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Description of Gamers GLTool Pro with Game Turbo & Ping Booster

Developer of PUB Gfx+ Tool presenting another most advanced GFX optimizer tool

Features of this app:

• Quick Launcher: Instantly launches the app with memory boost

• Quick Glance: Check update and info of you favorite games

• Game Turbo: Includes CPU & GPU Boost, RAM & SD Card Booster, System Performance Tuner

• Ping Booster with Speed Test: For Optimize your ping by speeding it up

• Download Addons: Addons dynamically enables tons of extra features

• System Settings : Tweaks your device setting with useful tips

‣ Experience the gaming performance like never before

With the help of Game Turbo, You can maximize gaming potential of your Android device

✓ CPU & GPU Boost efficiently reduce the system load

✓ RAM & Storage Boost helps in improving the memory management

✓ System Performance Boost monitors & boost the system performance

These options will reduce frames drops which results in smoother game-play

‣ Ping Booster for solving high ping, unstable connection issue

Set the best available DNS settings in your region & experience the fastest ping

✓ Use default built-in DNS like Google DNS, Open DNS, CloudFlare DNS or you can manually try your own DNS configuration. It is useful, if you want to try DNS server of different location from public.dns.info.

Use speed test for analyzing internet speed stats like ping, downloading speed, uploading speed in real time

‣ Dynamically add or remove addons for extra features

Addons are the seperate apps, you can install them for enabling extra features in Gamers GLTool. Many addons are available

✓ Graphics Manger help in changing resolution, graphics, fps settings

✓ Preference Manager helps in creating/editing the preference settings

✓ Instant Boost is a powerful & efficient game booster

Once installed, you can access them from the navigation drawer of the Gamers GLTool

‣ Tweak you system settings like a pro

Set the optimal system settings & experience the ultimate gaming performance

✓ Here you can instantly access the system settings of your Android device like WiFi, Mobile Data, Display, Sound, Battery, Storage, Connected devices, Developer with the useful info for optimal gaming performance.

All trademarked names and images are only used as references and we do not intend to violate or take ownership of these names and images..


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More Information Of Gamers GLTool Pro with Game Turbo & Ping Booster

lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:1.3p Publish Date:2021-11-02 Developer:Trilokia Inc.

User Reviews


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ʏᴅ\'ɴʙ ꜱɪᴇᴛꜱᴋᴇ 2020-09-10

I would give a five star review but ever since the new update it has been causing me issues before the update. Most of it is from the ping booster section. If I activate it, it makes all my app unusable to the point where I have to restart my phone many times just to get rid of the ping booster activation notification. Can you guys please fix this bug. Your app is definitely worth it. :)
Ravenne Hiro 2020-10-03

I purchased this app just today, hoping that there will be a noticable effect on my game. But unfortunately there\'s none. There\'s no difference between my default game settings and this app\'s settings. No changes on resolution, graphics, quality at all. I\'m totally disappointed. I\'m using a REALME6 MTK, and supports HIGH GRAPHICS and HIGH FPS. But even if I use this app, nothing is happening.
AZ520 2020-04-04

This tool is great but it always want me to reboot the device so it can be setup correctly. I already reboot my device but the mesaage keep appear about once a week or more. Can you solve this problem? It\'s really annoying me. And I almost smash my phone because of the message
Kanashii Ureshii 2019-10-19

The VPN that sets up the first time you use ping booster eventually disappears or doesnt work, together with Ping booster after powering off or restarting my phone or sometimes when I am using it. I try doing the applying and saving options but still, no avail. I only can use the ping booster for a short time and I can\'t use the ping booster properly because of this problem. Fix it pls
Amarukazuto 2020-05-31

It never work on any other game. I set it up for mobile legends to be on 1080p resolution, when I took a screen shot of the game its still on 1440p which then I knew this app never work in the first place. I\'ve already bought the pro version and regretted doing so.
Julias Galuhk Immanuel 2020-09-09

Well, after the latest updates..7th Sept isn\'t it?? I feel like I\'m using the old free app, the feature likes shadow and MSAA before update actually doesn\'t really work when I playing Blade and Soul ASIA, the shadows and the MSAA feature are still enable or on when I disabled it l, well I guess this app didn\'t really force the ingame setting when it comes to Unreal Engine hahaha..or, maybe I didn\'t root my phone.
NL Gamer 2020-12-08

This application is a great app at a good buying price? it does have a lot of features that seem to do something or do all the buttons and features just give you the impression that it really does improve your system and game performance? I can not see any difference in a game no matter what settings I use in the app or a increase in overall device speed. This app does need a speed test to let the user know if the different setting do anything at all without it how do you know it does anything
Alexandrea Fletcher 2020-09-20

I really love/d this app. I dont care for the new layout that i woke up too this morning. I like all the setting even those in dev opt. in a list an able to be clicked with detailed summary like before.. Update: adjusted to the new settings but had to uninstall all addons and uninstall gamers gltool pro reinstalm N open> click = top left of home and go to addons and install addons from here instead of directly from store (idk why this is what worked for me)but had to uninstall reinstall all GL
Smug কুদ্দুস 2020-06-13

Good for low end phones and boosted my game really well,but ping booster doesn\'t work for low end phones(will work for mid and high end phones) so if you are looking for a ping booster for your low end phone then don\'t waste your time.
Mojo Mojo 2020-09-16

This app totally worth to pay it....make my device really work well without serious lag, only some spike lag each time i play Pubg mobile with low graphic and low frame...there have a mode Zero Lag ( this mode totally make your game graphic is Potato shape ).. its helpful for my device Leagoo S8 Pro 6gb Ram Octa Core Helio P25 chipset..i already used this app more than 1 year..thump up Team Dev....your work deserved 5 star pls make a new update and try to put Booster mode with low graphic set...