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Description of Game of War - Fire Age

Don’t miss your chance to become legendary!

Lead massive armies into epic battles against dragons, monsters, and players from around the globe in the most addicting, interactive strategy game! Are you ready for an action-packed adventure?


✔ Build & customize your very own Empire

✔ Choose your role! Are you a builder? A soldier? A leader? You decide.

✔ Train, level-up, and deck out your Heroes

✔ Craft legendary weapons to rise above the competition

✔ Train vast armies to lead into action packed battles on the stunning World Map

✔ Play & chat with millions of online players worldwide in 32 different languages – all in real-time

✔ Forge alliances with players to conquer enemies & become the most powerful Alliance in the Kingdom!

✔ Conquer the Wonder to become the almighty Emperor!

✔ Use your power to give special titles to your friends & enemies in the Kingdom!

Privacy Policy: https://www.gameofwarapp.com/privacy-policy?lang=en

Terms of Service: https://www.gameofwarapp.com/terms-of-use

Game Page: http://www.gameofwarapp.com

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lable: Strategy - Games Current Version: Publish Date:2022-06-03 Developer:Machine Zone, Inc.

User Reviews


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Lizard Rules 2019-04-17

MZ FROZE MY GAME DUE TO THIS REVIEW. I CANT ACFESS MY ACCOUNT ANYMORE. BEEN LIKE THAT FOR TWO MONTHS NOW. Constantly changing the game so that the only way you can get anywhere is to SPEND MONEY. The game was fun years ago, then MZ got money hungry. If you\'re one who wipes your a$$ with hundred dollar bills, then this game is for you. If you are a normal person or a penny pincher then you will not be able to keep up with this game. I lost interest in this money suckling game.
Mike Viglione 2018-09-27

Ripoff!! This game was fun about two years ago before MZ started trying to milk players each month for money. If you buy a package from them, which ranges from $14.99 to $399.99, make sure you get what you pay for. ..many times you don\'t get everything they promise; especially with the BOGO packages. MZ will do little if anything to correct the matter. Also, even after you spend tons of money, if you wait long enough they will give you the same stuff for free to all players. After buying two more packages and not getting them delivered at all...MachineZone says we\'ll fix the issue and then does nothing. My advice...find another game to play. ..something more fun and worthwhile. ..and not sponsored by MZ. Don\'t waste your time and money on this game!
Rita Cruickshanks 2018-06-28

This game really sucks unless you\'re rich & don\'t mind wasting your money.
MICHAEL BEYER 2020-01-23

The graphics that they are showing ,DOES NOT EVEN LOOK CLOSE to what the actual game play is. Also the only way you can Advance in the game is spend Thousands of dollars to compete. So if you have money game is for you, no money. I wouldn\'t even bother.
Tom Heinrichs 2019-09-03

You would think things would change but they have not. Only thing keeping me playing game was the money I did not want to lose that I got suckered into putting into it. But no longer deleting game from phone. This game has become a cash cow for the developers at MZ. New features are added making the game more complex and diverse weekly. Costing players money. While old features players are familiar with and depend on break down
Ben Tracy 2020-04-19

To make any important progress in this game YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST PURCHASE PACKS WITH REAL MONEY. Packs are $100 USD so if you dont spend a lot of money to be able to build the only troops that can compete in kill events it can become boring and tedious pretty quick. The changes MZ implemented in the last few years eventually eliminates any player that doesn\'t play a minimum of every six hours or purchase packs.
Jonathan Tse 2019-07-04

speed up treasury won\'t let me add speed ups to it. There\'s a lot of bugs in this game.
Brad Wickersham 2020-03-22

Even the positive reviews call it is a spending game. No strategy at all. MZ structures everything such that only players who spend constantly can compete. So if you enjoy winning and don\'t care what it costs then this is the game for you. If you think being good at a game should require thought, skill, and problem solving then play something else. This game costs at least $200/week if you want to play and not get pounded constantly.
L.J Meadows 2019-09-15

I played this game for over a year and spent some money playing it..i quickly learned that if you didn\'t have deep pockets it became a real bummer to play. I also learn that if you have to keep paying to play the same game over and over and over again it\'s just a hell of a lot cheaper to buy a console...dont get me wrong I loved playing the game when I had the extra cash and friends to play with but over all it\'s a game play nightmare...
A Google user 2019-03-01

a great way to pass the time and to meet new people! wish the packs had a lot more to offer for as expensive as the packs are. because you really can\'t survive without spending your money. it would be a lot easier to spend your money if you got more of the stuff you need in the packs you have to buy. thanks again for the great game!