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Description of Full Scientific Calculator

This supercalculator contains within itself the complete functionality of today's high-end calculators. No feature was left behind during development. Featuring an automatically re-sizing, navigable screen with unlimited digit support.

Its unique design allows you to comfortably write complicated equations, while also enabling you to compose short and simple calculations fast. You can have a result bank of up to 1000 calculations of which you can always go back and edit.

Unparalleled in features, its one-screen functionality makes it one of the simplest yet powerful calculators you will ever have the pleasure of operating.

Expanded feature list includes:

• Less than 5MB in size

• Streamlined & fast ad-free experience

• Fully-formatted math that includes everything from fractions to equations

• Quadratic, cubic and quartic polynomial equations with complex numbers

• 2nd, 3rd and 4th degree linear equations

• Normal and hyperbolic trigonometry, complete with inversion

• Normal and inverse cotangent, secant & co-secant functions

• Unlimited number of digits

• Regular, improper and mixed fractions

• Sexagesimal/DMS (degrees, minutes, seconds) calculations & conversions

• Decimal to/from fraction conversion

• Extremely high precision

• Result history up to 1000 answers

• Integration and differentiation calculus equations

• Matrices & vectors, up to 3x3 cells with transposition, inversion, power, scalar, diagonal, and arithmetic, with complex numbers

• Algebraic equations

• Gamma function

• 34 Metric/Imperial conversions

• 44 scientific constants

• Boolean algebra, including NOT, OR, AND, and XOR

• Conversions and calculations between base 2 to 16

• Custom, natural and base-10 logarithms

• Easy 4-directional navigation

• Answer display in decimal, proper & improper fractions.

• Descriptive statistics functions, including: mean, median, range, midrange, variance, gini coefficient, sum of squares, trimean, skewness, kurtosis, mean deviation, standard deviation, relative standard deviation/variance coefficient, standard mean error, root mean square (RMS), interquartile mean, interquartile range. All answers are in "sample" format, not "population".

• Multi-threaded calculations

• Scientific and engineering notation

• Factorial decomposition

• Permutations & Combinations

• Least common modifier and greatest common factor functions

• Modulus/remainder function

• Multiple angle types, including degrees, radians and gradians

• Factorials, both integer and fractional

• Ordinary, cubic and custom roots

• Random integers & decimals

• Plus/minus sign

• Absolution

• Summation function

• Product summation function

• Answer memorization

• Natural constants

• Frac & Int functions

• Percents

Want to know more? You can consult the brief user manual for detailed explanations of every feaure.

Bug reports, suggestions or feature requests will be received at developer@daedsidog.com.

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:1.9.17 Publish Date:2022-06-03 Developer:daedsidog

User Reviews


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A S Dhivya Dharshini 2020-09-11

Very nice to use ! Consists of a lot of features , and very useful to me ! But I hate the background colour. It would be good if you offer more display colours!
Me Myself and I 2020-11-13

EDIT: Regarding your answer below, you DID NOT read properly what I\'ve said. You just told me to read the manual. First of all, the manual is VERY abridged. It\'s not helpful in how to access features at all. Secondly, it doesn\'t even have the features I\'ve mentioned. If it does, maybe YOU can tell me how to access them? How can I get more than 14 significant figures for √2 for instance? Note: Differentiation does NOT work properly on this calculator! Let me know what you get for, d/dx (2x), x=1
Ian Worthley 2020-10-31

The app was very helpful and easy to use but it would be easier if there were a section of famous numbers. Example: Avagadro\'s number, Planck\'s constant, the speed of light, and the number of kg equivalent to the atomic mass unit. It was still great though!😁
Muhammad Shahzad 2019-07-25

contains malware, scanned by malware bytes.
P Pramanik 2020-10-01

The app is very nice and helpful 😊😊... but themes should be added, except that everything is fine.
shuaib ahmad 2018-12-11

I like this app. Very helpful app recommended it specially for maths students because of such great functionalities.
Paulo Rodrigues 2020-03-27

A unique calculator with very clever approach and flawless design. In a 1 to 5 scale, I would give it 7 stars and would change nothing. It is a pleasure to have such a beautiful piece of art in my hands !
Thinkster US 2020-09-14

Great stuff - love the format and pre-built equation formats easy to fill in and get an answer Thanks
Fatema Kajol 2018-10-05

My feed back is this could be best if i could jump from 4 to direct 2,it should also support greek letters.and the biggest problem of it is that √8 ans.is in semical not on disemical.i will 5 star when all of this problems fixd.i also want graphs in future.
Anne Wurz 2020-11-23

The best calculator ever. There are ads but they don\'t bother me because they are at the bottom