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Description of GAMEE Prizes: Real Cash Games

WIN hundreds of DOLLARS in cash REWARDS every week playing 100% FREE games on GAMEE Prizes.

GAMEE is a free mobile gaming app allowing users to earn by playing free video games, no in-app purchases necessary, no paying to win!

Play +70 different games in one app, spin the Wheel of Fortune, compete in the daily ticket leaderboard to earn instantly every day, or take part in the Lucky Games to win $100 every 4 hours, FOR FREE!

How is this possible? GAMEE just shares back the revenue we earn from advertising, and turns it into free real prizes and rewards for the players. The more we earn, the bigger the rewards and the more winners we can have every day!

Enjoy top arcade games, puzzles, quick and fun. With 70+ different games, we bring new ones every month with more ways to win prizes!

How do I win every week?

✔ Collect free tickets and you will automatically participate in the giveaways of +$5.000 given away every month in the Sunday draws!

✔ Win real BIG money prizes with hundreds winners every week!

✔ Compete on the daily ticket leaderboard to win every 24h.

✔ Join the Lucky Games to win instant prizes every 4h.

How do I get tickets?

✔ Play our free games and complete game missions

✔ Spin the Wheel of Fortune and win tons of tickets and free rewards

✔ Invite friends to get lots of tickets and free real dollars

✔ Level up and earn a ticket multiplier and win up to 4x more tickets every gameplay!

More tickets = higher chance of winning free real cash prizes.

Play our free games and win real in lucky draws without spending a single dollar. There are no in-app purchases and no paying to win. Expect rewards, prizes and opportunities to earn while having fun with the best making games!

Come to GAMEE every day, bring your friends into your prizes making team and win free real rewards together with every invite! There’s no better way to play free games to win real!

💰 WIN REAL MONEY REWARDS: every day there are opportunities to win big! Especially, Sundays!

🎟️ COLLECT TICKETS: just by playing free games and completing missions, you get rewards in tickets to win real prizes! Invite friends to earn a lot more tickets everyday for free.

🎮 FREE MONEY GAMES: all our games are free, and we bring new real rewards games every month.

🎁 DAILY REWARDS: new missions and big rewards available daily to give you more chances to win lots of tickets.

GAMEE does not endorse or promote gambling. Absolutely no purchase or payment is required to participate in the sweepstakes or contests.

*Google Inc. does not sponsor, nor is any way affiliated with Gamee and/or the sweepstakes prizes.

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lable: Casino - Games Current Version:4.13.0 Publish Date:2022-06-23 Developer:Gamee

User Reviews


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Theresa Chaves 2020-10-19

The game is good. It\'s very entertaining to be honest. But i have a problem with the weekly draw. I always maintain and collect 250k tickets or more. But never have i experience to win. The latest upgrade is great. More winners. I installed this app since march but my balance is only 4 dollars. The app says the more tickets, the more chances of winning but its disappointing to see that some winners don\'t even give efforts in playing. Pff. Oh well. Very unfair.
Rona Oro 2020-10-29

It is a nice app. It has variety of games that you could choose to. My only concern is their fortune wheel wherein I always log in every time and supposedly i could have cash if I spin on the 7th day, but unfortunately every time where I\'m almost on the 7th day it always goes back to the 1st day- which is quite frustrating if I may add. It almost give me an impression that this game is a scam.
Adam Hiner 2021-01-16

Dont waste your time. The only way to earn money is by random lotteries. None of the games give you any chance to win money. You can have a billion tickets (what you win from games) but they\'re only good for getting more tickets. It\'s full of ads for everything. The games are fun but theres abs6no point on playing them. Just watch ads for lotto tickets and lose....what\'s the point??
Ma. Teresita Ramirez 2021-02-13

I love your app coz with enough patience and diligence you can earn a lot of tickets that you can use for raffle, or exchange in cash. You can also play to earn more tickets. Also what I love the most is your spinning wheel which always refresh, it\'s unli with rest hehe. Also I hope in the spinning wheel kindly add more dollars like 2 or 3 if possible. Thank you for letting me experience your app! :)
Milly Denham 2021-03-02

Absolutely rubbish, do not waste your time!! There is no point in playing the mini games as you only gain tickets and the tickets have no value in the app. The only way of getting any money out of the app is watching many long adverts for the small chance you\'d win a small amount of money. It\'s ridiculous. I\'ve been \"playing\" for about 2 weeks and I\'ve only accumulated $2.45 and the minimum payout is $10. Please do not waste your time, it\'s not worth it >:(
Maddie Crow 2021-02-07

Why did you get rid of the option to convert tickets to cash? This app was great until that option was removed. It was a slow earner because getting the minimum amount of tickets required to convert would still only get you a few cents, but it at least encouraged me to play every day. Now it\'s basically useless aside from getting 10 cents a week if I remember to spin the wheel every day. Please bring back the option to exchange tickets for cash.
Ozzy Arca 2020-11-18

As i was expected, just other scam type of app. The først 2 day work as it should, but the 3. Day after I have collected 170k ticket, done all the mission, wacht ads over and over and over again. Just about to to reach your amount of money to take it out, the app stop, en tell you there is something wrong with you Internet connection. Hours later of waiting, uninstall and try to install it again, nothing!!
Arnob Tisan 2020-09-10

Yes my all friends downloaded this app to my refer link.😡 My all Friends they log in in directly. their Gmail did not need to be confirmed. And I didn\'t get the reward.😡 I referred my 92 friends. But they didn\'t needed to be confirmed their Gmail. As a result, i don\'t get my reward. 😭😭 so, Give my reward back to me.😡 If not, I will review this app as fake.😡 Thank you
Robiul Hossan 2020-12-06

game is legit and fun also prizes are real.. but i give 2 stars because of top offers option in the app. all player play the other game from top offers option. anybody dont play actual gamee apps game, so they collect fastest ticket as quick as possible. but the real gamee players who play the actual gamee game.they cant get reward because of the top offers option. so please remove this top offers option from apps. then anyone can gets reward equally. and also i would give 5 stars 😊
Paige Viper 2020-09-14

Great games. Kind of disappointing because only one person wins each week. I had so many tickets (60k+) and it was all gone after the draw. And what did I get? 1 dollars :) That\'s not fair at all. I wasted lots of time only to get a dollar? I\'m only up to 2.95 dollars. Am I even gonna get to 10 bucks? And if I did, will there be or will there be not a problem with cashing out? Because I\'m so tired of wasting my time, collecting these tickets just to get a dollar.