other apps. It's free, so why not give it a try?

Download Fudget now and make saving money easy!

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:1.8.4 Publish Date:2022-06-23 Developer:Danny Connell

User Reviews


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Viki 2018-05-24

YES...YES...YES... Finally an app that doesn\'t require your blood type just to help you balance your bills. Danny is the designer ( I know this because he actually REPLIES TO EMAILS and corresponds with you like a human) he made this for adults who know how to budget their money and understand how to balance their accounts, we just need an app that can hold all the info, organize it, do the math for us and let us know how much is left...TA\'DA. Thanks Danny for an app for those of us who... know what need, don\'t want to complicate things, or someone holding our hands making us do it their way. BTW I love the new \"show running balance\" feature...YOU ROCK!
Micah Trakalsaeng 2019-06-14

Love how simple the app is! Its very minimal which is perfect since all I needed was an app that I could plan my budget with. Also, if you\'re paid biweekly, every two weeks, or any other irregular pay schedule, this is the perfect app to use. Other apps I\'ve used were geared towards monthly pay and made it difficult for people like me to budget. Great app! Thank you so much for the work you put into this!
Joshua 2018-05-28

Me and My Girlfriend use this app to track our monthly outgoings, and it\'s really useful. The only reason I\'m giving it three stars is because we both think that there should be a feature, within a budget, to show a total of how much you have left to pay after you\'ve marked a few items as paid. This is so I know how much money to leave in my secondary account as the month goes on. So another option named \'outstanding\' would be really useful to us. For example if I had total outgoings at £1000 and had paid £100 For a phone bill I could quickly see that I have £900 yet to pay this month and that number would decrease as I marked items as \'paid.\' Other than that, very useful app. Hopefully you implement this change, I think many users are desperate for it. Cheers Guys!
Mark S 2019-03-10

Thank you for making this app. I was thinking I was going to have to make one myself, but it would never have been this nice. I love the simplicity of the app. I don\'t want all the extra features that the other finance/budget apps have, which make it too complicated and cumbersome. That said, I can see some potential to further simplifying the use of the app: automatic save to dropbox, ability to save to Google Drive, ability to sync up and stay on the same page with a spouse.Awesome app and svc.
A Google user 2018-03-04

I had this app in ios device for long time and when using android i bought this app again. Great app, straight to the point, simple gui, easy ux, that\'s all i need. Unfortunately it doesn\'t provide gdrive or onedrive support which i\'ve already demanded since using it in ios. Please add support for gdrive or onedrive backup n restore.... Thx
Rachael Dolton 2019-01-13

I haven\'t been using it very long but it\'s so simple compared to other budgeting apps. I\'ve been needing something to help me get my money in order and it\'s just enough to do what I need but without getting complicated. Just sprung for the pro version (amazed it\'s a one off payment, I get put off buy the subscription based ones) for the extra features. Ideal, thanks :)
Brenna C 2018-12-28

Finally!! A simple, direct budgeting app. (Update: So after using this app for 5 months, my advice is this... If you are only keeping track of recurring monthly bills, this is the app for you. If you want an app that tracks all of your spending, I don\'t reccommend this one. I\'ve found it nearly impossible to keep up with all the small purchases because you have to input them manually. Not ideal for a tight budget. Find a trusted app that connects to your account for an all-in budget management.)
Michael Jenkins 2019-04-30

continually freezes and has to be restarted. I like the simplicity but when it froze on your face asking how I like it... sorry had to delete it and find something that works continually.
Melissa Mattison 2018-04-11

Almost perfect. I was going to use it for my budget but I like to plan way in advance so whenever I change stuff I\'ll have to go threw 10 different budgets to change my starting amount for the month. Hard to explain without pics. But if I could have two items (regardless of which budget they are on) always equal the same thing then it would be perfect.
Taylor Jump 2019-08-07

Used the app on my iPhone, worked great. Changed to the Samsung S10+ and now the app constantly freezes and has to be restarted. it worked great before, but now is just frustrating. Fix this please otherwise I\'ll have to get myself a different app.