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Fun Race 3D

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Description of Fun Race 3D

From folks who brought you Run Race 3D.

Experience full parkour experience with hundreds of unique levels.

Race with others, achieve levels , unlock new characters.

Every level brings a new unique fun experience.
Very easy to play.

Hold to run, release to stop.

Do you have what it takes to reach to end?

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More Information Of Fun Race 3D

lable: Racing - Games Current Version:1.9.0 Publish Date:2021-09-09 Developer:Good Job Games

User Reviews


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It\'s Gigi 2021-01-05

Wow!! This game is full of pure fun, I don\'t even mind the ads! Ok, thats my review here are so of my suggestions: I kinda wanna decorate my own charecter for racing. Maybe you could add designs, and we could choose colors, then fill in what we want to fill in and save it for an outfit. Next I want to be able to create my own map and play it. I think that would be fun. My last suggestion is a friending thing. Kind of where you can friend your friend, then race them by searching their name!!!!!!
Princess Agwulonu 2020-08-17

It\'s a really fun game . Amazing job on this one. I really recommend it. Once you start , you can\'t stop, even when you lose. Though there are ads, they\'re not all that annoying. But I wish the difficulty would increase as levels go higher and I also wish we could play online with friends. Plus, sound effects would make the game a whole lot better. If all these are adjusted, then I would give 5 stars.
sahmura bayu 2020-08-04

I enjoyed playing this. It was fun even if i didn\'t win the race. But i just think it\'s a little too much with the ads. The creator should create something that he/she herself love to play. Though i know ads is important but it is too much when u need to watch the ads on every single wins,levels,prize. By doing this people will delete the game even though they enjoy the game. Do give a thought about this feedback. As for now only time will tell how long i can tolerate the ads..
36 Rajeshree Sharma 7b 2020-07-24

A Fun app like this helps you to fill enjoyment and happiness in your life. And I also appreciate that the ads do not bother me much in this game as in other games. I don\'t care what review other give but from my side kiddos to this app. In my life I faced lots of frustration but after a friend recommended me to play this game, my frustration has reduced a lot
Michelle Carter 2020-11-22

I love this game im 42 and my son who is 5 loves it aswell, so thats the age range outta the way. I love the fact that it doesnt force you with a no adds advert every level! Infact i dont think it has at all which is great, also doesnt bug you to buy coins or diamonds for real money! So yes i love thos game because of those qualities! Plus its a fun assault course game, defo will be recommending to my family members. Thankyou for making a great game 😀
ally elizabeth 2020-11-17

This game is really fun and I definitely recommend downloading it. It has fun features that will make you smile the only problem is that there are TOO MANY ADDS! Although a hack that works is that when you are playing you can always turn off your internet so there will be no ads and then when you are finished turn it back on
Sage Shukla 2021-01-28

I love this game! I only don\'t like the ads. Besides the ads, it\'s great!!! Though I sometimes lose, the obstacles are challenging! I like the idea of the game so my suggestions are: 1. I think there should be 1-6 people except when there is a bonus round. 2. I feel like the obstacles are a little to hard so I think they should change a little bit like, keep the textures I love them but besides the problems and ads, Thank you so much for this game it is so fun Thank you Good Job Games.
Jimmy\'s Mini Corner. 2019-12-10

Very nice game!! It\'s fun to play!!You can change your character,size,shape,clothes,dance also you can race with 3 person after that if you\'re 1st or 2nd then you can race with 2 person and if you are 3 then you have to do it again. But it\'s super fun,super exciting, super interesting and also it has infinite (uncountable) levels so you are never bored with this game. I have played it a 1600 times. You should also play this game. Love it. My sister also play this game. Like my review. Thank you.
Aimee 2020-10-20

The game it fun and good but it get boring really fast. Also one thing that makes me a little bad is the ads don\'t work. When it says to claim a new skin with a ads I click it and it doesn\'t even work. I would give it a 4 but It make me unhappy😔. So plz fix that (Im also using a samsung a11 so im not sure if it my phone but my phone was made this year in May)
Lps Hidden 2020-01-20

The game was fun for a while. Until I noticed that none of the other players are real. It got really boring after that because the levels just kept repeating itself. And the graphics are horrible. Also way too many ads, and when I saw some of the ads for this game the person playing acted really stupid and it was very annoying to watch. Deleted.