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Description of Furistas Cat Cafe

The adorable cat game! Adopt and pet cute kitties, help your customers match with their favorite cat, and customize your restaurant cafe to bring joy! Furistas Cat Cafe captures the personalities of real life cats and will melt your heart.


● Adopt, collect, love, and pet a wonderfully weird array of furry virtual animals, based on real adorable cats. Each cat has a fascinating backstory and behaviors specific to their personality.

● Match cats and customers with similar personalities together to maximize happiness, which unlocks more cute cattos for you to collect.

● Help your cats and customers with special cat treats and virtual restaurant food games.

● Customise your cafe! The sim is fully customizable from the walls to the floor. This gives you full control of creating your own neko home. Did you want to turn the cafe into a cute cat animal playground or a cool Gothic lair? It is completely up to you!

● There's a gentle animal adoption narrative that runs throughout the game, subtly encouraging ethical pet ownership (many of the cats to adopt in the game are rescue cats!)

Meet some of the cute furry family who appear in the best cafe simulator around!

Bon Chan and Takeshi are two of the first cats we added to the game - they are both rescue cats, who now live in their forever home!

Bon Chan

Personality Trait: Friendly

A cute girl kitty with a big sense of self-confidence. Since her adoption at the restaurant cafe she has found great happiness in supervising and napping with her loved ones.


Personality Trait: Playful

At least twice the size of his sister Bon-chan, Takeshi is a big ball of cute cuddles and meows. He loves food, and is often caught taking a nibble from the food bowls of other cats. Naughty!

So come be a cute kitty collector; relax and watch your favorite kawaii furry friends meow, purr, blep, mlem, and be a happy little neko!

We hope you enjoy creating your own haven for happiness, full of cute kitty friends, at Furistas Cat Cafe. The cat game you'll ever play!

*** By award winning studio Runaway Play. Try our new title Old Friends Dog Game today! ***

Furistas will prompt you to allow access to your photos, media, and files. This is to use the in-game snapshot feature to save images to your device, or share them with your friends.

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More Information Of Furistas Cat Cafe

lable: Casual - Games Current Version:3.003 Publish Date:2021-12-05 Developer:Runaway

User Reviews


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Amanda Bell 2020-05-25

I\'ve played quite a few cat related mobile games but this is one I keep going back to. The cats are adorable and the art design is fantastic. The game has enough to keep you engaged but not completely tied to if you busy. There are events to get new items of the event theme to decorate your Cafe and sometimes a chance to get a special cat if you complete the challenge. You don\'t have to make any app purchases make steady progress which I appreciate. A must for cat lovers!
S Bee 2019-11-30

I like the game a lot but it freezes up a ton. I got to level 28 and had so much stuff and then it kept freezing up on Logging In for days and days and wouldn\'t work. I had to start completely over and just got to level 9 again and am having the same issue. It\'s very upsetting. The playable ads don\'t work on Samsung galaxy j3 prime phones. Every time I get one , have to force close and restart game. Ugh
Lizzie Hunsaker 2019-03-05

This is adorable, relaxing, and fun! There\'s not a whole lot to \"play\" per se, but I enjoy checking in on my kitties and their visitors throughout the day. The in-app purchases are totally optional and you don\'t really miss anything by avoiding them. There\'s always some kind of event going on and I love that the customers\' clothes change to be seasonal! So many cute details to be noticed! :)
Brianna Cowles 2018-12-22

cute, but.... there\'s nothing to do. you pair a cat with a customer and then you sit there and wait. not even an hour into the game and i was waiting on 2 hour timers to open baskets. if there was more to do like taking care of the cafe, expanding a business, adopting the cats out, then i would hold this game in higher regard. the cats you get are not random but instead linear by level. if there was a way of collecting them randomly, it would be better
Totally Tinky 2019-02-10

normally I don\'t buy any in app purchases but this game is amazing! Good game play, I love the story behind it and as cat owner of all rescue cats, this game is just love and relaxation. nice music, adorable animation, sweet storyline. even though levels are taking longer, it\'s never boring. there is always something to do; new customers, orders, baskets or just a cat that needs some loving. I bought the 30 day membership to support the makers in developing this game to a nr 1 game! good job!
Aubrey Andersen 2020-05-31

Really cute, great controls, easy, fun and relaxing. A great game to destress and relax after a long day. A very fair game, and a free to play one as well. No pressure to buy in, but the cats available to purchase for real momey are so cute they are tempting. Highly recommend especially for people with high anxiety and stress like myself.
Jessie Shaiman 2020-08-21

Amazing game! It\'s really adorable, and a good quality game. You have to watch an ad every once in a while, but they\'re just pop-up ads, and not videos, and I can understand that free games need to get money, so I\'m ok with it! The ads never really interrupt gameplay, as they just appear when you\'re switching through the menus. Overall, its a great game and I love it!
YoRie x3 2020-05-30

The cats are fat, but still cute, and their descriptions are nice. Leveling up takes a while. I get the feeling that the developers just want you to play the game for a long time so they stretch it undesirably. Gameplay is lame, repetitive and there\'s virtually no story. I feel under pressure in Furistas Cat Cafe. Not very pleasant. Edit: 1 Star. It\'s ridiculous. The more you level up your cats, the more cats you need to pair for daily bonus. A day doesn\'t have enough hours for 30x50 minutes.
Ellyd Spears 2019-04-10

Started playing this when a cat-collecting app I\'d been loyal to for years went completely pay2play. Furistas is so chill and fun and although there are pay-only cats, I never feel like I\'m missing out if I don\'t get them. The cat roster doesn\'t show you all the cats you\'re missing in an effort to pressure you into feeling like you have to get them all for the sake of completion. I pray that never changes because it makes a huge difference and keeps the game nice and low-stress!
Lex Gaming 2020-12-23

Ok this is actually a pretty good app, I like it! All of the cats you collect are adorable and the people are nice and interesting too, but it\'s great how you can decorate your own cafe however you like (by using items). However, it would be cool if there were some minigames to win prizes since the game gets repetetive quite fast. It would be fun and I recommend adding that into the game, up to you guys. Cute how you can make the orders too, though. Thanks for making this game; good one for once