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Goutham Sankar A S 2021-02-17

The best game I have ever played I am playing this game on a phone that has only 2GB RAM / 32 GB INTERNAL . So don\'t worry about your phone on this game. And one more thing it is so addictive game. SUPERB GAME .I liked it very much. And I have no lag on my 2gb 32 GB phone. So don\'t think that you have a small spec phone and you can\'t play this game. Ok. THANKS GARENA FOR MAKING OUR CHILDHOOD SUPERB 😘
yashbeer negi 2021-02-16

The game is wonderful. And the graphics are crazy. It is the best game over the world I think so. There is no complain for this game but the game is taking too much data(net) for downloading please solve this issue and taking too much storage of the phone please I am requesting to GAREENA team please solve this problem.....Thanks and it is the best game ever I have seen in my life...
Nehal Chaudhari 2021-02-13

Good game for playing. Most downloded game of 2021. Play nicely for about 1 year. If you feel it\'s a nice game then do topup of diamonds as we have to purchase 95% of things like dress, gunskins, some of the characters, and to participate in some of the events we need diamonds. But a good game to play.
Sammy Jeba 2021-02-14

I really love this game. But I\'m recently really frustrated because of this Chrono character\'s skill, especially in BR matches. We startegically approach the enemy to take him down. But he simply uses the skill and completely becomes immune to all damage and kills us easily. This is really making me feel bad. This skill can be in such a way that it reduces the incoming damage instead of completely making the player immune to the damage. I think i will uninstall the game bcaz of this skill.

I used the Bluestacks emulator for the test since I don\'t trust my phone to be able to run the game and record at the same time. On launching the game, I was greeted with a menu almost Identical to that of PUBG, except with a background with the characters sitting in a night club for some reason? You are given the option to sign in or play as a guest. I chose the guest option since it\'s too much of a hassle to sign in.
Computer Life 2021-03-04

It\'s a really really good game but there\'s a problem, the problem is there\'s even no peak and shoot buttons! I\'m a Rules of Survival player before and that game has peak and fire but when my Computer breaks, I can\'t play ROS anymore because my phone only has 2gb ram and it\'s very laggy when I play that on my phone, but then, I tried to find another game that looks like ROS then I founded this, I played it and I loved it, it always lag I have 4gb ram and running on smooth graphics but still lags.
Danny Jordan 2021-02-15

I can\'t play the game with any enjoyment again, just pure outright frustration. From the previous update too many unnecessary things were added to the game and it lags like crazy. I\'ve always play freefire on my Samsung Galaxy J4 and never had any problems but from the winterland update, the ping gives problem( oh i have a good connection too up to 3.5 mbs. If that\'s good), more lagging, glitches, cheaters and I can\'t enjoy the game anymore. I\'m a competitive player, coming from other FPS games
Suravi Dutta 2021-02-25

I think it is the best and most addictive game in the world. There are many events in the game that give us much in little effort. The game has regular updates and in every update the game becomes better and better. It is so addictive that i play the game whenever I get time. As the time is passing the game is adding more new characters. The game has very cool graphics and modes. Each mode is quite different from other makes the game very interesting. Everything is exelent in this game.
Lalan Kumar 2021-03-13

There are many bugs and glitches in game which needs to be fixed. One problem is that when we see enemy and the target becomes red and we fire continuously then enemy doesn\'t take any damage and the enemy kills us. Many players leave clash squad in both ranked and non- ranked. Players get prohibited from clash squad ranked but they should also get prohibit from clash squad non-ranked. Hope you wil fix these bugs soon. Especially fix the red mark bug on enemy. Best of luck for fixing the bugs.

I think matchmaking system is worse of this game for clash squad BERMUDA or KALHARI not ranked matches we are only 3 teammates while opponent have 4. My next problem is ping problem as my ping is 382 but it says network connection error and I GOT A AFK after 10-15 Minutes. ALTHOUGH THE GAME IS GREAT BUT GAME NEED THIS IMPROVEMENT.