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Description of Galaxy - Chat Rooms & Dating

💯 Public chat rooms

Explore hundreds of chat rooms or create your own chat room to meet real people online.

🎡 Random chat

Meet and chat with strangers by using our random chat feature.

📮 Private messaging

Enjoy private conversations with classic emojis and our very own cute smileys. Share pics with your friends easily.

💕 Dating

Join our dating game to explore thousands of profiles from your place and worldwide.

👹 Avatars

Discover all customization features for your avatar.

🎁 Virtual gifts

Surprise your chat buddies or loved one with lovely gifts.

🙊 Virtual pets

Get a virtual pet and it won't make you bored. Remember, any pet needs care and attention.

🎮 Games

Play Trivia, Cannons & Barrels, Mafia and other popular games. So many Galaxy users love our gaming activities.

❌ Ad free

Don't be annoyed with ad banners. Nothing will distract you from chatting and having fun.

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lable: Dating - Apps Current Version:9.5.13 Publish Date:2021-12-24 Developer:Galaxy Chat

User Reviews


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Davinchie Avincie 2020-11-06

nowadays galaxy has a lot of problem with a connection ! sometime even my network was 4G , but galaxy won\'t respond , sms service say we already fix the problem , but i think they are not fix anything because this thing will happen in the next day, / and galaxy really need to be improved , NO MATTER WHEN . IT STILL HAPPENING SOMETIME I CANT OPEN SHOP BECAUSE OF ERROR! I HAVE TO WAIT 10 MINUTES. WHICH ITS SO SAD IM TRY TO ONTIME THAT FREE CHEST .
Adarsh Adarsh 2020-10-24

Beautiful than face book(first review), Hello galaxy team, now a days am facing some error messages after clicking the notification option or messages. I text to support system and they reply. Hope this error will not happened again in future. Galaxy is a superb app and am enjoying it well.. As of now there is no other issues for me in this app. Kindly fix the above said problem. Nothing else. Thank you so much for this wonderful app.. Wishing u all the best to all galaxy teams.. ✌✌
Anirban Mondal 2021-01-09

I loved the overall ecosystem of the application, its novel and there\'s plenty of role playing elements by which you level up your character. There are however some complaints I have, which is the primary reason I shall discontinue using it. 1. There are silos of groups in the bigger rooms who wont even acknowledge your presence. 2. The system to promote your room is fundamentally broken. An already popular room can be promoted with the same price as a fledgling one. There will be high attrition
The 101 2019-05-12

great game but need more help for people who can\'t top up or living in countries what have war and stuff (like me from Syria and can\'t top up)
Rebecca 2020-02-28

Good app but costly. There needs to be more ways to get money without spending real cash and still be able to send gifts. If you top up with tapjoy you\'re blocked from gifts.
Devon 2020-05-26

It\'s not the worst, but with all the purchases they try to shove down your throat it\'s obnoxious to deal with. There used to be a free way to earn credits in the app by watching ads and such, but now you need to top up once every other week to even do that? That\'s a little silly, I get youre trying to coutneract bots or whatever but advertising that as \"free\" is just gross.
Stephanie Cooper 2021-01-21

This app sucks. You block someone for being super weird and creepy and they can still message you in the groups, like what is the point. Filled with nasty men who like to harass women and try to get you to have sex and when you say no they cuss you out in and out of private messaging. Plus when you want to delete your account permanently, it will not let you. Disgusting. I will never get on this again. I thought it\'d be fun but not at all. Obviously deleted the app. Never will download it again.
Gusto Eriolas 2020-09-16

Galaxy 9.0 used to be sooo good, with characters and different rooms and all the things you could do. You can see others characters in different worlds and zap them with lightning, give them gifts and many more. Idk what happened to this app.
Santosh Rawat 2020-04-21

I\'m using galaxy app more than 6 year and wasted big amount on this app, but this app will always make feels you basis and discrimination. 1) Bowling Game/Cannon game, Always Russian has chance to play first. 2)No support on offer and Top-up issue by SS. 3)moderator and defender, using their privilege just for fun, they never respond on time, mostly available on locked planet. they aren\'t willing to help you. 4) chest wining only for Russian. Please stop this !! Thanks
imdad wazir 2020-01-20

This app is very very costly and addicted i spent almost 1000$ there but i got nothing from there. Even in the end if you want to sell your account that is also prohibited so without loss you can\'t get anything special from here. There are users called moderator they will punish you if they will dislike you or their friends ask thembto do so. All are fakes just losses gains nothing from this bad app. Never try this app or you will be addicted and will loss too much money their.