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Description of Garden Organizer: Manager & Planner

This is a new garden management app! Locate your plants on virtual garden beds. Add comments. The entire garden in your phone! No need to create plastic markers and put them into the ground. You'll never forget what cultivars you have planted, where, and when.


1. Create a list of your vegetable beds.

Just press «Add Bed» and set its dimensions.

2. When the beds are created you can place plants on them.

– Open a bed and click «Add Plant».

– Click the bed scheme to add markers.

– Press «Proceed» to fill the details about the plant (name, cultivar, planting date, etc.).


From now you have all detailled information about the gerden right in your pocket.

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lable: Lifestyle - Apps Current Version:1.2.1 Publish Date:2021-08-27 Developer:AzaDev

User Reviews


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goddess kitty78 2020-04-06

The way you can setup your bed design is great. I like how you can give a different color to each type of plant and make notes. But, you cannot go back into a previously saved design and change where you put a plant. Very disappointed in that. Update: so, yes the edit does work. This would get five stars if the developer could add a tutorial or some sort of easy directions for everyone to see what all the app can do. It doesn\'t need to be hard to find. Just make it straightforward ;)
Corniglia Singbeil 2020-05-27

It does basic things for layout but it could be so much more. I\'d happily pay for a pro version or subscribe to get things like: upload photos of the plant, separate upload for care instructions & receipt (useful because most garden centres guarantee for 1 winter). Different shape and size of markers to allow scaling of plant. Could show current size and expected spread. Notifications/reminders for watering, fertilizing. Ability to add garden features like rocks, berms, fountains and grass.
Laura Zivarte 2020-04-23

Uninstalled even after purchasing pro version. It says you can add various details about the plant, unfortunately all you can see in the brackets is all you can add, no etc. I wanted to add custom size bed, here I needed to purchase pro version. Assuming that there will be more features, I purchased. But nope, that\'s all there is. In my opinion it is better to write all this down in notepad, as this will give you more options to add. Defo not what I was looking for.
Beast\'s Backyard Creations 2020-01-20

Also noticed that the measurements are not saving when beds are made. I started a bed in Yds and when I reopened the app, it showed up in feet
Terry McClintic 2020-01-16

I think this app has great possibilities. I thank you for for great updgreaand listening to my suggestion. I look forward to any new features you may add down the road....satelite map overlays hint hint
Terry McClintic 2020-11-23

I really like it. I do wish that the marker size could be changed so each maker could be used as in square foot gardening. An example would be marker size= 12\"x12\" for tomatoes and peppers, etc Great work on this app...
Lisa Whitman 2020-05-06

Okay for basics. I bought the pro so I could create the custom shape bed. Was disappointed that I cannot change the size of the flowers. I am planing a perennial garden and wanted to make sure everything is laid out with enough space for when they mature.
Pravin Muraleedharan 2019-06-14

Great app was able to plot out my estate without my laptop. Thanks.
Lauren Ner 2021-02-20

Simple and easy. This is a simple Garden layout tool. This is great because it doesnt over complicate what you need or try to tell you how to do anything. Its like paper and pen but on mobile. Great for keyhole gardens and other shapes.

Very promising app, needs a bit of adjustments like reminders to prune/water plants