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Description of GameChanger

This is the one app every sports team needs. Free live video streaming with integrated scoreboard, advanced scorekeeping, live game and season stats, and team management.


- FREE LIVE VIDEO STREAMING: Never miss a game with new video streaming features and scoreboard overlay. The highlight clipping feature will capture the great plays, which can be saved to your device or shared on social media.

- SCOREKEEPING AND STATS: Advanced scorekeeping tools and features, including detailed statistics for individuals and teams, for baseball, softball, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, football, hockey, field hockey, water polo, and rugby. Baseball and softball teams also have pitcher and batter spray charts, plus 150 stats.

- FREE TEAM MANAGEMENT for 20+ sports: GameChanger takes the hassle out of team management with free tools for coaches and staff. Get rosters, scheduling, RSVPs, team messaging, photo sharing, and live score updates for those who can’t be at the game - all in one easy-to-use app, always 100% free for coaches.

- LIVE RADIO AND GAME ANIMATION: Can’t make the game? Follow the action on GameStream! Baseball, softball, and basketball teams can keep family and friends caught up on the action with a live, animated GameStream and Play-By-Play (some features require a subscription). Baseball and softball teams can also listen to the game with GameStream Radio. Stay involved with the game from anywhere.

- GameChanger is available for the following sports: baseball, softball, soccer, basketball, lacrosse, football, volleyball, field hockey, ice hockey, water polo, rugby, swimming & diving, track & field, wrestling, crew & rowing, bowling, cheerleading, cross country, tennis, and golf teams.

Other Key Features:

VIDEO ARCHIVE: Streamed games are automatically stored in the video archive so you can review the game or catch the game you missed (paid subscription).

LIVE VIDEO PLAYS ANNOUNCER: (baseball/softball) Fans have the option to watch live or archived video with the plays announcer to accompany the video experience.

3RD PARTY CAMERA COMPATIBILITY: Mevo, GoPro, or others using RTMP.

LIVE GAMESTREAMS: Those who couldn’t make it in person can follow all the action as your team keeps score and broadcasts a stream of plays and stats. (Currently available for Baseball, Softball, Soccer, Basketball, Football, Lacrosse, Field Hockey, Ice Hockey, Water Polo, and Rugby.)

WEB PORTAL: Coaches can manage team rosters, scheduling, and review stats at our web portal at gc.com.

PITCH COUNT TRACKING (Baseball only) Provides relevant information to help monitor pitcher usage and keep players safe, with stats like pitch count, innings pitched, and innings caught.

ROSTER MANAGEMENT: Keep roster and team contact info all in one place. Make changes anytime in the app or gc.com website.

SCHEDULING & CALENDAR SYNC: Maintain a single, easy-to-manage team calendar to keep coaches, parents, and players on the same page all season long. Sync with your existing online/mobile calendar to track your teams’ schedules in one place.

EVENT REMINDERS & ALERTS: Schedule automatic event reminders for your team before any event.

MAPS & WEATHER: Get up-to-the-minute game and practice location and directions so you can arrive on time, and check local weather updates before heading out the door.

PHOTOS: Share your best action shots with the team and keep photos organized in one place. Any team member can add photos.

TEAM MESSAGING: Send important announcements, schedule updates, and last-minute changes to the whole team with just a few taps.

ROSTER IMPORTING: Automatically populate your entire team roster in seconds by importing from MaxPreps, Sports Connect, or a past season on GameChanger.

Terms of Use: https://gc.com/terms

California Disclosures: https://dickssportinggoods.com/s/california-disclosures

US Patent No. 8,731,458

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lable: Sports - Apps Current Version: Publish Date:2022-05-20 Developer:GameChanger Media

User Reviews


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katie google 2019-01-30

my account was locked. tech support handled very quickly. As a coach for one team & team mom for another I appreciate the quick response time. There have been some connectivity/glitches within the app but overall I still feel this is the best app out there & will continue to use & refer others.
Jesse Knoll 2020-06-27

Downgrade from the old app for sure. Every time I open it new the app freezes, I have to force quit and open it again. It takes FOREVER to load either on a gigabit wifi network or Verizon wireless. When it does load it\'s impossible to find games. I just stopped using it completely and now I\'ll look for the opponents on the old gamechanger app and watch games that way. It\'s really frustrating at every step from a usability/responsiveness point of view. Hoping they never sunset the Baseball/Softball version because this app is terrible.
Karen S 2020-07-09

This app is barely functional. I\'ve used the original gamechanger on both ios and android for years as a scorekeeper and then family member/fan. This one, at least from the fan perspective, is awful. Where is everything? I\'m all for clean looking apps, but you erased everything useful from the start screen. To get to a game, it seems you have to pull up the calendar first. Then, that takes forever to load, even on WiFi - and when it does load I see two of everything. If I try to go into a game I know already happened, sometimes it just freezes instead of showing the results.
Steve Richardson 2020-09-10

I had to switch over to Team Manager once I was an Admin of more than 3 teams. Game Changer didn\'t give me the option. It seems very similar to GC to be able to setup games & score, but I did run into problems attempting to edit one of the player\'s jersey numbers. They are registered on other teams in the same season, and that could be a possible bug in the system. 90% of the other players jersey numbers were able to be changed. All the parents who rely on the GC app to watch when they couldn\'t be at a game, had to download the Team Manager app to keep up on the games. The feature of importing your previous teams is very nice. The one thing I DON\'T like, it\'s a mobile device only app - I usually like to schedule games & run the stats on a PC / laptop, and that doesn\'t seem to be an option.
Keith Justice 2020-06-15

I am not happy with this version of GC. We used it for a weekend tourney and were very frustrated. When scoring, you can\'t back out of the game and go right back. Numerous parents were unable to find our game. There were terrible lags on the scoring. At one point, the whole first two innings simply vanished and we had to quickly try to reenter what we could remember. I dislike the layout - but that is just my personal opinion. Switched back to old GC on 2nd day. Tons of other issues, too
Josh Feather 2019-08-23

Awful, nightmare from the beginning. Created a team, wont allow me to add more than 12 players. Logged out to see if that would clear anything, now I can\'t log back in. Keeps telling me to check my network connection - the one I\'m using right now to write this review. Keeps telling me it couldn\'t save all team members and contact support. Email sent, we\'ll see where this goes. This is for a HS soccer team with no funding or I\'d drop this for TeamSnap.
Jamison White 2020-02-25

Been using this for a while now. It gets the job done, but the messaging and managing users is really cumbersome. Would be nice if there was bulk deletes, an ability to clear out all the chat logs for the entire team and start fresh. If you want to create a new team you have to go through the entire process of adding everyone again. Would be nice if you could just copy your current team in to a new team instance and have a fresh go for the new season.
Lynda Hale 2020-06-24

Do not like this new GC. My screen is frozen and shows nothing since the mid of the 1st inning. Why did you have to make this change? Would be awesome if it worked. Hopefully, you will get this working? Missing my grandson\'s games!
Jason Hester 2021-03-13

Really frustrated with this version. Half of the games I click gives me an error message of \"unable to load content, please check connection\" but other games work fine. I cant see any stats or anything about the game with this error message. Not sure how this is an improvement over the old app at this point.
Mike McKenzie 2019-04-11

The aesthetic seems a bit more pleasing, unfortunately it falls flat as there is very limited functionality. it\'s not very intuitive. There is no log-in feature so it doesn\'t include access to my account(s). You can only search for and import teams that are setup by the coach or organization. After spending too much time trying to find the team\'s on this App, I would rate it zero stars if I could. There is zero functionality and zero access to my account. This is not worth anyone\'s time.