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Description of Funko Pop! Blitz

Swipe, swap & match 3 to bring Funko Pop! figures to life in a fun, fast-paced puzzle game. Grow your collection as you unlock iconic characters from Shrek, Jurassic Park, Hello Kitty & more!

See Funko Pops! come to life with adorable, expressive animations & powerful, upgradeable match-3 Super moves! There are 300+ Funko Pops! to collect and play, featuring popular TV shows like The Office and Doctor Who, blockbuster movies like Jurassic Park and How To Train Your Dragon, and well-known collectible brands like Hello Kitty and Care Bears - with new fandoms added every week! Upgrade & play with classic characters like Shrek, Jaws and the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park.


Enjoy fun match-3 puzzle games - Blitz Style! Clear as many pieces from the board as you can in the allotted time. The more you clear, the higher your score. Use boosters, Super moves & all your Funko Pops! in these fun match- 3 puzzles!


🎁 COLLECT iconic Funko Pop! characters like Shrek, Jaws & Hello Kitty

👆 MATCH 3 in fast, fun puzzle games!

⚡️ GO SUPER to unleash powerful match-3 puzzle moves unique to each Pop!

💥 USE POWER UPS to boost your match-3 score & earn rewards!

🗓 WEEKLY EVENTS with fresh new Pops! to collect!

👑 MEGA COLLECTION rewards collectors with rare Mythic Pops!

🏆 VIP PASS unlocks exclusive rewards & features!

Earn stars & boost your Mega Score by collecting & upgrading Funko Pops! There are hundreds of Pops! to collect from:

🍿 CLASSIC MOVIES - Shrek, Jurassic Park, Jurassic World, Jaws, How To Train Your Dragon, Back to the Future, The Breakfast Club, Kung Fu Panda & E.T the Extraterrestrial

📺 POPULAR TV SHOWS - The Office, Parks and Recreation, Doctor Who, Voltron, Masters of the Universe, Battlestar Galactica & Saved By The Bell

⭐ ICONIC COLLECTIBLE CHARACTERS - Hello Kitty, Care Bears, Trolls & Frankenstein

FUNKO® and POP!® are registered trademarks of Funko, LLC. POP! BLITZ™ © 2021 Funko, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Universal Monsters © 2019-2021 UCS LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Jurassic Park, Jurassic World, & Back to the Future © 2019-2021 UCS LLC and Amblin. All Rights Reserved.

DreamWorks Shrek & DreamWorks Dragons © 2019-2021 DWA LLC. All Rights Reserved.

The Office © 2019-2021 UTV. All rights Reserved.

BBC, DOCTOR WHO and TARDIS (word marks and logos) are trade marks of the British Broadcasting Corporation and are used under license. Doctor Who logo and WHO insignia © BBC 2018. Licensed by BBC Studios.

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lable: Puzzle - Games Current Version:1.14.3 Publish Date:2021-12-31 Developer:N3TWORK Inc.

User Reviews


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Richard Hartman 2020-11-05

This game is very reminiscent of Disney emoji blitz. I expect to spend many fun hours collecting pops. Edit: They added a \"feature\" where you will continue to receive the same pop even if it\'s maxed. This makes it very unlikely that you will ever max everything since each time you have a 70% chance of getting something you don\'t need. You want a suggestion? Stop doing this and add the non- exclusive pops from events to the standard box after each event. This will keep people coming back.
Pedro Perez 2021-02-15

I really like the game. It\'s a basic \"matching\" game. As a fan of Funko Pops & a fan of several of the \"Collections\" already in game, I just enjoy playing to win more pops. I\'ve been playing for 2 months now. 4 stars is for a couple of things. The game would freeze every so often when the \"power up\" was used which I think is fixed. The other would be me trying to \"buy\" pops. In the mystery boxes it is very irritating to get the same pops even after the power is maxed out.
tsilver33 2020-10-29

It\'s incredible. In a single update, theyve completely destroyed the games economy in a blatant attempt to force their players into purchasing more packs. Previously once you maxed out a pop, which was NEVER cheap, by the by, you wouldn\'t open it anymore. This is no longer the case, and you can open the same pop infinite times, wasting your time and coins. I was a huge proponent of this game previously. I played it daily, supported it, and recommended it. Terrible, terrible decision. Uninstall. Edit: The devs comment below, while \"technically\" true, isn\'t in good faith. The megascore has very few exclusive pops, and then simply begins rewarding coins (which are now worth much less than before) and random pop packs which now have a 70% chance to contain a worthless duplicate common pop you\'ve already maxed out, compared to before where they had a 100% chance of not containing a duplicate. We\'re not idiots, this is a cashgrab attempt at what was previously a very player friendly game. :(
James Parks III 2021-02-04

My Opinion After Collecting 118 Stars: This game is pretty fun, but some things could use some fixes/tweaks: 1)After a character has all his or her stars leveled up, no way should you pull another one of those characters after paying your points for a pop box. If you want to keep pop collectors interested, this is a sure way to kill their enthusiasm. And yes, I know that the extra star will add to the mega score machine, but that is like taking away one pop you earned and giving you 1/10 of a chance at acquiring a new one (10 stars to level up to a possible pop you want or need). It is very frustrating. 2)How in the world are coins earned? Some times you can score a 2,000,000 point match, but only earn 70 coins. Sometimes, you will earn 200 for the same score. It is frustrating not being taught how you can earn less or more coins. There should be some standard set like 1 coin per clearing three pops from the screen. Or a portion of a coin per each match/clearing. This way one understand how they are being rewarded and can strategize with what pop figure they want to use based upon if they want coins, a higher score, etc. The only pop that I have found makes any sense when it comes to coins is E.T. You at least know you are earning coins each time you use his special. 3)Why is it that sometimes a 2,000,000 point game will drop 10 stickers, and sometimes only 1? What type of formula are you all using? There seems to be no reason to it. Also you all need to fix the game dropping stickers that you have already filled up. If I have collected 10 bikes, I don\'t want another stupid bike sticker dropping. I would like something to drop that I need. I have noticed on some characters that you can\'t finish the sticker set because you never get the stickers that you need. You only get the same ones that you have already completed the sets on. This burns people out. There has to be some progression per match. If not, what is the point of playing? 4)I know that you all earn money due to people watching ads. Yet, you all should limit how many a person can watch per day or hour or something. If you don\'t, a person can just watch ad after ad and keep progressing. It kind of takes the challenge out of the game. And if you want collectors to play, watch ads, and spend money, you have to keep those freebies to a minimum. If not the game is broke because one guy can watch unlimited ads and collect all the pops. And his friend will not want to play (compete) because he knows his friend can rig the game through the ad watching. 5)On the mega score machine, it would be nice to have a link from the player scores to go straight to playing. In other words, you see E.T. has the lowest score so you click on his name and you are in a new game trying to increase his score. 6)I am partially color blind; and when some characters are on the screen, I have a tough time telling them apart. It would be nice to have the option in settings to pick the characters that you want on the screen. Of course, you should have to have the character that you are playing with on the screen, but the rest should be selectable. I like playing on boards with characters with distinct colors so they are easy to tell apart. So I might pick Everest (white), E.T. (brown), the christmas tree (green), the character in the yellow hazmat suit (yellow), etc. More distinct colors on the board makes it easier for me to view, and play longer without getting frustrated. 7)I don\'t see why anyone would purchase the boost that increases your sticker chances. For one thing, you don\'t know how much the increase is. For another thing, it usually drops the same old stickers that you already have and therefore don\'t need. 8)I know that during events that the point is to collect items that raise you to the next level in the event. However if the sticker option was fixed, some might want to use that boost instead of the event boost. It would be nice for that boost to toggle on screen so that you can pick which one you would prefer. 9)I am not sure why you all do
Roland Kam 2020-11-06

If you love pops, the characters are fun to collect and see their skills. However, some skills take way too long to use and make a round unnecessarily long. Event rewards are okay and achievable if you grind, but in the end this is a game meant to spend money. You make very little coins from a round and event pops are priced incredibly high. Knowing you will never be able to finish the event (even if you have the time to grind) without spending money takes the fun out of it.
James C 2020-10-31

They have ruined this game! I have really enjoyed this game since it was first released as it was player friendly and fair. Now in the last update they have changed everything in an attempt to get people to spend real money. I was happy watching ads to support this Dev but now that isn\'t even really an option. Please don\'t waste your time. If it isn\'t fixed I\'m uninstalling and even then my trust of this developer is well damaged. You were the chosen one Pop Blitz!
Sarah Sanger 2020-12-22

This game is fun and I play frequently. But it has a quite a few bugs that need to be fixed. I have to constantly reload the game to get my save data to actually show. The game is also notorious for crashing as soon as you finish a level and then you lose your rewards and any power ups you used. But the diversity in pops available is great for being such a new app!
Garrett Shrout 2020-12-29

Unless you plan on putting your hard earned money into this game, it is a waste of time. Cost 6k coins to buy an event pop, and you will be lucky to earn 150 coins per game now. Not too mention constant connect errors in the middle of your game. If this happens and you still keep playing, any progress you make towards event is not counted. Again, this is pay to win. As of today, I\'ve uninstalled and will no longer play. No sense in paying 6k for non event pops.
Tonia Hunter 2021-02-27

Well, first off this a a really cute game with a catchy concept. MATCH 3 game where you can collect cute characters and their specials are really cute. I would love to give this a 5 star rating, but the game constantly crashes. After every other level, it crashes. If I watch an ad for an extra spin, it crashes and won\'t give me my reward. Sometimes after I hit play level it will take one of my hearts and crashes. if I check the MegaScoreBoard it definitely crashes. Very annoying.
Brandy Velez 2020-10-30

I had originally posted and gave this a 4 star but the more I play the more frustrating the game is! You play and play to save coins for the limited edition ones and bam!! You get more of the ones you have! I bought coins guess what?! Same thing!!! Got more of the pops i have!!! The ones they give you only cost 2500 coins the limited edition ones are 6000 please tell me how that adds up?!?!