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Description of Funghi's Den

The world's first Funghi life simulation observation game!

From the ""Mushroom Garden"" series with over 43 million downloads, comes a ""den-making simulation game!""

Recruit Funghi for a wonderful den life!

7 features to enjoy Funghi's Den:

・Build Lots of Facilities!

・Grow Crops, Make Tools, and Harvest!

・Scout New Funghi!

・Go on Adventures to Find Treasures!

・Dress Up Your Funghi!

・Decorate Your Den!

・Observing the Funghi!


You are a Funghi expert that's researching their ecology.

One day you receive a letter from a Funghi boy named Roomulus, who has been tasked to make his den great.

It seems that he's looking for a partner in den-making.

Enjoy the den life with Roomulus and friends!

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More Information Of Funghi's Den

lable: Simulation - Games Current Version:1.0.3 Publish Date:2022-06-13 Developer:BEEWORKS GAMES

User Reviews


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Shannon B 2018-04-28

Everything looks so smooth! I am not familiar with these characters - and having a game about mushrooms is unlike anything I\'d expect to see, lol. But, I found myself enjoying the tutorial! The comedy mixed in along with the funghi\'s personalities helps a lot. Is entertaining. I really like how the characters move as well. Their motions are fluid, the art and music are well polished in my opinion. Also, I appreciate the clearity for what us players must do is given! I don\'t find myself getting too lost or confused. Instead... It\'s an adventure I wanna learn more about and see what\'s next.
Vita Dee 2017-12-06

1. It will be better if you can add \"don\'t show for today\" option on the news popup because it\'s kinda tiring closing the popup. 2. Maybe you also can add status of the funghi whether they\'re dried/too tired when they go to adventure. Still loving this game of course. Hope the developer team consider these suggestions. Thanks ^^
A Google user 2018-06-16

This game is so adorable and incredibly fun. It\'s simple, easy to play, and we\'ll made. The story is cute and the writing is humorous and wellmade. The entire thing just makes me smile. One of the best games available. Thank you for making it, and maintaining it. If there were products to buy (like small plastic funghi)- I would purchase them. Marketable, entertaining, well executed. Five stars.
MikeSarah Carey 2017-10-05

Overall very enjoyable, few glitches as expected, ignore the nay sayers, no micro paying if you can be a bit patient, level 22 at end of 2nd day so moves quick enough for me. Great graphics and very customisable. Keep up the good work guys!
Teresa Arispe 2017-10-10

This game is really, really cute and fun and hilarious, and I like it a lot, but I dislike the constant ads at the bottom, because sometimes they\'re for non-kid-friendly games. It\'s unfortunate because this game is inoffensive and fun for all ages. If the developers got rid of the ads at the bottom, or controlled their content a little better, I would play this game more.
Policebox girl 2018-01-06

Don\'t bother installing! I loved this game, I mean I WAS really enjoying it until level 17. You build your den, harvest your crops and complete quests. The quests are important because it\'s the only way to level up. Completing level 17, however, required \"fun orbs\". Now you don\'t have to buy fun orbs, they do arrive in your Daily Bonus maybe twice a week but you only get 10 at a time. My quest, however, requires 240 fun orbs to pass! So I either buy them or play every day hoping to get some in the daily bonus for what? 12 weeks? Longer? Stuck on the same level! So disappointed, uninstalling now!
Jarrod Anders 2018-10-31

I LOVE this game! It\'s so cute and fun and it\'s just everything a phone app game could be. However the adds that take up the whole bottom part of the screen drive me insane and they take up even parts of the controls. Adds HAVE to go or at least be made significantly smaller if I\'m to continue my adorable mushroom filled adventures!
A Google user 2018-01-25

Fun little game for a while. Got tired of having to manually collect np from resting spots. Exploring caves take too long and there\'s no way of speeding it up. Exploring rewards are too random. Too much useless junk treasure items; too few materials from exploring.
adam Harvey 2018-10-21

This game is irksome starting out. I cant play it because everything i do is an \"achievement\" and pops up a stupid completed sign. I built a seat and had to watch 2 animations, i made a triangle stone and had to watch 3 animations, i sold a stone and had to watch an animation. this game would be 50 times better if you turned off all of this dialog until later in the game.
T K 2017-12-13

Edit: Very disappointing from the update on stone pressure. I changed my rating from 5 stars to 1. Result from stone pressure is random and to get the stone (source) from dungeon is another random. To win alll levels, you might need 5000 houts of game play.