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Description of Funny Food Kids Learning Games

The Funny Food Academy app is full of kindergarten learning games, where young ones can learn basic math for kids. Starting with kids a-z, it also has writing games that will have them learning loads! 🍉

This academy app with abc games for kids brings together your favorite school games for kids into one educational super-project! With kids learning games 4 toddlers, kids a-z, activities with numbers, writing games, fruit and veggie friends, and other funny games for kids, all you need to prepare your child for school is available for download in a single app 🥕

The Academy has 12 foundational educational topics in kid learning games, such as:

🌈Letters – Playing with letters helps children quickly recognize and write each letter of the alphabet.

🌈Numbers – Your child will learn to count from numbers 1 to 10 and be introduced to kindergarten math.

🌈Logic – School games for kids teach young minds how to build logic.

🌈Memory – Kids games 3+ develop and train your child’s memory, as well as increase attention span.

🌈Shapes and sizes – Study all the basic geometric shapes in our funny games for kids.

🌈Colors – Your child will learn the names of simple colors and how to distinguish them one from the other.

🌈Creativity – Your child will discover their creative potential, forming their own points of view and individuality.


• 56 kid learning games for toddlers

• Preschool learning games for kids!

• Quick development tasks

• Bright, funny, and lively animations

• Handwriting preparation

• Unique educational methodology for the youngest learners

• No third-party advertising

• Offline access

Funny Food is an educational app full of kids learning games 4 toddlers. Numbers, the abc game, writing games, and kids games 3+ are all part of this package 🍅

Educational - games for kids! That’s what we’re about. We give you abc kids games 4 edutainment, shape games, and more 🍎

To learn more about our app before subscribing, you can play some of the content in the free version. To get all available content, simply subscribe.

🌻Bini Bambini🌻

We create engaging kid’s learning apps for ages 3-6. With our educational apps, children learn the alphabet, letters, numbers, phonics, and more. We’re inspired by the concept of edutainment and comply with the standards of the Designed For Family category.

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User Reviews


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Abril Akgun 2020-11-07

When I went to pay I was expecting a ridiculous amount of money for the amount of games if brought I was pleasantly so surprised to see it was actually pretty reasonable. My son loves the app and I love it too because it\'s very didactic. My only issue is that when opening it the loading screen takes a looooot of time, but as soon as this is fixed it\'s a 5 start rating from me.
Chica Correa 2020-08-22

My 3 year old loves this app. She has been playing it none stop for since we got it. I like that it has a litt of everythingthat she needs to learn.. It very colorful. It\'s to easy for my 5 year old.
Kristian Yakov 2020-11-22

It\'s nice app and all but there is so much background noice that is unnecessary, at least option to control it would have been nice. The music is controllable but all silly noise is not and that is way louder than say the voices announcing the numbers or letters which is wrong it should be the other way around and optional all of it .
J P 2020-10-08

My 3 year old loves the app but he can only play 3 games on it. Why should i have to pay for learning games if they\'re suppose to be free?... I am going to delete this app because its false advertisement. Why are there in-app purchases? All games should be free of charge ao kids can enjoy them.
Ian P 2020-08-03

Some fun games, but the full price app is ridiculously overpriced.
Nic Hughes 2020-09-26

The best learning and fun app i have found to date!! My 3 year old loves it and i can see the progress she is making!! Highly recommend

More advertisement.. good game
Matthew Mikola 2021-02-25

I\'m pleased to see that the Facebook sign in requirement seems to have been removed. Liking the new achievement section to reward my child. Games are fantastic and help with many child\'s development. Great value
khjhuhuguNoor Radwan 2021-01-08

So many different educational games covering numbers and counting,letters and tracing them ,,coulours and shapes ,,,one of the most helpful and fun applications for kids from 3 to 5
Zaia Rè le Grange 2021-02-06

Even after purchasing the full package, it still continuously tries to sell you other apps by placing them amongst the activities. My kid keeps clicking on them and then can\'t get back to the game.