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Description of Fuzzy: 24/7 Online Vet Care

Get the best live vet care for your pets with Fuzzy, the #1 app for pet parents. With 24/7 Live Vet Chat, digital consultations, and vet recommended products, your pet is in the best possible hands.

Founded by pet parents, Fuzzy is the trusted pet health app made specifically for cats and dogs. You’ll get all the vet support and knowledge you need to help empower you and enrich your pet’s life. From ordering pet meds and supplements to getting live vet advice, we’re available to help you 24/7.

Live vet care, pet healthcare, vet advice and more - Why you’ll love Fuzzy:

• 24/7 Live Vet Chat for your cats and dogs- Get peace of mind for any pet health concerns our dedicated team of vet experts will be on hand to help with vomiting, diarrhea, ear and eye issues, nutrition, behavior and much more. From vet advice about pet health to questions about symptoms, our team can help address your concerns. And if you need to order pet meds and supplements for an existing condition then you can do so, directly in the app.

• The best vet support and care for your pets - From interactive pet health trackers, supplements, pet meds, flea treatments and more we’ll be there to give vet-approved recommendations and support you and your pet

• Pet health info all in one place - Want to check medical records or vaccine history for your cats or dogs? Or do you need to order some pet meds or supplements? Log in to access all of that vital information in one easy to use app

• Live vet care from the comfort of your home - Fast and convenient expert advice from a team of vet experts. Immediate responses via chat or video to suit your schedule.

Chat and get all the vet advice and support you need to keep your pet happy and healthy. From pet meds to general health check, Fuzzy is here to support you.

Download the Fuzzy app today for pet health care you can rely on.

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lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:23 Publish Date:2022-06-23 Developer:Fuzzy, Inc

User Reviews


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Erin Smith 2020-04-22

I thought this was going to be a great way to get my pet meds, especially since you get your first month flea meds free. I was appalled that you could not choose the flea treatment. Well no wonder... It didnt work for my large dog and made my Chihuahua sick. Then you cant manage your àccount like it says. You have to jump through hoops. Very misleading. Im never trusting this co. Again.
Scott Tatman 2019-06-05

The app has glitches which won\'t allow me to schedule or update addresses. At times, the chat has not worked either. I have deleted and re-downloaded the app to make sure it is updated but that doesn\'t seem to help. My issue with the company is that this is THE ONLY way they will speak with customers or allow members to schedule appointments. When I tried to address this issues with the person on the other end I was met with some indifference and told, \"the app is the best way to reach us and our customers prefer this method\". When I asked who do I talk to about technical issues with the app I was met with silence. I finally just asked them to cancel the appointment altogether. My vets home visit service joined Fuzzy last year and if it wasn\'t for that, I would have just given up altogether and moved on. But I spent the better part of a week trying to get help and got nowhere. Unfortunately I think she\'s contractually obligated to Fuzzy so I may have no choice, which is a shame. Now I had to find another service. This company also seems immovable on providing an alternative to the app, like maybe a website version. Similar companies have that option. Just saying.
Emma Faye 2020-05-07

Do not trust this company! They don\'t tell you that your monthly flea medication is a year long contract. They pull you in with the easy log in and the $2 first month. Ugh. I wish I never signed up for this.
Mary Featherstone 2019-06-09

this app is amazing you get to talk to professionals 24 hours a day 7 days a week about any concerns you may have with your pets or just a simple question like is hard food or soft food better. I have had this ap for a short time and have used the chat option numerous times. the respond quickly and are friendly and thorough. I highly recommend this app for pet owners. I couldn\'t live with out now. thank you Fuzzy!!!
Catherine Hood 2019-04-09

This is the best app I\'ve ever used!! Their veterinarians return your messages quickly & full of important information!! They are kind & courteous & show a great interest in our pets best interest as well as ours!! They\'ve even helped me find resources I otherwise never would\'ve known existed!! I highly suggest using this wonderful app & appreciate their services!!
praetorian_ a7 2019-12-04

This is a scam. I tried to sign up for the free trial and upon creating an account there\'s no way to change anything or remove your information and they continue to charge you. Never got any product and I want my $20.00 back NOW!
Renee Howell 2020-02-28

I got the wrong size flea control for my dog. Talked to them about it and they wanted to send out another one but said nothing about how to send this back. Want to cancel membership but don\'t quite know how. They told me I could through my emails but that has been unsuccessful so far.
Kari Della-Rocco 2019-03-25

this app is ridiculously incredibly hard to use! I have an email I used to have an account with these people I just have a different pet and it won\'t accept my same old email. I\'m just trying to add a pet to it. I mean it\'s not that f****** complicated right!? this type of ridiculousness is what will make me find another vet and they will lose my business. It\'s just stupid.
Terri Hazelwood 2020-12-21

Do not use this app. I cancelled my subscription a month ago and they still charged my card this month. When I tried to get my money back they wouldn\'t refund my card. They wanted proof that I cancelled. They should have already known I cancelled. They cannot be trusted.
Felicia Guyot 2021-02-06

Total rip off. If zero stars was possible that would be my rating. Got Google advice for 3 days, that was no help, and won\'t refund so I have enough money afford a real vet, I thought they would provide an avenue to a tele vet, even for an extra fee but nope nothing.