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Description of Garfield™ Rush

Garfield Rush is an endless running mobile game where the Player is Garfield, Odie or Nemo.After being tricked by a conniving cat named Harry, the player chases after him. As they run, they grab gold coins out of the air while simultaneously dodging collisions with vehicles and other objects, and can also jump on the top of the vehicles to look forshortcuts.

The player can collect various items such as coins, score, elastic shoes, jetpacks, magnets and booster packs. By swapping rapidly as speed increases, more coins and score can be acquired. 18 costumes can be unlocked via in-game purchases and players can collect specific items. Plus characters can pig out on lasagna, spaghetti, Neapolitan pizza, hot dogs, burritos, fried chicken and more!


Level of feeding system

📎Players need to collect a variety of ingredients to cook food, such as lasagna, spaghetti, Neapolitan pizza, hot dogs, burritos, fried chicken and so on.

📎By feeding to upgrade the level. The level is related to the score multiple, the higher multiple, the easier to get high score🏃.

📎Players can unlock new scenes when they reach the level 5, 10and 15.

Variety of innovative gameplay

📎It compromises classic run styles and you can experience the fun of avoiding vehicles while running.

📎Big loopback acceleration, Boss battle, Flight rewards.

📎The western desert, Combinewith the mining car game, Exploretreasures.

📎Water City World, Sea-like Mercedes-Benz, Avoiding various animal’s attack

📎Relics exploration, Obstacles, Ingenious level design

Waiting for you to collect cool characters

📎Unlock Garfield, Odie, Nemo and other classic characters.

📎Collect character fragments while running to unlock various suits.

📎The specific action of each suit or character is unique in design


Garfield RushFeatures:

👉Officially licensed Garfield

👉Classic run👣 gameplay

👉A variety of innovative gameplay

👉Level of feeding system

👉Rich scenes and level design

👉20 sets of clothing.

👉Excited background sound

👉Upgrade props

👉Competing with global players

👉Get more rewards

Join the most daring rush game!

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More Information Of Garfield™ Rush

lable: Action - Games Current Version:5.1.9 Publish Date:2021-10-22 Developer:Ivy

User Reviews


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Unapologetic Woman 2020-08-10

I LOVE this game! It\'s super hilarious. There\'s minimal ads. The only thing I don\'t like is the occasional lack of response concerning the controls - when I think I\'ve made Garfield jump he doesn\'t, thus he runs into something. Also some of the obstacle course sections aren\'t fair, i.e. if Garfield has to jump onto one boat from another, there\'s too much water in between, so how is he supposed to make it without falling into the water?? Oh well maybe that\'s just me. Fun game overall 😊
M Taylor 2020-05-30

Update: keeping a 2 star as the developers change the game too often ... Update: lowered star rating because with update you took away \"start with jet pack\" yet it\'s still a daily mission. We\'ll never get that fulfilled ... not mention my original post >>Fun but never get daily bonus when 2000 coins in single game required even if I get 3000+
Betty Thatcher 2019-09-26

They dont care as long as you give them money! DONT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY ON THIS OR ANY GAME THEY PRODUCE!!!! ERASED THIS completely now!!! Lost about £29. on this game!! made a note of the developer,will avoid their games completely!!!I tried again,lost king garfield again,lost nermal after i paid for him.was then on 19,lost more,wish i could give a zero.
Ritesh Kumar 2020-09-12

This game is like subway surf I love this game more than any game. It\'s fun to play I got the hang of the game so now I play it a lot + my mum loves loves this game she play it quick so she has something to play she plays it in the morning when she does everything she needs to than she plays it I play it on my phone so my phone is dead because it is I think 5 percent so I\'m letting it charge so I\'m using my dad\'s phone to text but I still love this game so much so download it now free #love
cindy mwape 2020-10-31

I don\'t like the fact that every time I switch on data and then I switch it of and then I start playing your game , when I lose I can\'t be able to use the diamonds and too many ads fix it or i will delete the game . Just joking , but please fix the ads
Ginay Lietz 2020-10-14

Good game ,add banner on top of screen during game play is a really BAB ideal. Distracting and interfering. Also I will watch adds for stuff in game but not for free. Constantly pushing them on every screen change is a rude money grab and ruins the loyalty of the players to keep the game. I know other games have adopted this format but its still a very bad ideal and the only way to play is offline so this format will backfire on you in the long run.
Krystal Aguilar 2020-07-31

I mean I don\'t hate the game but I have a game called subway surfers and this game has too much of the same sounds. I noticed this not even 5 minutes in the game if you could come up with your own sounds I would put this rating up. Edit: I was wondering if you could add a new sound for picking up coins like the sound in the background when Garfield eats. Maybe a different scene where Garfield takes a pizza from Vito and has to run away or Garfield taking donuts from Jon. Minor differences.
Kristan Verzano 2021-02-10

Wow! Good game and fantastic but there\'s something wrong, I played this game 1 year ago and when I installed this again why did you replace the alien challenge with rooftop challenge? why did you replace the feeding character with a map? when I updated this game it\'s getting more worse! Please? fix that back so I can rate you exactly 5 stars. But, whoever made this game, I still love it 👍 But wait a second! When I updated this again, why did the font letters change? Please fix that back! 😠😡😤
Jass Wrisinger 2020-12-23

Thanks for the fixs.Better game instrutions would be helpful.Such as how do i complete the building challenge?How do I unlock the last site (construction site)?I unlocked all others quickly, but not this 1.Why?Why did u remove the feeding characters n replaced it with map?It makes no sense.Please change that back n give better playing instructions.
steveforsmash 2019-05-17

I\'m loving all the new updates, they make the game even better than it already is and I am very excited for when you add Nermal. This game is definitely worth more than 5 stars.