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Description of Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime

Gangstar Vegas is a role-playing game to become the leader of a gang in Las Vegas, while playing along gangsters and mafia cartels, in a free open game world with gang wars.

V is for Las Vegas: The City of Sin

Explore this open city with different TPS missions, box the mafia cartel, fight for the final prize and play in different adventure crime clans vs. the gang world of the city of Las Vegas.

This is an RPG adventure saga of mafia and waging gang wars. Extra missions are added with each update and season, plus limited-time events to play.

Street fights and mafia deals are part of this gangster world-of-crime game, with six-gun action missions. Fight-night boxing, street fights anytime and anywhere, and different kinds of city driving with multiple vehicles and roaming around this open world.

Gangster Open-World Encounters

An open world with racing challenges with different kinds of vehicles, various collectible weapons and clothes. Commit grand theft auto crimes on the streets of Las Vegas and combat gangsters.

Keep fighting for your life through each adventure-packed mission. Robbers and thefts chase you in auto racing challenges to drive beyond city legal limits. Motorcycles, trucks and boats are also part of your vehicle choices for accomplishing different missions.

Vice is all around the streets and locals, and shootings happen everywhere. Play TPS missions in Las Vegas, a gangster city with alien wars, waves of tanks, zombie clan attacks and different mafia to fight.

Criminal Missions: Gangs and Weapons to Trade

In this adventure saga, various vehicles and weapons are available for each different mission. Gang wars with Molotov cocktails, grenade launchers and many other weapons and vehicles to accomplish the plans and missions.


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More Information Of Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime

lable: Action - Games Current Version:5.4.2b Publish Date:2021-12-04 Developer:Gameloft SE

User Reviews


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MickyMinati 2020-12-20

Op game, but we can\'t enter any wardrobe shop or either a restaurant. We cannot buy drinks here also. And the map is also very small. You guys may either expand the map a bit, or u create another map where we could be able to go just by taking a flight. Other things are good and so I have rated it 4-stars. Also add the option where we can play online multiplayer with our friends. Except all these reasons, I have no other complain regarding the game.
Tom Thorn 2021-01-11

Oh my gosh, please sort your own game out. Sometimes after having watched a video for a reward, I don\'t always receive it. When I enter a online key collecting mission, some of the keys don\'t spawn in, or at all. With the sniper missions, I\'d sometimes have a different weapon equipped than an actual sniper, such as a flame thrower (??) There\'s still the sucky aspect that you need to pay for your own vehicles to spawn into the open world after playing a side mission with another vehicle
Vijay Kumar Kancharla 2021-03-04

This is the best open world game I have ever played on mobile.But there are too many glitches in the game. >While playing missions like fist fight,sniper the enemies suddenly stops coming and it is just stuck there and only option left is to abort mission. >Pop up ads are too long. >The shooting mechanism should be improved. >Sometimes the character doesn\'t get into the vehicle when the button pressed.
Mohammad Yousefian 2020-11-16

Perfect Graphics & Good Story and Physics. I wish I could play this game with my friends or my gang in the same map. But I think this is a pay-to-win & pay-to-play game. Some missions are even so hard that you have to try again so many times to cheat or find a way to pass them. This game takes a little time to progress, But my progress is 30% till now.
Zipho Khumalo 2021-02-17

The game is good, the story line is very interesting, the graphics are mediocre. It could be a bit more functional, like planes flying and landing on the airports, being able to interact when making purchases. It also would be very nice if we could do a little more things, like buying houses, having girlfriends etc. Please add another story too. Other than that its fire
Mili Benny 2021-01-29

A very good game, I\'d very much like to give the game 5 stars, but what I think is missing is a functional airport (where plane land and take off, obviously) and an online multiplayer. I hope the coming updates will have these, and if they do.... I think this will be the best gta 5/gta online game equivalent so far. This is a must play game for those who like offline open world Games. In fact ,it\'s the best offline open world game. Thank you,Gameloft for this wonderful game
Aronymous Boi 2021-02-17

It is a bit glitchy here and there even with low quality but I really like the game. You should also make the chop shop more interactable like being able to decrease the time for doing something for the owner of the shop. Something that bothers me is saving your progress. I had 72% completion, missing 6 collectibles, and getting event rewards that I don\'t see again. I got a new phone, installed the game and saw that I had 0% completion even though I used my Google play account. Please fix this.
DJ M. 2020-11-01

This game is amazing; the weaponry is good, the driving mechanics are smooth, the character movement and animation is mindblowing, and all on mobile! Heck, even better thing is that it is offline! Love it sooo much. This is breathtaking work compared to all the quick cash FPS out there. Now, the thing that I hate is that you have to pay money EVERY time you die. :/ And the fact that it is so much sucks. I close the app and reopen it every time I die. Otherwise, keep up the great work!
Jessy Adom 2020-10-23

It\'s a very nice game, but I gave you four stars because now almost everyone thing in the shop is sold in diamonds instead of cash, plus when I die, I have to pay money to revive, and also u should make a garage where we can sell cars for diamonds, cause I always sell cars for cash , and pls make it multiplyer so we can play with our friends, do these things and I will happily give u a five star, so will all my friends and family Thanks!
Sumanth Munikrishnappa 2020-11-03

You must try it. But I didn\'t want to invest real money as you ll run out of things to do very quickly. Pros: Awesome gameplay and graphics. Driving physics is so good. Really good voice acting. Story is very good and very nicely told. Radio is so funny. Decent arsenal of weapons and vehicles. Cons: Very glitchy. Character gets stuck on pavements. Too many ads. I finished the main story in a few days now there is nothing to do. Things are ridiculously expensive. It\'s a medium sized map.