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Description of Gallery: Coloring Book & Decor

Mia is a passionate painter, who left her boring job to do what she really likes - draw pictures side by side with her boyfriend Leo.

Join them in amazing colorful adventure: color a beautiful masterpieces, get stars to renovate the old house and abandoned Art Gallery.

Discover hundreds of unique, high quality paintings, made by the best modern illustrators exclusively for Gallery: Coloring book and Décor.

Draw, renovate, decorate and follow the love story - this is the first artbook game where you can color by number and do home design in a one game.

Meet next special features:

- original gameplay: combination of coloring book and home design - creative game for real designers

- hundreds of beautiful pictures to colour

- different art styles of illustrations: geometric art, flat art, pixelart, low poly

- different choices of decor

- unique 3D graphics for the mansion and characters;

- relaxing pictures recoloring;

- regular updates

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lable: Puzzle - Games Current Version:0.277 Publish Date:2021-12-01 Developer:Beresnev Games

User Reviews


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Michaela Albury 2020-11-27

I like the game fine. The pictures are cool, the gameplay is different, and it helps to pass the time. My biggest issue with this game is the number of offers that keep popping up when I open the app or complete a picture. Very annoying. Also, apparently when you uninstall the app, you have start the game all over again. Gallery, please fix your save feature. Thanks! UPDATE: It turns out the game saves your process when you link it to your Facebook account. I did that, and when I reinstalled, all the paintings I colored before were still there, even the ones I did in events!
Nicole Merkes 2021-02-16

I like it, love the decorating, while only coloring. It\'s very relaxing. But the energy method is way to costly. You can only do two-three, and then your done. If you go back to cheaper puzzles, you don\'t even get stars for those. Raise your bar to 500 energy, or make each page 2 energy or something, but it makes it very difficult to WANT to keep playing.
Alicia D\'Oliveira 2020-11-07

I love this game. Very relaxing and I can complete at my own pace. I got so tired of all those renovate Match 3 types of games so this is a nice change. And the pictures, once completed are so beautiful. I wish I could buy some of those prints and frame it myself lol. My only issue is why do some tasks such as meeting characters require 4 stars? Literally nothing is being done except for them to exchange two sentences with each other. I don\'t think that a meet and greet should be worth any star.
Colleen Penney 2021-01-07

Love this coloring app! It is everything I love. Color pictures, collect stars. Renovate your home, gallery, town square. A Cafe! It\'s fantastic, no tricks. The more you color the more you can do. Absolutely NO MATCH 3 GAMES!! I have no complaints whatsoever! It\'s everything it says it is! I could go on but it would only to say how wonderful this game is. 💕💕💕💕 P.S. I\'ve finished all the level 1100+ they say they are working on new levels. I can still color all I want though! Waiting......😉
Sabrina Stroud 2021-01-16

I have completed all the levels that are available so far and it is very frustrating having to repeat pics to unlock event levels. Particularly because I have uncolored premium and collection event pics. It\'s really frustrating to have spent money on some of them but not have a lot of time to actually complete them because of the time it takes to do the event. Also I have $6,000 in cash for the museum exhibits but I\'ve got them all. Meanwhile I keep getting more with nothing to spend it on.
Erin Rose 2021-01-31

I really like the game, the coloring, & some of the decor, but the \"extras\" cost too much. The $7.99/week membership said there would be no ads, but the ads haven\'t changed. I feel if someone pays that much every week, they should do away with the ads. It\'s ridiculous. Also, my energy bar doesn\'t seem to fill if I have a coloring page open. If I exit out of a page, I have to use energy and restart it - no saved progress. If it weren\'t for that, the high costs, & the ads, I\'d have given 5 stars.
r l 2020-11-15

Really cute, and unlike other \"design\" and mini game programs, the mini game portion of this doesn\'t get harder as you go until you\'re forced to pay if you want to complete the story. You only pay if you don\'t want to wait. Energy actually reloads pretty quickly, and there are a few ad options to get a bit extra. Because I\'m not being strong armed into paying to play, I\'ve actually bought a couple packages rather than just uninstall the game. It\'s relaxing to play too!
Sarah Abdullah 2020-11-14

I love this game. It\'s very beautiful, fun to play & gorgeous pictures to draw. But I hope the app developer will take into account our comments here because I think it\'s legit: I wish there\'s more way to get stars. I wish that if I have to spend up to 50 or more energy on a picture, we will get more stars, not just one. It\'d be best if the energy can still load while we are colouring the pictures. I know that there\'s options, but we have to spend money & not everyone can afford to do that.
Sandra Reilly 2020-11-05

I love the art work and colors, but it is so hard to see the contrast on where you are suppose to paint! You need to make it darker!!! Sandy R. Also you need to turn off there car??!!??!!?? Well I just painted my 1000 picture and love you game and art work even more!! I read about the creator on line and hats off to him for following his passion!!The story is fun too!! I yell at my screen just buy her some flowers,he hasn\'t heard me yet!! Thanks again for a GREAT GAME!!!
Gianna Zepeda 2020-12-31

This game is fun and I love the blend of color by number and house design. The pictures are pretty and the dialog isn\'t terrible. I don\'t like that it doesn\'t save levels you start if you don\'t finish. I already used energy to unlock the photo the first time and nearly finished but because I didn\'t, now I have to start over. Also, why the energy that needs refilling after two pictures? Why not just leave it at you have to color pictures to get points? Makes the progress too slow.