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Description of Game of Games the Game

Enter the world of "Game of Games," where you can play fun trivia games against real players, just like the games on Ellen's TV show "Game of Games"!

Combine your knowledge, skill, and a little bit of luck to take on "One Eyed Monster.” Win big or get soaked in "Make It Rain” by trying to find the umbrella full of cash!

The more you play, the more you'll win fun prizes and unlock bigger challenges! Collect stickers, and earn special props you can use during your game for added fun! Plus, coming soon, you'll be able to win real-world prizes!

Tune in to Ellen's "Game of Games" each week to use our special feature, "Game of Games Play Along Live!” – the prizes jump right off your screen and into your phone! Viewers have the chance to play along with the show and win epic prizes from home!

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lable: Trivia - Games Current Version:1.4.732 Publish Date:2021-03-04 Developer:Warner Bros. International Enterprises

User Reviews


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mary privara 2019-05-10

Games are fun. App is good, but sometimes will not let me scan the present on the show. Also if you feel you are stuck in training mode , if you swipe to the right or left, usually that\'s where the next stage is. I unlocked that after only 2 days of playing.
Audra Rose 2019-04-01

I would give negative stars if possible. Game starts up and locks up. Heads up was poorly managed too so I don\'t know what i expected to be different with this game. Looks fun too bad it doesn\'t work.
Tasha Battle 2019-05-03

I downloaded this app, watched, and waited for the gift box to appear. After watching Ellen for over 35 minutes, it appeared. I tried scanning but nothing. Such a waste of time.
tg tg 2019-04-13

I think the game of games the game is a brilliant game because there is no ads, you get to unlock the next game really quickly and it is very addicting and enjoyable. I really do suggest to download this game and, if you do, you will not regret it. Unfortunately i can not give it five stars since you do stay on the \"training level\"for quite a bit of time. So,if you are impatiant like me, then it can get a bit annoying when you are on the training level
tandra potts 2019-03-08

Boring after a while.Has been promising more levels forever. prize raffle coming soon has been there forever. Dont believe they have any intention of a prize raffle. Could be fun but sucks as it is now. If you spend $ buying powerups youll be pissed.
JsT JsT 2020-11-11

I USED TO LOVE PLAYING THIS GAME, But as of now it\'s just meh. I\'ve played this game since it was first out. They did finally stop the glitches (after 3+ months of complaining). It was a cool game at first, but about every 3 months they change things, for example: they\'ll change the structure entirely and take away all the coins you had accumulated, or goals that you were working for changed in mid achievement, they have the same questions on \"one-eyed monster\" since thr beginning. No bueno
Danya Lorimer 2020-05-28

Fun game but a lot of glitches that make it shut down a lot and sometimes make it hard to win. It won\'t even open now. Also, the update today made me delete apps because of storage. Maybe the update is why it won\'t open. I don\'t know. Super game if they fix it. Edit: the updates are so big they make you delete other apps to update :( not happy. Lowering stars to 1. Also, I never get the 37 or 10 bonus power-ups in the mega packs.
Donna Dyer 2020-02-08

It has me watch videos to get gifts & 30 minutes off of wait times. But when you go to watch the 2nd video it gives me nothing. I have to exit completely out of the game cear it out, & then go back in & watch a video for it to work. I have to do this every time. I have emailed them a couple times about it with no response at all! I hardly ever play it anymore because of this. I feel like I\'m being cheated when I accidentally watch a 2nd video & get nothing. It\'s a wast of my time & so annoying.
Kylah Jones 2020-02-10

This game is great and I love it !You can win money during the game of games seasons and play games from the seasons! Everything is perfect,but there is one small critic. There are only 4 games,so I think that they should add 1-3 more games. Other than that it\'s absolutely perfect and I highly recommend it!
Shelby Perdue 2020-06-22

I have spent lots of money on this game just for it to crash while playing. I have complained on the game sight and the have replaced magnets, etc. But finally tired of the constant crashes. I\'m deleting!!